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Heartbreak Ridge

The first game played at Neshaminy’s new field, called the “Neshaminy Athletic Field” or “Playwicki Field”, was in 1956. In 1965 Dick Dougherty of the Courier-Times refers to Neshaminy’s football field as “Heartbreak Ridge”. It was appropriately renamed as Harry E. Franks Stadium in 1985. LED lights were installed in July of 2015. Neshaminy is the 1st High School field on the East Coast to have these installed

Wall of Fame

The “Wall of Fame” was built to serve as a very public and important display of the many players, coaches and others who have contributed so much to Neshaminy’s football program since its first season of 1928. The statue of Coach John Petercuskie Sr., 1960 - 1965, was dedicated on September 19, 2010. His record was 59-1-5.


Our Cheer team. led by Michelle Mazur has a long history of winning Championships. Known for their famous Chant "Everybody do the Redskin Rumble", they raise spirits at every game.

Student Section

Neshaminy has strong student participation and they represent at every game no matter home or away. The Redskin 8 changes each year and leads the student section in vocal support of our players.

Marching Band

Under the direction of Mike Lipton, our Marching Band is second to none. With a new and exciting theme each year, they keep the crowds entertained with their excellance in musical creativity and spot-on precision formations. For video of our fight songs click here

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Time will never dim the Glory of the Neshaminy Redskins...Harry E. Franks

  • "Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there" — Bo Jackson
  • "If you can’t outplay them, outwork them" — Ben Hogan
  • "Champions keep playing until they get it right" — Billy Jean King
  • "Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement" — Matt Biondi
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Game 8

Senior Night October 18, 2013

Neshaminy 49 - Bensalem 7

Seniors celebrate as 'Skins go to 8-0

senior night photo

Langhorne: After two weeks out-of-town, the Schmidtmen are certainly glad to be back at home on the beautiful green grass of Heartbreak Ridge (those road games sure make us all appreciate Harry's House). And besides the excitement of being in Langhorne, hosting next-door-neighbor Bensalem is always fun as the Owls have been a friendly rival for over 80 seasons. Plus this game is Senior Night too which means besides cheering the team on the field, we all get to stand and salute those students enjoying their last year at 2001 Old Lincoln Highway. It was also a "Pink-Out" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month which gave the night special meaning as well. So expecting this to be a good one, let's get down to the field and the action.

The Owls won the coin flip and elected to receive. With the Chris Watson kick bouncing out-of-bounds, Bensalem started at its 35. A nice pass gained a first at the 47 but the next series ended on a fourth-down aerial finding only the ground. With Tyler Wombough and company then trotting on the field, it was D'Andre Pollard taking the first handoff 50 yards to the house for the score. The Dylan McDonald PAT was good and it was then 7-0. This time the Watson kickoff was down the middle and Bensalem returned it to their 25. A three-and-out forced a punt which Cole Creighton fielded; however, losing the grip on the rock the Owls recovered it at Neshaminy's 27. One play later saw an Owl pass over the middle hit for 6 and with the PAT good, it was all knotted up, 7-7.

The Bensalem kickoff then hit the endzone and the Moleskinners set up at their 20 to start its second drive. Going back to Pollard on the initial assignment, this time he exploded the 80 yards to earn another score. McDonald then nailed the PAT to make it 14-7. Following the kick and return, Bensalem posted another three-and-out before punting away. This time Creighton made a clean catch and returned the ball to mid-field. On two quick handoffs to Pollard the ball was at the 15 from where Wombough nailed Hamiid Pack for the score. McDonald didn't miss and the scoreboard rolled over to 21-7. Blake Sullivan came in for the kickoff and after the return, it was Bensalem at its 25.

With the Owls throwing hard they picked up a few first downs before Denzel Hughes made a pick and return to the Neshaminy 45. Back-to-back tries by Pollard then had the ball at the visitors 21. Getting to a fourth and a few at that point, it was Denny Lord taking it in from the 13 to make it 28-7 after the McDonald PAT. Sullivan handled the kickoff chores again with the Bensalem returner getting out to the 20. Three plays later and the first-quarter ended with the Owls facing a fourth and one. Going for it, the Blue & Grey earned a first at their 40 to start the second period.

Despite trying hard, the Owls were soon forced to punt once again. Creighton returned it to the 30 and back on offense, Wombough looked to find Luke Carrezola early. But his pass was picked with the Owl DB finally stopped at Neshaminy's 37. Three tries by the visitors had a first at the 27 with the next three efforts then losing 15. The Bensalem punt that ensued then had the Skins starting off another drive but deep on their side at the four-yard stripe

No problem, though, as the first few handoffs to Pollard had the 'Skins out to their 30. Wombough then called on Sullivan who bulled up the middle and all the way down to the Bensalem 30. Faking a handoff to Pollard on the next try, it was Wombough giving it to Hughes instead, on an end around, that saw him take it home. With McDonald on the money, it was 35-7 for the hosts with under four minutes in the half. Sullivan then handled the kicking chores again with the Bensalem returner out to the 30 to start another drive. Delivering another three-and-out, the Owl punt bounced out at the 50. Back on offense, Pollard took the first handoff and showing his stuff once again as he motored all the way to the Promised Land for his third score of the night. McDonald's kick made it 42-7 with a few minutes still on the clock.

Following the boot and a late Redskin hit, Bensalem had a first at the 30. A few more plays and the ball went over to Neshaminy on downs. Burning out the clock from there, the two teams then retired for the half.

Neshaminy took the kick to start the second half as Devon Brown had it out to the 37. Trokon Buesmaill grabbed the first handoff and made it out to the 50. Getting the call once again, Buesmaill then notched a six-pointer on a 50 yard jaunt to the endzone. The kick was good and it was suddenly 49-7 for Neshaminy. Following the Sullivan kick, and a Bensalem penalty, it was the Owls starting inside their 10. Bringing the punter on the field, following a three-and-no-dice, Creighton let it roll and it was the Schmidtmen on offense at their 40.

With a new cast of characters it was Mason Jones handing it off to Will Dogba who immediately bolted loose or a 45 yard gain to the Owl 15. From there Coach Schmidt let the youngsters punch it down to the one where it went over to Bensalem on downs. Following the three-and-out that followed, the Bensalem punt was undefended and it rolled to the 50. As the fourth-quarter then came up, it was fresh Redskins fleshing out the offensive group that set up at mid-field.

Trying the ground before going up top, it was Jones finding Trevor Lay at the 37 for a first. A few plays then got sideways forcing Watson to come out for his first punt of the night. Booting it from the Neshaminy 35, he had the Owls at their 15 after the bounce and roll. With Bensalem bringing in a load of new players too, the field was soon full of clean uniforms as the clock continued to run. A few plays, and a Redskin penalty, soon had the Owls at the 45 as five minutes still showed on the board. As the young Owls and Skins battled it out, it went to a fourth and four for the visitors at the 50. Going for it, they came up just short as the ball went back to Langhorne.

Jones then had the 'Skins lined up in the I with the first try to Joe Pirrone who grabbed a nice piece of land into Bensalem turf. A few more plays and with the knee then being grabbed, the final gun sounded. And here it comes:

Game to 'Skins!

First off, we thank the Owls for giving it 100% all night long. Plus a shoutout for the good effort by the Blue & Red as they go to 8-0 on the year. And with the regular season now winding down, next week sees the Creek Kids head to The Graveyard where theyll take on a very tough Abington squad. As the Galloping Ghosts are always ready for action, there's no doubt the boys will be ready as well. And since they appreciate your support, make sure you're there early and in force as this will be a great game.

Finally, before we wind down this week's recap how about we end with a big hand for all of our seniors who played in their final regular season home game as Redskins this evening: Cole Creighton; Trokon Buesmaill; Denny Lord; Tyler Wombough; Luke Carrezola; Stephen Pirritano; Jake Fox; Dorian Arthur; Matt Bianchino; Alex Nicolas; Devon Brown; Blake Sullivan; Chris Watson; John Koch; Casey Young; David Caldwell; Matt Wynne; Mike Palmer; Troy Taylor; Shane Corbett; Dan Johnson; Brendan Byrne and Jake Murray. Thanks guys thanks for the great memories youve given us all year long.

See you at the Game!

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Game 8


Team Qtr Time Description NHS OPP
N 1 9:33 Pollard 55-yd TD run. McDonald kick . 7 0
B 1 7:47 26-yd TD pass. Kick good. 7 7
N 1 7:34 Pollard 80-yd TD run. McDonald kick. 14 7
N 1 4:35 Wombough to Pack 16-yd TD. McDonald kick. 21 7
N 1 0:25 Lord 19-yd TD rumble. McDonald kick. 28 7
N 2 3:34 Hughes 28-yd TD run. McDonald kick. 35 7
N 2 2:10 Pollard 46-yd TD run. McDonald kick. 42 7
N 3 10:32  Buesmaill 49-yd TD run. McDonald kick. 49 7


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Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

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Game Video

Videos by Matt Bartolacci

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Sterling Limosine Player of the Week

Alex Nicolas

alex nicolas

The senior lineman has four tackles, two tackles for a loss and one sack to lead the Redskins' standout defensive unit in Neshaminy's 49-7 route of Bensalem.

Coach Mark Schmidt says: “Alex did a great job handling Bensalem’s inside trap game, which had really hurt teams throughout the season. He faces a great test Friday against an Abington offensive line, which is the biggest we’ve faced all year. We will need another strong outing from Alex and the defensive line against a high-powered and diverse Ghost offense.”

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WBCB Post Game Interview

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Player of the Week


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