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Heartbreak Ridge

The first game played at Neshaminy’s new field, called the “Neshaminy Athletic Field” or “Playwicki Field”, was in 1956. In 1965 Dick Dougherty of the Courier-Times refers to Neshaminy’s football field as “Heartbreak Ridge”. It was appropriately renamed as Harry E. Franks Stadium in 1985. LED lights were installed in July of 2015. Neshaminy is the 1st High School field on the East Coast to have these installed

Wall of Fame

The “Wall of Fame” was built to serve as a very public and important display of the many players, coaches and others who have contributed so much to Neshaminy’s football program since its first season of 1928. The statue of Coach John Petercuskie Sr., 1960 - 1965, was dedicated on September 19, 2010. His record was 59-1-5.


Our Cheer team. led by Michelle Mazur has a long history of winning Championships. Known for their famous Chant "Everybody do the Redskin Rumble", they raise spirits at every game.

Student Section

Neshaminy has strong student participation and they represent at every game no matter home or away. The Redskin 8 changes each year and leads the student section in vocal support of our players.

Marching Band

Under the direction of Mike Lipton, our Marching Band is second to none. With a new and exciting theme each year, they keep the crowds entertained with their excellance in musical creativity and spot-on precision formations. For video of our fight songs click here

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Time will never dim the Glory of the Neshaminy Redskins...Harry E. Franks

  • "Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there" — Bo Jackson
  • "If you can’t outplay them, outwork them" — Ben Hogan
  • "Champions keep playing until they get it right" — Billy Jean King
  • "Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement" — Matt Biondi
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Note from the 2013 Web Crew:

I would like to thank the team of people who work on this website. What started out as a single endeavor 9 years ago, has evolved into a team project. This website would not exist as it is today without the help of each person involved. Most of our team members work behind the scenes, quietly doing their task week after week and year after year.

This website has no advertisements and does not accept sponsors. Our goal is to give The Redskins and their fans, the best fan friendly website that we can put together. Because of this, each member of the NeshaminyFootball.com team spends their own money and countless hours of their personal time to keep this website up to date during the football season.

Below is a list of people who work on this website in one way or another.

Paula G. - Paula is our head writer and she writes the weekly game recaps that you read each Friday night after a game. Paula has also contributed much to our History section. Paula wrote most of the information in our Notable Eras and she writes The Big Picture stories that we occasionally feature. They are all archived here

Jesse - Jesse has been our team photographer for many years. Jesse goes to every game, takes amazing live action game pictures, then uploads the photos for our use every Friday night before he goes to bed. Jesse gives us unlimited access to all of his photos through his Zenfolio account

Nancy - Nancy has been live game-tweeting on Friday nights for several years. She also tweets news stories and notable highlights throughout the season. Twitter users have Nancy to thank for many of our Friday night tweets.

Matt - Matt has been taking game videos every week since 2001. Matt goes to every game and documents the game via video. During football season, Matt spends each weekend editing the game video into a concise highlights video that he forwards to us for use on the website. Matt also created a Neshaminy Redskins YouTube video channel.

Mrs. B. - Mrs. B. is our resident night-owl. She stays up on Friday nights until Jesse's game photos have been uploaded. Mrs. B. then downloads those photos, resized them and creates the weekly 'photo gallery' on the game recap page. Mrs. B. does not go to bed until the photo gallery is completed and ready for all of us fans when we wake up on Saturday mornings.

Mrs. Tapper - Aside from the rare exception, Mrs. Tapper has gone to every game with me in the last 13 years and she is our game statistician. Even if the temperature drops into the 20's, Mrs. Tapper removes her gloves and documents the game scoring as it happens. For her, accuracy trumps cold hands and her weekly game notes allow us to create our boxscores.

Mr. Tapper - I started this website in 2004, and do all of the keystroking. I keep it current during the football season and maintain the history section in the off season. Without the efforts of everyone else involved, this website would not be as successful as it has become.

Thank You all for what you do,


We would like to thank Coaches Schmidt, Wilmot, French and all of the other coaches for their support. We also want to thank the N-Club and the various local news outlets who have worked so well with us over the years.


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