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Heartbreak Ridge

The first game played at Neshaminy’s new field, called the “Neshaminy Athletic Field” or “Playwicki Field”, was in 1956. In 1965 Dick Dougherty of the Courier-Times refers to Neshaminy’s football field as “Heartbreak Ridge”. It was appropriately renamed as Harry E. Franks Stadium in 1985. LED lights were installed in July of 2015. Neshaminy is the 1st High School field on the East Coast to have these installed

Wall of Fame

The “Wall of Fame” was built to serve as a very public and important display of the many players, coaches and others who have contributed so much to Neshaminy’s football program since its first season of 1928. The statue of Coach John Petercuskie Sr., 1960 - 1965, was dedicated on September 19, 2010. His record was 59-1-5.


Our Cheer team. led by Michelle Mazur has a long history of winning Championships. Known for their famous Chant "Everybody do the Redskin Rumble", they raise spirits at every game.

Student Section

Neshaminy has strong student participation and they represent at every game no matter home or away. The Redskin 8 changes each year and leads the student section in vocal support of our players.

Marching Band

Under the direction of Mike Lipton, our Marching Band is second to none. With a new and exciting theme each year, they keep the crowds entertained with their excellance in musical creativity and spot-on precision formations. For video of our fight songs click here

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Time will never dim the Glory of the Neshaminy Redskins...Harry E. Franks

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Glory Days

In an effort to save our history, we have embarked on a two year long video project. We are transforming older VHS and reel-to-reel film to a digital format. We are obtaining these from the saved media in the football office. We already know that we are missing a lot of games. Some of these games may have been loaned out to players or coaches. If you have any of these at home please contact us and we will pick up and drop back off along with a DVD of the game.

We will occasionally post one or two games here as they are converted. Again, this is a slow process so bear with us as we will update with one or two examples from the decades as we go.



Our first game is courtesy of C. Watkins who was not sure of the year this game was played. We are grateful for this rare piece of Redskin history. This game has been identified by Paula G., our resident historian, to be a 1959 game due to the presence of Harry Franks on the sideline (in the light colored suit) and the absence of the stars on the shoulder pad area.


  • 1960s 1960s


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This video clip includes multiple plays from Neshaminy's 1962 game with Pennsbury. It was played at the Falcons' "old" Charles Boehm Field in Lower Makefield. The clip highlights multiple plays from the second-quarter of the contest when the Redskins where in the midst of a 33-point scoring outburst which featured the great Bob Baxter (Neshaminy was wearing their white away game uniforms and he is number 60).



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Trailer from the 1971 Season - the Team of the Century - Neshaminy 21 - Pennsbury 17 game. Editing by Matt Bartolacci.



Here is the complete Nehaminy versus Pennsbury game played on Saturday November 20th, 1971 complete with footage pf the pre-game bonfire, homecoming floats, senior parents presentation and the large crowd waiting to get into the game. This treasure was found by our resident historian Paula G. when she was cleaning out the closet dedicated to Neshaminy memorabilia. Original video was shot by Mr. Sroba, Joe Sroba's Dad, who brought in several cameras to cover this game. For more information on this season click here and for a 1971 roster click here.



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Welcome to 1989 Homecoming! Lots of action in this game, no to mention the Homecoming hair styles! You will see lots of Hall of Famers in this video.


  • 10/14/1989 Neshaminy Vs Pennridge Homecoming 10/14/1989 Neshaminy Vs Pennridge Homecoming


Moving along converting the 1989 season, we give you the September 22, 1989 game between the Neshaminy Redskins and the Bucks of CB West. We are attaching the roster, a newspaper clipping and a photo. If you look closely you will see Coach Chaump on the sidelines. The quarterback is James Franklin, PSU head coach and this game features a spectacular interception by Mike Frederick, former NFL pro.



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1999 Season Highlights

We found the VHS tape of this little gem of the 1999 season buried amongst hundreds of old tapes while we were working on our analog to digital conversion project. This was Mark Schmidt's 4th year as Head Coach. If you pay close attention at 11.23 and 12.28 you will also see present Head Coach Steve Wilmot on the sidelines. There was also a surprise visit from Spiderman. Please contact us if you have an old ad program from this year.



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2001 State Championship Game

HERSHEY: Here is the 2001 State Championship game from 2001. Credits for video to PCN.



2004 District One Title Game

Here are the CN8 broadcasts of the November 26, 2004 District One Title game against North Penn. This was a very exciting game. Please enjoy.


1st Half

  • 1st Half 1st Half


2nd Half

  • 2nd Half 2nd Half


Post Game

  • Post Game Post Game


2013 District One Title Game

This game against North Penn on November 29, 2013 was for the District 1 Title. What an exciting game and the team played hard. Final score was Neshaminy 42 - North Penn 7. Running back D'Andre Pollard rushed for 242 yards and 4 touchdowns.



2016 Season Intro

Our resident videographer, Jack Haston, created this outstanding intro for the 2016 Senior highlight DVD.



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