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2006 Preseason thoughts

Thank Goodness, It′s Almost Here! By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter July 5, 2006 On Board The Sea Chief: I admit it. I was feeling a little bored; after all, it′s that slow time of the year. Basketball is over (can you believe Miami) and baseball, it′s too early in the season. The World Cup? It′s a nice diversion but ... More

Tribute to 2005

HERE COME THE NESHAMINY REDSKINS July 2005 Many hard-core fans and friends of the Neshaminy Redskins, young and old alike, will tell you without fear of contradiction that in this part of the community, Heartbreak Ridge is known as the home of the 'Skins. In fact, the Ridge is judged by most people to be a special and one of ... More