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124 Games

Coach Schmidt coaches his 124th game and enters the record books as the most prolific Redskins coach in School history. November 18, 2005 Although it may be hard to believe, this is Coach Schmidt's 11th year as Neshaminy's Head Coach which proves yet again the old adage: How time flies! But what a wonderful time it's ... More

My Wish

You Wish They Could Play Forever November 18, 2005 You wish they would stay forever young, that their youthful enthusiasm would allow us to escape from the harsh realities of adult life every Friday night for as long as we wanted. And if it did have to end, we'd like the script to always end the same; victory upon victory ... More

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon (A NeshaminyFootball.com original) November 5, 2005 Back in the dark winter months when summer seemed so far away, a father promised his young son a summer trip to the amusement park. The park had a new ride, the Red Dragon, the world's most exciting roller coaster. The boy couldn't wait to ride those giant ... More

2005 Playoffs

Playoff Perspectives by Paula G. (November 5, 2005) (Aboard the Sea Chief off the southern coast of Papua New Guinea.) As soon as contacted me to ask if I′d write something for NeshaminyFootball.com - about the Pennsylvania high school football playoff system - I said yes. Who could resist? After all, I′m a dyed-in-th... More