My Wish

You Wish They Could Play Forever
November 18, 2005

You wish they would stay forever young, that their youthful enthusiasm would allow us to escape from the harsh realities of adult life every Friday night for as long as we wanted. And if it did have to end, we’d like the script to always end the same; victory upon victory leading to crowning glory. Heads bowed just for a moment to accept a wreath signifying a championship. For as surely as those young warriors of ours would drink in the adulation of that trophy we would feel a little taller in its reflection.



But not every story, not every turn of events, not every ending can be as we plan. The twists and turns of life have already taught us that. We know that the sun will still rise, the world will still turn, children will still laugh and cry and grow up to be just as us. And knowing that truth, we can all still hold our heads high, hold open our arms and welcome our Redskins off the field with the same joy and smiles no matter what the result of a 48 minute contest. For the beauty of the Redskins and the boys and coaches who put on a spectacle for us each year is that there is a next year! A next year that will bring back old friends, introduce us to new ones and allow our Neshaminy family to become a little bigger as some players become ex-players that will sit with us and cheer with us – every bit as loudly.

So if there are tears on our cheeks, they are not tears of sadness or despair but instead they are tears of joy and happiness that yet again, a beautiful group of young men gave us so much of themselves over the last season. A group of young men blessed us with memories that will last a lifetime and which will form another link in the unbreakable chain that is Neshaminy Redskin football.

So, to the 2005 Redskins – we wish you could play forever because your efforts, your work, your energy gave us so much more than you can now know but which we believe someday you will know. And that’s why we are happy for ourselves and for you – more than you can imagine.

Thanks for a great season.

Paula G.