A Fresh Face

  • 2023 First Seniors Shot in Stands in New Stadium copy

There are 14 days left before our home opener kick off on our brand new field! We got  chance to get a close up look at The Ridge when we covered the team photo shoot on August 9th. Short and sweet – it is beautiful.

It really is a momentous and historical year and while we originally planned not to cover this year and next year due to lots of major life changes, Coach Wilmot made several resources available to make the job easier. So much easier that we have decided to try this year with the aids he provided. There are hours of work that go into recording a season, but with the help of Coach Wilmot, the continued work by photographer Jesse Garber and Videograher Nate Hall and  the timely stats recorded by Nick Rapiewicz, we think we can  pull this year off. At least we are going to try.

Looking forward to a new year and a brand new stadium! In the meantime enjoy this photo of Coach and Seniors.

2023 Seniors and Coach Wilmot 2 copy

2023 Seniors and Coach Wilmot