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The Big Picture 10 – 1963: A Lesson Learned

The BIG Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter 1963: A lesson learned October 14, 2008 Langhorne: Looking back at this 2008 season so far (especially some of the close games the boys have played), I'm reminded of the many great Redskins teams, players, coaches and efforts of the past. Although the list seems ... More

The Big Picture 09 – The French Foreign Legion

The BIG Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter The French Foreign Legion October 6, 2008 Langhorne: On Saturday afternoon I happened to be sitting around reading the William Tennent game "recap" (and looking back over the season too) and it struck me that this year's group of players has done a terrific job. At 5-1 ... More

The Big Picture 08 – Thanks to the Guys on the Field

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Thank you to the guys on the field! October 2, 2008 Langhorne: Now that the 2008 season is blasting along at breakneck speed (have 5 games already been played), I thought it might be a nice idea for all of us to take a moment to recognize just how lucky we are to have ... More