Time will never dim the glory of the Neshaminy Redskins... - Harry E Franks 1954

A Winning Tradition

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Photo by Dawn Depp 2001

  • Highest Scoring Game: In 1997 the Skins came out on top in a 69 to 36 slugfest with the Abington Ghosts. The two teams combined for a monumental total of 105 points. That averages out to 2.19 points every minute of the game (or just about a touchdown and an extra point every three minutes for the entire 48 minutes they played). Well, that's one way to time an egg!
  • Biggest Margin of Victory: In 1961 the Skins stopped the Bristol Warriors 59-0. Later that season they took Woodrow Wilson to the same wood shed coming out on top of a 57-0 "no-contest".
  • Shortest Season: Not including 1928 (see Humble Beginnings for more on that) in 1943 the Skins lined up only four times while bringing home a dismal 0-3-1 report card. And to add insult to injury, they only scored 13 points. Talk about a war shortage!
  • Longest Season: The 2004 Skins played 15 games, the most of any season. That included 10 regular season games and 5 playoff games (including the State Championship game in Hershey).
  • Lowest Scoring Year: In 1939 Langhorne H.S. played 8 games and scored 0 points on the season.
  • The Humble Beginning: Neshaminy first fielded its own eleven in 1928 when the school was called Langhorne-Middletown High School. Preferring to stay close to home, that first - and only - game that year was against Newtown High School. Heart and history yet-to-come were not enough as our kids came up short, 13 to 0.

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Step back in time...


Cordelli - Forchetti - Lodge

Pete Cordelli, Dale Forchetti and Chuck Lodge helped make the `71 `Skins the Team of the Century, as rated by PFN in 2004. All three were on UPI's 1971 All-State first team as the `Skins finished 11-0, outscoring opponents 371-90.

Step way back in time...


1929 Team

This was the 1929 football team. Today, our coaching staff is this big.

71pennsb_sml - Copy

1971 Neshaminy Vs Pennsbury

Overhead shot of Harry E. Franks Stadium

This photo was taken from a helicopter during the 1971 Neshaminy vs. Pennsbury game. Neshaminy went into the game 10-0. There were an estimated 15,000 people at this game. Look closely and you can see the end bleachers and the portable bleachers at the bottom, bottom left, and top left of this picture. Neshaminy came from behind to win 21-17 and finish the season 11-0.

There’s always a seat in Harry’s House reserved for you... - Paula G 2008

Both videos below were posted to you Tube by Chad Watkins, son of Bill Watkins, a 1960 grad and stand out football player for the 'Skins. These are the oldest pieces of film in Redskin history! Many thanks to Chad for maintaining these and sharing with all of us! In the video on the left we are wearing an all blue uniform and look for Coach Petercuskie at 1:49 in. Please contact us if you recognize this game against Bensalem.