The 2010s

The 2010’s were another very exciting decade for the Redskins. Four of the nine years (2010, 2013, 2016, 2017) have a combined record of 46-7 for a winning percent of .848 for those four years. In 2013 the team made it all the way to the East Title game picking up the District One Title along the way.

Coach Schmidt, who has the most games coached in Redskin history with 227, retired after the close of the 2013 season. He had 18 years at the helm with a record of 161-66.

In 2016. QB Mason Jones, WR Zach Tredway, K/P Dylan McDonald and WR/DB Oleh Manzyk all broke long held records. Right behind them came QB Brody McAndrew and WR Ian Sheehan in 2019 who subsequently broke 2 of Mason Jones’ career (McAndrew) and Dale Forchetti’s 1971 single season records (Sheehan). This trend is largely due to the talent of these players and also that they played so many years allowing them to compile such high stats. Mason Jones and Brody McAndrew were both three year starters and both had some snaps in their freshman year as well.

Win Pct.0.724
Points For3514
Pts against2117


The season started with challenges. First, DB and Captain Marco Dapkey was diagnosed with Leukemia and could not play for the season and we lost our dear friend and staunch supporter Coach Joe "Mustang" Foster, the equipment manager for many years. Mustang had followed the football program from the 60s. He is best remembered for his slogan "Hammertime".

The team persevered through it all, won the SOL National Title and made it all the way to the District 1 playoffs where they were stopped by North Penn.


Sept. 03FridaySoudertonAway7:00pm2119
Sept. 10FridayHatboro-HorshamAway7:00pm357
Sept. 16ThursdayCentral Bucks EastHome7:00pm307
Sept. 24FridayAbingtonHome7:00pm2810
Oct. 01FridayBensalemAway7:00pm2814
Oct. 08FridayCouncil Rock NorthHome7:00pm358
Oct. 15FridayCouncil Rock South *Home7 :00pm2128
Oct. 22FridayHarry S. Truman Away7 :00pm3519
Oct. 29FridayWilliam Tennent Home7 :00pm4014
Nov. 05FridayPennsbury **Home7:00pm3514
Nov. 12FridayUpper DublinHome7:00pm4113
Nov. 19FridayAbingtonHome7:00pm3521
Nov. 26FridayWest Chester RustinHome7:00pm337
Dec. 03FridayNorth PennCRN7:30pm642
Points 423223
Pts Avg30.2115.93
* Homecoming** Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Schmidt

Mr. Redskin - Marco Dapkey

MVP Offense - Charlie Marterella

MVP Defense - Corey Majors

3D Award - Ryan Katona

Mr. Back Defense - Bobby Marterella

Mr. Back Offense - Dwight Williams

Mr. Lineman Offense - Ryan Katona

Mr. Lineman Defense - Shane Quinn

Most Improved Offense - Anthony Woodroffe

Most Improved Defense - Devon Carmicheal

Hammertime Award - Nick DiDonato

Dick Bedesem Memorial Scholarship - Charlie Marterella

Harry Franks Memorial Scholarship - Dylan Donnelly

Captains - #5 Shane Quinn, #7 Marco Dapkey, #16 Charlie Marterella and #23 Corey Majors

Roster | 2010 Season Recap


Suburban One League, National Conference – tri-Champions
(Neshaminy Redskins, Abington Galloping Ghosts & Council Rock South Golden Hawks)
Conference record: 6-1 | Overall record: 12-2
Conference members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Council Rock South, Harry S. Truman, Neshaminy, Pennsbury & William Tennent


2010 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year -  Game 11 against Upper Dublin. This was our favorite game of the season. We will never forget offensive lineman Ryan Katona who played his heart out this entire game with a bad case of the flu.



Sept. 02FridaySoudertonHome7:00pm2013
Sept. 09FridayHatboro-HorshamHome7:00pm270
Sept. 16FridayCentral Bucks EastAway7:00pm3512
Sept. 26MondayAbingtonAway7:00pm2135
Sept. 30FridayBensalemHome7:00pm260
Oct. 06ThursdayCouncil Rock NorthAway7:00pm1417
Oct. 14FridayCouncil Rock SouthAway7 :00pm1741
Oct. 21FridayHarry S. Truman *|**Home7 :00pm310
Oct. 28FridayWilliam TennentAway7 :00pm3915
Nov. 04FridayPennsburyAway7:00pm247
Nov.18FridayNorth PennAway7:30pm721
Pts Avg24.0813.42
* Homecoming ** Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Schmidt

Mr. Redskin - Sean Ulmer

MVP Offense - Sean Ulmer

MVP Defense - Bobby Marterella

3D Award - Chris Kutsubos

Unsung Hero - Ron Smith

Mr. Back - Justin Andrews

Mr. Lineman - Kiser Terry

Most Improved Offense - Joe Bianchino

Most Improved Defense - Steve Olenski

Harry Franks Memorial Scholarship - Tyler Green

Dick Bedesem Memorial Scholarship - Chris Kutsubos

Captains - #4 Sean Ulmer, #10 Kiser Terry, #13 Bobby Marterella and #71 Chris Kutsubos

Roster | 2011 Season Recap


2011 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 3 against Central Bucks East. Sean Ulmer rushed for 158 yards on 20 carries and scored 3 touchdowns.



Aug. 31FridayNortheastAway6:00pm240
Sept. 07FridayHatboro-HorshamAway7:00pm450
Sept. 14FridaySouderton AreaHome7:00pm718
Sept. 21FridayWilliam TennentAway7:00pm1720
Sept. 28FridayHarry S. TrumanAway7:00pm4813
Oct. 05FridayCouncil Rock North*Home7:00pm3826
Oct. 12FridayCouncil Rock SouthHome7:00pm2114
Oct. 19FridayBensalemAway7:00pm4233
Oct. 26FridayAbingtonHome7:00pm2114
Nov. 03SaturdayPennsbury **Home2:30pm07
Nov. 09FridayPlymouth-WhitemarshAway7:00pm4221
Nov. 16FridayCentral Bucks SouthAway7:00pm147
Nov. 23FridayCoatesvilleAway7:00pm2863
Pts Avg26.6918.15
* Homecoming ** Senior Day


Head Coach Mark Schmidt

Mr. Redskin - Justin Andrews

Mr. Back - Nate Hall

Mr. Lineman - Ian Waterbury

Mr. 3D - Brian Toal

Mr. Unsung Hero - Blake Sullivan

Most Improved Offense - Daryl Kennedy

Most Improved Defense - Tosh Thompson

Dick Bedesem Memorial Scholarship - Steve Olenski

Harry Franks Memorial Scholarship - Brian Toal

MVP Offense - Nate Hall

MVP Defense - Luke Carrezola

Captains - #11 Justin Andrews, #15 Luke Carrezolla, #42 Steve Olenski and #77 Ian Waterbury

Roster | 2012 Season Recap



2012 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 6 against Council Rock North. We picked this game as it showcases the speed of Nate Hall, the tough tackles of Denny Lord and the great catches of Justin Andrews and Devon Brown


The 2013 season represented the fifth time in Redskins' history that a team won 12 or more games while it was also the third time a Neshaminy team won at least 13 games (2001 and 2004 were the other two squads with 15 and 13 respectively). It was also the third time there were 15 games in a single season (once again, 2001 and 2004 were the other years).

A number of highlights in 2013 include:

  • November 15, 2013 - Against Spring-Ford, D'Andre Pollard scored four touchdowns which pushed his season total through that game to 32 scores (192 points in all). That was just enough to see him edge past the existing record of 191 set by Bob Baxter in 1962. As of that date too Jason Ulmer's 186 points (2007) had him in third with Jamar Brittingham's 180 points (2001) putting him in fourth position.
  • November 22, 2013 - Against Abington the 'Skins scored 35 points taking their total for the year to 468 which broke the single season team scoring record of 466 points held by the 2004 club (and the '13 group did it in two fewer games). The Abington game also saw Pollard rush for 206 yards which gave him 2,561 on the year (just four yards short of the single season record of 2,565 as set by Brittingham in 2001).
  • November 29, 2013 - Against North Penn Pollard broke Brittingham's record after only a few carries in the first-quarter. And by game's end Pollard had 298 carries for a SEPA high 2,796 yards. His stats at the end of 14 games included an average of 9.38 yards per carry, 199.7 yards per game and 38 touchdowns. The 42-7 win over the Knights also was enough to see another new single season milestone as the '13 'Skins became the first team to score over 500 points.
  • December 7, 2013 - In its last game of the year, Neshaminy scored 21 points and finished the season with a new record of 531. Meanwhile, Pollard finished the year with 2,929 yards on 328 carries and 39 touchdowns in all for 234 points (a new record that was 43 more than existing record which had stood for 51 years). Pollard's 2,929 yards are also the sixth most in a single season by a Pennsylvania player and were second in the state that season as a running back from Lakeview High near Erie finished with 2,974.


Aug. 30FridayNortheastHome7:00pm330
Sept. 06FridayDowningtown WestHome7:00pm390
Sept. 13FridaySoudertonAway3:00pm280
Sept. 20FridayWilliam TennentHome7:00pm417
Sept. 27FridayHarry S. Truman *Home7:00pm357
Oct. 04FridayCouncil Rock NorthAway7:00pm4220
Oct. 11FridayCouncil Rock SouthAway7:00pm350
Oct. 18FridayBensalem **Home7:00pm497
Oct. 25FridayAbingtonAway7:00pm3114
Nov. 01FridayPennsburyAway7:00pm331
Nov. 08FridayUnionvilleHome7:00pm417
Nov. 15FridaySpring-FordHome7:00pm5627
Nov. 22FridayAbington-PHome7:00pm3514
Nov. 29FridayNorth PennSouderton7:00pm427
Dec. 07SaturdaySt. Joseph PrepN.E. HS3:00pm2137
Pts Avg35.411.87
* Homecoming** Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Schmidt

Mr. Redskin - Denny Lord

Offensive MVP - D'Andre Pollard

Mr. Lineman - John Koch

3D award - Dan Johnson

Most Improved (Offense) - Matt Wynne

Most Improved (Defense) - Dorian Arthur

Best Lifter - Dorian Arthur

Defensive MVP - Luke Carrezola

Mr Lineman (Defense) - Alex Nicolas

Mr Lineman (Offense) John Koch

Coach Joe "Mustang" Foster Hammertime Award - Devon Brown

Coach's Award - Mike Palmer

Mr. Back (Offense) - Blake Sullivan

Mr. Back (Defense) - Denzel Hughes

Unsung Hero - Cole Creighton

Harry Franks Memorial Scholarship - Troken Buesmaill

Dick Bedesem Memorial Scholarship - Matt Bianchino

Roster | 2013 Season Recap

District One - Champions

Overall record: 13-2

The 2013 team's average of 35.40 points a game is the fourth best in Redskin history.

  1. 1960 – 39.63 points per game
  2. 2005 – 37.33 points per game
  3. 1962 – 36.09 points per game
  4. 2013 – 35.40 points per game
  5. 2016 – 35.08 points per game
  6. 1954 – 34.90 points per game
  7. 1961 – 34.75 points per game
  8. 2007 – 34.54 points per game
  9. 1959 – 34.18 points per game
  10. 1971 – 33.73 points per game

The 2013 team's total of 531 points for the year also set the record for the most by any Neshaminy club in a single season.

  1. 2013 – (531 pts, 15 g, 35.40 aver.)
  2. 2004 – (466 pts, 15 g, 31.06 aver.)
  3. 2007 – (449 pts, 13 g, 34.54 aver.)
  4. 2005 – (448 pts, 12 g, 37.33 aver.)
  5. 1960 – (436 pts, 11 g, 39.63 aver.)
  6. 2010 – (423 pts, 14 g, 30.21 aver.)
  7. 2016 – (421 pts, 12 g, 35.08 aver.)
  8. 1961 – (417 pts, 12 g, 34.75 aver.)
  9. 1962 – (397 pts, 11 g, 36.09 aver.)
  10. 2001 – (387 pts, 15 g, 25.80 aver.)

2013 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 14 against North Penn for the District 1 Title. D'Andre Pollard rushed for 242 yards on 25 carries and scored 4 touchdowns. His longest run was for 42 yards.


The Redskins started the season with a new Head Coach - Alumni Mike Frederick.


Aug. 29FridayGonzaga College HSHome7:00pm342
Sept. 05FridayDowningtown WestAway7:00pm728
Sept. 12FridayCouncil Rock South (HoF)Home7:00pm4915
Sept. 19FridayAbington *Home7:00pm2118
Sept. 26FridayPennridgeAway7:00pm1421
Oct. 02ThursdayCentral Bucks SouthHome7:00pm3652
Oct. 10FridaySoudertonAway7:00pm2910
Oct. 17FridayBensalemAway7:00pm350
Oct. 24FridayNorth PennHome7:00pm1317
Oct. 31FridayPennsbury **Home7:00pm317
Pts Avg2122
* Homecoming**Senior Night


Head Coach Mike Frederick

Mr. Redskin - D'Andre Pollard

Offensive MVP - D'Andre Pollard

Defensive MVP - Boniface (JR) Stevens

Mr. Lineman Offense - Hunter Kelly

Mr. Lineman Defense - Evens Cleus

3D award - Dan Dogba

Most Improved - Tyler Irwin

Coach's Award - Anthony Incelli

Mr. Back (Offense) - Mason Jones

Mr. Back (Defense) - Denzel Hughes

Unsung Hero - Matt Magdelinskas

Dick Bedesem Memorial Scholarship - Luke Hellyer

Harry Franks Memorial Scholarship - Cale Kitchenman

Captains -  #21 D'Andre Pollard

Roster | 2014 Season Recap


2014 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year -  Game 3 against CR South. This was the 2014 Hall of Fame induction night. 2014 was the first full year of play for QB Mason Jones who threw for 153 yards & 3 TDs in this game.


Steve Wilmot, a 20 year fixture at Heartbreak Ridge, was named the football team’s new head coach after receiving a “thumbs up” from the Neshaminy School Board. Arriving at Neshaminy in the early ‘90s, he served as an assistant coach for 19 years under the legendary Mark Schmidt and then Mike Frederick in 2014. Identified as a versatile and knowledgeable football man, Wilmot has held a number of titles while helping to direct the Redskins’ grid club. And also viewed as a Neshaminy man to the core, his appointment is seen as a terrific choice by all concerned with his steady hand and demonstrated capabilities expected to continue the program’s high level of success.


Sept. 5SaturdayMontclair HSAway1:00pm3731
Sept. 11FridayDowningtown WestHome7:00pm1420
Sept. 18FridayCouncil Rock SouthAway7:00pm2725
Sept. 28MondayAbington Away7:00pm477
Oct. 3SaturdayPennridgeHome6:00pm717
Oct. 9FridayCentral Bucks SouthAway7:00pm2114
Oct. 16FridaySouderton *Home7:00pm2110
Oct. 23FridayBensalem**Home7:00pm418
Oct. 30FridayNorth PennAway7:00pm1722
Nov. 6FridayPennsbury Away7:00pm1614
Nov. 13FridaySpring-ford Away7:00pm3116
Nov. 20FridayQuakertown Away7:00pm3117
Nov. 27FridayNorth Penn Away7:00pm728
Pts Avg24.3817.62
* Homecoming**Senior Night


Head Coach Steve Wilmot

Head Coach: Steve Wilmot

Mr. Redskin - Harmon Yalartai

Offensive MVP - Mason Jones

Defensive MVP - Harmon Yalartai

Mr. Lineman Offense - Hunter Kelly

Mr. Lineman Defense - Eddie Parry

3D award - Zach Tredway

Most Improved - Kyle Smith

Coach's Award - Billy Ritchey

Mr. Back (Offense) - Will Dogba

Mr. Back (Defense) - Denzel Hughes

Hammertime Award - Jack Spingler

Unsung Hero - Daulton Fox

Dick Bedesem Memorial Scholarship - Parker Minotti

Harry Franks Memorial Scholarship - Billy Ritchey

Captains -  #6 Mason Jones, #16 Denzel Hughes, #18 Billy Ritchey and #78 Hunter Kelly

Roster | 2015 Season Recap


2015 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year -  Game 1 against Montclair (NJ). Neshaminy earned a win that snapped a 29-game home win streak for a Montclair squad that had won 46 of its last 48 games.


Congratulations to the 2016 team and their perfect 10-0 regular season! They have now joined a special group of Neshaminy teams that heretofore was made up of just four squads which included the 1954, 1971, 1988 and 2001 Redskins. Now expanded to five, the 2016 ‘Skins can also claim that very special distinction. Then on top of that they have also earned the right to wear the 2016 SOL National Conference crown.


Aug. 26FridayRoman CatholicHome7:00pm2820
Sept. 2FridayPennridgeAway7:00pm3124
Sept. 9FridayDowningtown West Away7:00pm4214
Sept. 16Friday Council Rock North *** Home7:00pm437
Sept. 23FridayHarry S. TrumanAway7:00pm6228
Sept. 30FridayAbington Home7:00pm210
Oct. 7FridayCentral Bucks South *Home7:00pm4214
Oct. 14FridayBensalem Away7:00pm3522
Oct. 21FridayCouncil Rock SouthHome7:00pm427
Oct. 28FridayPennsbury ** Home7:00pm350
Nov. 4FridayPennridge - P Home7:00pm2621
Nov. 11FridayGarnet Valley Home7:00pm1442
Pts Avg35.0816.58
* Homecoming**Senior Night***Hall of Fame Induction


Head Coach Steve Wilmot

Head Coach: Steve Wilmot

Mr. Redskin - Mason Jones

Offensive MVP - Mason Jones

Defensive MVP - Jacob Gordon

Mr. Lineman O and D - Eddie Parry

3D award - Will Dogba

Most Improved Offense - Chris Wilson

Most Improved Defense - Kyle Osterhoudt

Coach's Award - Zach Tredway

Mr. Back - Will Dogba

Hammertime Award - Oleh Manzyk

Unsung Hero - AJ Sanko

Dick Bedesem Memorial Scholarship - Zach Tredway

Harry Franks Memorial Scholarship - Will Dogba

Blair Gower Memorial Scholarship - Eddie Parry

Roger Grove Memorial Scholarship - Mason Jones

Captains - #1 Zach Tredway, #7 Will Dogba and #8 Mason Jones

Roster | 2016 Season Recap

Suburban One League, National Conference - Champions
Conference record: 6-0 | Overall record: 11-1
Members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Council Rock South, Harry S. Truman, Neshaminy & Pennsbury

The 2016 season saw many records fall by the wayside. Mason Jones QB and Zach Tredway WR set some records that will be hard to beat. Their friendship on and off the field made for a explosive synergy of passes, TDs and receptions. Dylan McDonald K surpassed Kevin Kelly, former Penn State Kicker, in PATs. Sophomore Oleh Manzyk continuously made the 'impossible' plays.

Mason Jones

  • SINGLE SEASON 2016: Mason Jones threw for 2,756 yards surpassing Errol Faunce's 2,200 yards back in 1954. Mason also threw 33 TD passes breaking Pete Cordelli's record of 24 set in 1971.
  • CAREER: Mason also now holds the record for career (2013 - 2016) passing yards with 5,432 way in front of Jim Dietz (1996-1997) with 3,188. His 52 career TD passes also broke Andrew Flogel's (2004-2006) record of 37.

Zach Tredway

  • CAREER: Zach Tredway (2013-2016) had 112 career receptions surpassing the 92 career receptions for Justin Andrews (2010-2012). He also had 1,667 yards receiving besting Antoine Lovelace (1997-1998) who amassed 1,347 yards.

Dylan McDonald

  • SINGLE SEASON 2016: Dylan had 67 PATs in 2016 surpassing Ken Kelley's 2004 record of 58.
  • CAREER: He also had a career (2013-2016) 182 PATs breaking Kevin Kelley's record (2001-2004) of 142.

Oleh Manzyk

  • SINGLE SEASON 2016: Oleh had 15 TD receptions breaking Dale Forchetti's 1971 record of 14.

2016 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year -  Game 10 against Pennsbury. The 'Skins won 35-0 and Mason Jones broke the Record for TD passes set in 1971.


Congratulations to the team and their 10-2 record! This team was so exciting to watch and no matter the score or how much time was left on the clock they never gave up fighting for the W. This team will go down in Neshaminy Football history as having played probably the most exciting game in recent years - game 10 against Pennsbury - where with seconds left on the clock they pulled off a stunning victory for their second consecutive 2017 SOL National Conference crown.


Aug. 25FridayRoman CatholicHome7:00pm147
Sept. 1FridayPennridgeHome7:00pm2314
Sept. 8FridayDowningtown West Home7:00pm3337
Sept. 15FridayCouncil Rock North Away7:00pm320
Sept. 23SaturdayHarry S. Truman *Home1:00pm567
Sept. 28ThursdayAbingtonAway7:00pm3328
Oct. 6FridayCentral Bucks SouthAway7:00pm2114
Oct. 13FridayBensalem **Home7:00pm4827
Oct. 20FridayCouncil Rock SouthAway7:00pm280
Oct. 27FridayPennsbury Away7:00pm2120
Nov. 3FridaySpring-Ford Home7:00pm4221
Nov. 10FridayPennsbury - P Home7:00pm1736
Pts Avg30.6717.58
* Homecoming**Senior Night***Hall of Fame Induction


Head Coach Steve Wilmot

Mr. Redskin - Mike Garlick

Offensive MVP - Brody McAndrew

Defensive MVP - Oleh Manzyk

Mr. Lineman O - Giovanni Figueroa

Mr. Lineman D - Lou DiFrancesco

Unsung Hero - Mike Crescenzo

3D award - Jacob Kelly

Most Improved Offense - Shane Secrest

Most Improved Defense - Nick Silenok

Coach's Award - Andrew Kelly

Mr. Back O - Joel Stills

Mr. Back D - Cory Joyce

Dick Bedesem Memorial Scholarship - Nick Napadano

Harry Franks Memorial Scholarship - John Hughes

Blair Gower Memorial Scholarship - Lou DiFrancesco

Roger Grove Memorial Scholarship - Jacob Kelly

Captains - #5 Oleh Manzyk, #10 Mike Garlick, #25 Cory Joyce and #74 Jacob Kelly

Roster | 2017 Season Recap

Suburban One League, National Conference - Champions
Conference record: 6-0 | Overall record: 10-2
Members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Council Rock South, Harry S. Truman, Neshaminy & Pennsbury


2017 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year -  Game 10 against Pennsbury. Is this the best Neshaminy-Pennsbury match up to date? The 'Skins Faithful were fired up! Rated up there with the top 5 of the 'Skins-Falcons games through the last 85 years.


The Team brought home our third consecutive SOL National Conference Title. This class of Seniors had 8 mving to the collegiate level to play Football and one to the collegiate level to play Baseball. A very talented bunch that will be missed!


Aug. 24FridayNorth PennHome7:00pm3334
Aug. 31FridayPennridgeAway7:00pm2714
Sept. 8SaturdayDowningtown West Away7:00pm1435
Sept. 14Friday Council Rock North*** Home7:00pm4714
Sept. 22SaturdayHarry S. Truman Away1:00pm2627
Sept. 28FridayAbington*Home7:00pm277
Oct. 5FridayWilliam TennentAway7:00pm330
Oct. 13SaturdayBensalemAway2:00pm417
Oct. 19FridayCouncil Rock South****Home7:00pm90
Oct. 26FridayPennsbury** Home7:00pm357
Nov. 2FridayHaverford Twp Home7:00pm357
Nov. 9FridayNorth Penn - P Wissahickon HS7:00pm613
Pts Avg27.7513.75
* Homecoming**Senior Night***Hall of Fame Induction


Head Coach Steve Wilmot

Head Coach: Steve Wilmot

Mr. Redskin - Oleh Manzyk

Offensive MVP - Bobby Buchys

Defensive MVP - Oleh Manzyk

Mr. Lineman - Luke Hitchen

Unsung Hero - Zack Canimore

3D award - Cory Joyce

Most Improved Offense - Ryan O'Connor

Most Improved Defense - Chisom Ifeanyi

Coach's Award - Sean Smith

Mr. Back O - Chris James

Mr. Back D - Logan Williamson (co--winner)

Mr. Back D - Marcus Griffin (co--winner)

N Club Award - Tyler Foster

Dick Bedesem Memorial Scholarship - Connor Moss

Harry Franks Memorial Scholarship - Emmanuel Ampofo

Blair Gower Memorial Scholarship - Luke Hitchen

Roger Grove Memorial Scholarship - Zack Cannimore

Captains - #5 Oleh Manzyk, #12 Brody McAndrew, #25 Cory Joyce and #88 Bobby Buchys

Roster  | 2018 Season Recap

Suburban One League, National Conference - co-Champions
Conference record: 5-1 | Overall record: 8-4
Members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Council Rock South, Harry S. Truman, Neshaminy & Pennsbury


2018 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year -  Game 1 against North Penn. Even though Neshaminy did not win this game, Oleh "The Iceman" Manzyk was everywhere and did everything. His effort deserves this game to be the featured game of 2018.


The 2019 season ended with 4 records broken and one tied. The drivers of these new records are QB Brody McAndrew and WR Ian Sheehan.
QB Brody McAndrew new records:

  • Career Passes Complete - 363 breaking Mason Jones' 2013-2016 record of 360 Source - Max Preps for both
  • Career Touchdown Passes - 55 breaking Mason Jones' 2013-2016 of 52 Source - Max Preps for both

WR Ian Sheehan new records:

  • 2019 Receptions - 66 breaking Dale Forchetti's 1971 record of 58 Source - Indiana Gazette 12/4/71 and Max Preps
  • 2019 Receiving Yards - 1307 breaking Dale Forchetti's 1971 record of 1200 Source - Indiana Gazette 12/4/71 and Max Preps
  • 2019 TD Receptions- tied Oleh Manzuk's record of 15 Source - Max Preps for both


Aug. 23FridayNorth PennAway7:00 PM3455
Aug. 30FridayPennridge Home7:00 PM217
Sept. 6FridayDowningtown WestHome7:00 PM648
Sept. 13FridayCR NorthAway7:00 PM4831
Sept. 20FridayHS TrumanHome7:00 PM4155
Sept. 27FridayAbingtonAway7:00 PM1338
Oct. 4Friday*Wm TennentHome7:00 PM3414
Oct. 11Friday**Bensalem***Home7:00 PM3413
Oct. 19SaturdayCR SouthAway2:30 PM316
Oct. 25Friday PennsburyAway7:00 PM1328
Pts Avg27.5029.50
* Homecoming**Senior Night***Pink Out


Head Coach: Steve Wilmot

Mr. Redskin - Brody McAndrew

Offensive MVP - Ian Sheehan

Defensive MVP - Dawson Obringer

Mr. Lineman - Zack Magdelinskas

Unsung Hero - Nik Soska

3D award - John Hutchinson

Most Improved - Tedo Sakhokia

Coach's Award - Nate McGlone

Mr. Back - Chris James

N Club Award - Mason Demi

Dick Bedesem Memorial Scholarship - Jake Ginsberg

Harry Franks Memorial Scholarship - Jack Hughes

Blair Gower Memorial Scholarship - Zach Magdelinskas

Roger Grove Memorial Scholarship - Ian Sheehan

Captains - #12 Brody McAndrew, #29 Chris James

Roster | 2019 Season Recap

2019_TeamLogo_NHS FB_7188

2019 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year -  Game 8 against Bensalem, Senior Night and Pink Out Night. QB Brody McAndrew broke the record for career touchdown passes with 53 and surpassing Mason Jone’s (2013-2016) record of 52. For more info click here.