The 2000s

The 2000's were a very exciting decade for the Redskins. Six of the nine years (2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008) have a combined record of 71-10, that's a winning percent of .877 for those six years.

  • Coach Schmidt has been voted Coach of the Year in two of the first five years.
  • The Redskins have made a trip to Hershey for the State Title in two of the first five years and won the State Championship in 2001.
  • Neshaminy was Division One champs (or co-champs) three times since 2000.
  • Rushing records fell, kicking records fell and points scored in a season records fell.
Win Pct.0.723
Points For3469
Pts against1774


Sep. 1
FridayFather JudgeHome7:00pm356
Sep. 8
FridayCentral Bucks EastAway7:00pm721
Sep. 15
FridayCouncil Rock (2 O.T.)Home7:00pm2831
Sep. 22FridayHarry S. Truman***Home7:00pm347
Sep. 28FridayCentral Bucks WestAway7:00pm2854
Oct. 7
SaturdayNorth Penn*Home1:30pm3512
Oct. 13FridayBensalemAway7:00pm5513
Oct. 21SaturdayAbingtonAway1:30pm370
Oct. 27FridayWilliam TennentHome7:00pm440
Nov. 3
Pts Avg31.616.5
* Homecoming **Senior Night ***Hall of Fame Induction


Head Coach Mark Schmidt

Mr. Redskin - Jeff McDonough

MVP Offense - Jamar Brittingham

MVP Defense - Steve Bejzak

Mr. Back - Jay Collins

Mr.Lineman - Nick Feszko & Bob Gower

3D Award - Bob Gower & Mike Knapp

Unsung Hero Offense - Pete Markman

Unsung Hero Defense - Mike Lodge

Most Improved - Dan Schatz

N-Club Award -  Jay Sylvestre

Captains  - #17 Jeff McDonough, #24 Steve Bejzak and #71 Bob Gower

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  • Jamar Brittingham - achievement award for breaking the single season rushing record.
  • Jamar Brittingham - Bucks County Courier Times Football Player of theYear.
  • SOL 1st team - Steve Bejak (DB), Pete Markman (TE), Jamar Brittingham (RB).
  • SOL 2nd team - Jamar Brittingham (DB), Sherman Brittingham (WR), Nick Feszko (O-Line)

2000 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 6 against North Penn.


SOL District Champions
Eastern Regional Champions
State Champions

Aug. 31FridayFather JudgeHome7:30pm2827
Sep. 7FridayBensalemHome7:30pm20
Sep. 14FridayPennridgeAway7:30pm2822
Sep. 21FridayNorth PennHome7:30pm2314
Sep. 28FridayCentral Bucks WestHome7:30pm2119
Oct. 6SaturdayCentral Bucks EastAway1:30pm1514
Oct. 13SaturdayHarry S. Truman*Home1:30pm336
Oct. 20SaturdayAbingtonAway1:30pm4221
Oct. 26FridayCouncil Rock**Home7:30pm340
Nov. 2FridayPennsburyAway7:30pm2621
Nov. 9FridayCentral Bucks EastHome7:30pm2414
Nov. 16FridayDowningtownHome7:30pm3720
Nov. 23FridayConestogaHome7:30pm2812
Dec. 1SaturdayCumberland ValleyHershey7:30pm2519
Dec. 8SaturdayWoodland HillsHershey7:30pm217
Pts Avg25.814.4
* Homecoming **Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Achievement Award: Jamar Brittingham and Kevin Kelly

Most Improved Player (offense): Ryan Contento

Most Improved Player (defense): Miguel Lebron

Unsung Hero (offense): Scott Mullin

Unsung Hero (defense): Ryan van der Brand

Mr. Defensive Line: Chuck Koch

Mr. Offensive Line: Steve Brett

Iron Man: Geoff Donahue

Mr. Back: Keith Ennis

Dick Bedesem Award: Austin Jones

Coaches Award: Neck Feszko

MVP Defense: Pat Carroll

MVP Offense: Jay Wiater

3-D Award: Jay Collins

N-Club Award: Kevin Kelly

Captains - #2 Jamar Brittingham, #33 Jay Collins, #67 Nick Feszko and #77 Steve Brett

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Neshaminy's 2001 National Rankings:

  • USA Today - #7
  • Rivals High - #9
  • National Prep & AP - #10
  • Student Sports - #11
  • Dick Butkus - #12
  • Tony Poll - #16

Jamar's Brittingham's 2001 Season offensive stats:

  • 2,765 yards
  • 30touchdowns
  • Above includes 2 touchdowns and 284 yards against Woodland Hills in the Title Game where Jamar carried the ball the first nine plays of that game

Suburban One League, National Conference, - Patriot Division - Champions
Conference record: 5-0
Members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Neshaminy, North Penn & Pennsbury


2001 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 15 for the State Championship


Aug. 30FridayFather JudgeHome7:30pm4528
Sep. 5ThursdayCouncil Rock NorthAway8:00pm10
Sep. 14SaturdayAbingtonAway1:30pm3817
Sep. 20FridayPennridge***Home7:30pm1921
Sep. 27FridayHarry S. TrumanAway7:30pm316
Oct. 4FridayCentral Bucks EastAway7:30pm260
Oct. 11FridayNorth PennAway7:30pm2414
Oct. 19SaturdayCentral Bucks West*Home1:30pm1922
Oct. 25FridayGlen MillsHome7:30pm237
Nov. 1FridayPennsbury**Home7:30pm287
Nov. 9SaturdayRidleyAway1:30pm1617
Pts Avg24.5512.64
* Homecoming **Senior Night***Hall of Fame Induction


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin − Jim Chapman

Mr. Back − Devon Swope

Mr. Lineman − Mike Simpson

Mr. 3D − Brad Gower

Unsung Hero − John Grose

MVP Offense − Joe Crostarosa

MVP Defense − Erik Pedersen

Most Improved/Offense − Bill Thomas

Most Improved/Defense − Brian Burke

Playmaker Award − Dave Gates

Jack Swartz Coaches Award − Geoff Donahue

Dick Bedesem Scholarship Award − Matthew Willits

N Club Award − Bill McKenkie

Captains - #5 Jim Chapman, #22 Eric Pederson, #27 Geoff Donahue and #76 Brad Gower

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Suburban One League, National Conference, Patriot Division − co-Champions (Neshaminy Redskins & North Penn Knights)
Conference record: 3-1
Members: Abington, Council Rock North, Neshaminy, North Penn & Pennsbury


2002 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 7 against North Penn


Aug. 29FridayFather JudgeHome7:00pm3814
Sep. 5FridayCouncil Rock NorthHome7:00pm3110
Sep. 12FridayAbingtonHome7:00pm2128
Sep. 19FridayPennridge (O.T.)Away7:00pm2124
Sep. 25ThursdayHarry S. TrumanHome7:00pm170
Oct. 4SaturdayCentral Bucks EastHome1:30pm1619
Oct. 10FridayNorth PennHome7:00pm1735
Oct. 17FridayCentral Bucks WestAway7:00pm1424
Oct. 24FridayGlen MillsAway7:00pm712
Oct. 31FridayPennsburyAway7:00pm1420
Pts Avg19.618.6
* Homecoming **Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin

Mr. Back

Mr. Lineman

Mr. 3D

Unsung Hero

MVP Offense

MVP Defense

Most Improved/Offense

Most Improved/Defense

Playmaker Award

Jack Swartz Coaches Award

Dick Bedesem Scholarship Award

N Club Award

Captains - #3 Rodney Davis, #6 Cody Cartlidge and #68 Michael Smith

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2003 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 2 against CR North


SOL District Co-Champions
Eastern Regional Champions
State Finalists

Neshaminy's 466 points scored is the second most points scored in a single season.

Sep, 3FridayFather JudgeHome7:00pm420
Sep. 10FridayArchbishop RyanHome7:00pm2321
Sep.17FridayCentral Bucks South***Home7:00pm287
Sep. 23ThursdayAbingtonHome7:00pm457
Oct. 1FridayHarry S. TrumanAway7:00pm370
Oct. 8FridayPennridgeHome7:00pm3115
Oct. 16SaturdayCouncil Rock North*Home1:30pm240
Oct. 22FridayNorth Penn (O.T.)Away7:00pm3031
Oct. 29FridayBensalemAway7:00pm247
Nov. 5FridayPennsbury**Home7:00pm350
Nov. 13SaturdayCentral Bucks WestAway1:30pm3834
Nov. 19FridayCoatesvilleAway7:00pm2320
Nov. 26FridayNorth PennHome7:00pm5134
Dec. 4SaturdayEaston AreaBensalem1:00pm2114
Dec. 11SaturdayPittsburgh Central CatholicHershey5:00pm1449
Pts Avg31.07 15.93
* Homecoming **Senior Night ***Hall of Fame Induction


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin − Andy Marion

Mr. Back Offense − Jason Kinney

Mr. Back Defense − Jarred Kinney

Mr. Lineman − Chris Daino

Mr. 3D − Dominic Cundari

Unsung Hero − Kevin Staub

Most Improved Offense − Andrew Flogel

Most Improved Defense − Taylor Sammy

MVP Defense − Tom McEowen

MVP Offense − Georg Coleman

Coaches Award − Kevin Kelly

N Club Award − Chris Eccles

Dick Bedesem Scholarship Award − Dominic Cundari

Captains - #1 Georg Coleman and #72 Andy Marino

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2004 Georg Coleman

Suburban One League, National Conference - tri-Champions (Neshaminy Redskins, North Penn Knights & Pennridge Rams)
Conference record: 6-1
Members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Harry S. Truman, Neshaminy, North Penn, Pennridge & Pennsbury


2004 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Play of the Year - While we work to get all 40 years of video loaded please enjoy this 71 yard run by Georg Coleman.


Click on the opponent to see the in-depth recap of that game.

Sep, 2FridaySt. Joseph PrepHome7:00pm1428
Sep. 9FridayArchbishop RyanHome7:00pm4718
Sep.16FridayCentral Bucks SouthAway7:00pm480
Sep. 23FridayAbingtonAway7:00pm5017
Sep. 30FridayHarry S. TrumanHome7:00pm447
Oct. 7FridayPennridgeAway7:00pm240
Oct. 14FridayCouncil Rock NorthAway7:00pm246
Oct. 22SaturdayNorth Penn*Home1:30pm4113
Oct. 28FridayBensalem**Home7:00pm457
Nov. 4FridayPennsburyAway7:00pm3514
Nov. 11FridayPlymouth-WhitemarshHome7:00pm380
Nov. 18FridayDowningtown EastHome7:30pm3845
Pts Avg37.3312.92
* Homecoming **Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin − Rich Winters

Most Improved − Dennis Curran

Unsung Hero − Abe Brooks

MVP Offense − Andrew Flogel

MVP Defense − Tom McEowen

Ironman Award − Chris Daino

Mr. Lineman Offense − Tom Smith

Mr. Lineman Defense − Scott Schaivo

Mr. Back − Jason Kinney

Mr. "O" Offense − Doug Rosnick

3-D Award − Jarred Kinney

Coaches Award − Josh Auerbach

Bedesem Award − Joe Moutoux

N-Club award − Marcellous Jones

Mr. Redskin − Rich Winters

PA Big 33 Coach − Mark Schmidt

Captains - #2 Jason Kinney,#44 Josh Auerbach, #58 Chris Daino and #78 Tom Smith

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Suburban One League, National Conference - Champions
Conference record: 7-0
Members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Harry S. Truman, Neshaminy, North Penn, Pennridge & Pennsbury


2005 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year -Game 10 Against Pennsbury


Sep. 1FridaySt. Joseph PrepHome7:00pm616
Sep. 8FridayArchbishop Ryan***Home7:00pm277
Sep. 15FridayGermantownHome7:00pm486
Sep. 21ThursdayAbingtonHome7:00pm2721
Sep. 29FridayHarry S. TrumanAway7:00pm340
Oct. 7SaturdayPennridgeHome1:00pm1333
Oct. 14SaturdayCentral Bucks South*Home3:30pm4329
Oct. 20FridayNorth PennAway7:00pm729
Oct. 28SaturdayBensalemAway1:30pm217
Nov. 3FridayPennsbury**Home7:00pm033
Pts Avg22.618.1
* Homecoming**Senior Night***HOF Induction


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin − Andrew Flogel

Mr. Back − Jason Ulhmer

Mr. Lineman − Nick Benhayon

Mr. 3D − Jason Queen

Unsung Hero − Mike Ellershaw

Most Improved − Justin Kinney

MVP Offense − Andrew Flogel

MVP Defense − Roland Wensae

N Club Award − Ryan Evans

Captains - #8 Andrew Flogel, #24 Roland Wensae and #61 Jason Queen

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2006 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 2 against Archbishop Ryan


Aug. 31FridayCoatesvilleAway7:00pm1913
Sep. 14FridayGermantownAway6:00pm496
Sep. 20ThursdayAbingtonAway7:00pm3826
Sep. 28FridayHarry S. TrumanHome7:00pm6214
Oct. 5FridayPennridgeAway7:00pm4915
Oct. 12FridayC.B. SouthAway7:00pm2126
Oct. 20SaturdayNorth Penn *Home1:30pm317
Oct. 26FridayBensalem **Home7:00pm217
Nov. 2FridayPennsburyAway7:00pm4821
Nov. 9FridayUpper DublinHome7:00pm427
Nov. 16FridayNorth PennHome7:00pm350
Pts Avg34.5413.54
* Homecoming**Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr.Redskin − Justin Kenney

Mr.Offensive Back − Joe Stemme

Mr.Defensive Back − Gary Renson

Mr.Line Defense − Chris Gettis

Unsung Hero − Blair Gower

Mr. 3D Award − Eric Brown

MVP Offense − Jason Ulmer

MVP Defense − Greg Martell

Most Improved Offensive − Kevin Steinberg

Most Improved Defense − Dave Daino

Mr.Line Offense − Dylan Waterbury

Captains - #7 Justin Kinney

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2007 Captain Justin Kinney


2007 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 12 against North Penn. In this game cornerback Gary Renson returns an interception 98 yards and Jason Ulmer brought his season total rushing yards to 1,802.


Aug. 29FridaySoudertonAway7:00pm1314
Sep. 12FridayGermantownHome7:00pm420
Sep. 19FridayAbingtonHome7:00pm70
Sep. 26FridayHarry S. TrumanAway7:00pm420
Oct. 3FridayWilliam TennentHome7:00pm410
Oct. 11SaturdayCouncil Rock South*Home1:30pm2013
Oct. 18SaturdayCouncil Rock NorthAway1:30pm457
Oct. 25SaturdayBensalemAway1:30pm3520
Oct. 31FridayPennsbury**Home7:00pm1613
Nov. 7FridayD-Town EastHome7:00pm246
Nov. 14FridayRidleyHome7:00pm313
Nov. 21FridayGarnet ValleyAway7:00pm2114
Nov. 28FridayNorth PennTennent7:00pm028
Pts Avg25.799.43
* Homecoming **Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr.Redskin − Dan Shirey

Mr.Offensive Back

Mr.Defensive Back

Mr.Line Defense

Unsung Hero

Mr. 3D

MVP Offense

MVP Defense − Dan Shirey

Most Improved Offensive

Most Improved Defense

Mr.Line Offense

Mr.Dick Bedesem Scholarship Winner − John Zavorski

Mr.Harry Franks Scholarship Winner − Paul Carrezola

Captains - #9 Jay Colbert, #18 Paul Carrezola and #65 Dan Shirey

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Game 06 October 3, 2008 Neshaminy Vs Tennent

Suburban One League, National Conference - Champions
Conference record: 7-0

Members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Council Rock South, Harry S. Truman, Neshaminy, Pennsbury & William Tennent


2009 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 2 against Hatboro Horsham. The 'Skins bounced back from Week 1 loss to Souderton by beating Hatboro-Horsham on their own field 24-14/


Sep. 4FridaySoudertonHome7:00pm356
Sep. 11FridayHatboro-HorshamHome7:00pm136
Sep. 17ThursdayGermantownAway7:00pm4214
Sep. 25FridayAbingtonAway7:00pm2428
Oct. 25FridayHarry S. TrumanHome7:00pm288
Oct. 9FridayWilliam TennentAway7:00pm357
Oct. 16FridayCouncil Rock SouthAway7:00pm427
Oct. 24Saturday Council Rock North*Home1:30pm1413
Oct. 30FridayBensalem**Home7:00pm347
Nov. 6Friday PennsburyAway7:00pm2027
Nov. 13FridayAbingtonHome7:00pm2417
Nov. 20FridayNorth PennSouderton7:00pm2235
Pts Avg26.9215.42
* Homecoming**Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin − Stephen Stemme

Mr. Offensive Back − Rick Brebner

Mr. Defensive Back − Kyran Kervick

Mr. Line Defense − Ryan Katona

Unsung Hero − Kevin Magee

Mr. 3D Award − John Rizzo

MVP Offense − Bryan Dean

MVP Defense − Stephen Stemme

Most Improved Offensive − Eugene Laborde

Most Improved Defense − Andy Lynch

Mr.Line Offense − Shane Quinn

Dick Bedesem Scholarship Winner - Brian Titus

Mr.Harry Franks Scholarship Winner
− Ariel Hoffman

Captains - #28 Bryan Dean and #32 Stephen Stemme

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Game03 September 18, 2009 Neshaminy Vs Germantown



Featured Game of the Year - Game 8 against Council Rock North - Homecoming. This was the season of rain - and plenty of it. It rained almost every game and this day was no exception. CR North missed the kick and game to 'Skins 14-13.