2005 Recaps

This is the first year that this site began to record and report on each game, Matt Bartolacci began to video the games and Jesse Garber took  game photos. All articles are written by our own Paula G. unless otherwise noted. Click on any of the photos to enlarge. You can click on the games listed below to read all about it.

Game 1 - NHS vs SJP

Game 1 SJP

Game 1 - Tough Opener

The outcome of Neshaminy's highly anticipated opening game was disappointing. The Redskins hosted St. Joseph's Prep Hawks and after a valiant effort, lost 28-14.


The game started 15 minutes late, but it was definitely a shocker once it started. The Hawks had won the toss and chose to receive; Dennis Curran, #13, performed the first kick-off of the season. St. Joe's returned the ball to about the 25-yard line.

Here's the bad news: Neshaminy's Ray Hoover, #20, was injured, limping off the field after that very first play. Then, to add insult to injury, in the second play of the game Hawks quarterback Chris Whitney threw a touchdown pass to #11, Bill Edger. Tim Edger #85, kicked the extra point to make the score 7-0.

Next play, Jarred Kinney returned the kick-off to the 29-yard line. Another player was injured, this time the Hawks' Ryan Malarick, #29. After a limited offensive run and a time-out by Neshaminy, Curran punted the ball, and the Hawks took over from the 38-yard line.


After two Prep punts, one Neshaminy punt and a fumble, the tumultuous first quarter ended. At the start of the second quarter, it was St. Joe's ball. They carried to Neshaminy's 12-yard line, and on the third down Whitney threw to #20, John Shaw, for a touchdown. The score became 14-0.

On Neshaminy's next possession, they turned over the ball. St. Joes's ended up punting the ball and downed it on the 1-yard line. The 'Skins fought their way to the 28-yard line, where they called another time-out on the fourth down. Curran then punted the ball to the Hawks' 44-yard line.

After some action and a flag, the Hawks called time-out on their second down with five seconds left in the half. Whitney then threw an incomplete pass, while a flag for holding by the Hawks ended the first half. During halftime the cheerleaders performed, followed by the marching band and the color guard as usual.

The second half exploded into action with #4, Jarred Kinney, returning the kick-off to the Hawks' 49-yard line. He rushed the ball to a 4-yard gain in the next play, where Rich Winters, #47, got injured. The possession ended with Curran punting the ball to the 7-yard line. The Hawks didn't get far, though; after a few great tackles including one by captain Josh Auerbach, St. Joe's punted to Neshaminy's 38-yard line.


Kinney spectacularly rushed the ball in the next four plays, finally landing on St. Joe's 44-yard line. Then, on the third down, 'Skins quarterback Andrew Flogel, #8, threw an incomplete pass to #2, Jason Kinney, who got injured. There was a flag on that play - interference by the Hawks, leading to a 15-yard penalty and a first down. Jarred Kinney rushed ten yards, while another flag was thrown - personal foul by the Hawks. Abe Brooks, #32, and Flogel both gained 2 yards to make it third and six for the 'Skins. St. Joe's called time-out, but to no avail as right afterwards, Flogel carried the ball on an outstanding touchdown run, and the score became 14-7 Hawks with 3:03 left in the third quarter.

At the beginning of the final quarter, the 'Skins had the ball on the 46-yard line. Flogel threw an interception to #6, Andy Shalbrack. After a long battle and a time-out by Neshaminy, Whitney carried the ball into the end zone to make the score 20-7. The kick was no good. The Hawks quickly got the ball back as Kitt Anderson, #33, fumbled the ball on his 2nd carry. After a few plays, Shaw made a 30-yard run to a touchdown. The Hawks called a time-out and succeeded in their 2-point attempt. The score was then 28-7.

game1_girls_and_vaiThe Redskins brought the ball to the 33-yard line for the first down. Flogel made a beautiful 27-yard pass to #1, Dan McClellan, and two plays later threw it to #6, Doug Rosnick, bringing Neshaminy to the 23-yard line. Flogel threw a pass to Rosnick again for a touchdown. The kick was good, making the score 28-14 with 4:43 left in the game. After two attempted onside kicks, the Hawks gained possession and ended the game on about the 8-yard line, letting the last 25 seconds or so run out.

Overall, it was a pretty exciting game, although we were disappointed in the end. I hope the 'Skins will pick up the pace and come back victorious in their game next Friday against Archbishop Ryan.

~Julie Morcate, Playwickian editor

Player of the Week - Scott Schiavo

76 Scot Schiavo

#76 Scot Schiavo - Scott was one of the leading tacklers against St. Joe's with 4 total tackles and 1 tackle for loss. Scott also played well on the offensive line during the game. As a senior, Scott will be counted on to provide leadership and stability on both the offensive and defensive lines during the 2005 season.

 Boxscore Game 1

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 0 0 7 7 14
St. Joe's Prep 7 7 0 14 28

Game 2 - NHS vs Archbishop Ryan

Game 2 Ryan

'Skins Back On Track!

Game 2 - Mission Accomplished

Our Neshaminy Redskins grabbed their first win of the season on Friday night against Archbishop Ryan, and they did it in style. The final score was 47-18, and the fans were loving it. The boys are looking more and more like last years Eastern Champions.


Coaches Harry Franks and John Chaump

The team really pulled together, and it was a stellar performance by all. Scoring touchdowns were Jason and Jarred Kinney, Mike Urban, Kitt Anderson, Doug Rosnick, and Andrew Flogel.

The 'Skin's first touchdown was a one yard run by Mike Urban, giving the Redskins a quick lead in the first period. Archbishop Ryan fired back with a 92 yard touchdown run by Joe Zeglinski. For Ryan, however, that would be all the scoring they would get until late in the game when the outcome was already determined. Tom Smith had a brilliant sack in the first quarter, firing up the defensive line. Jarred Kinney scored an 11 yard touchdown in the second quarter, and the Redskins never looked back. Kinney ran the ball for an amazing 181 yards on Friday night.

Even number one running back, Joe Zeglinski of Archbishop Ryan, could not stop the Redskins. He scored two touchdowns, and ran for an impressive 120 yards; however the Redskins weren't letting up. The loss last week really got to them, and you could feel the intensity in the stadium. They were pumped, and they were confident, and they were awesome.


Quarterback Andrew Flogel had a tremendous performance on Friday, throwing two touchdowns and running in a 25 yard touchdown. Abe Brookes had 6 tackles and a fumble recovery in the third quarter. Roland Wensae had a safety late in the third quarter, adding two more points to the Redskins already huge lead.

Overall, the Redskins made a remarkable improvement from last week against St. Joe's Prep. The boys had that loss hanging over their heads, and they will for the rest of the season. That will only add to their intensity and drive to win more football games.

-Monique d'Entremont, Playwickian Sports Editor

Player of the Week - Jarred Kinney

4 Jarred Kinney

@4 Jarred Kinney - Jarred was one of the offensive leaders in the 47-18 win over Archbishop Ryan. Jarred gained 179 yards on 17 carries for an average of over 10 yards each time he touched the ball. For the season Jarred is averaging 8.5 yards each time he carries the ball. Jarred is also a starting cornerback on Defense and is expected to make big plays on the defensive side this year as well. Jarred is a Senior and 2 year starter.

Boxscore Game 2

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 14 21 2 10 47
Archbishop Ryan 6 0 0 12 18

Game 3 - NHS vs CBS

Game 3 CBS

'Skins Continue March

Game 3 - Titans Tamed

Saying that the 'Skins continued their march is an understatement. Tonight it was a track meet. With a blistering running game that the Titans of Central Bucks South (1-2) could not contain, the Redskins (2-1) reeled off 7 unanswered touchdowns in their 48-0 win on Friday night.

game_3_thegirlsNeshaminy rushed for an unheard of 500+ yards on the night. Jarred Kinney rushed for 230 yards on 8 carries. If you want to call 28.75 yards per carry a good average, then Jarred had a good game. Oh, and he also reached the end zone 3 times in this career high rushing game.

Kit Anderson also had another outstanding game running the ball extremely well and reaching the end zone two times. Rounding out the scoring were Mike Urban and Austin Dahn, each scoring a Touchdown.

game_3_oline2The defense also had a stellar game, stopping the Titans at every turn and completely styming their running game. The frustrated Titans found Redskins in their backfield play after play, resulting in quite a few plays for a loss.

On a particular outstanding defensive stand, the 'Skins found themselves backed up to their own end zone as the Titans managed to get to a first and goal on the three yard line with about 5 minutes to play. On first down they held the Titans to no gain. On second down, they backed them up 2 yards. On third down, CB South fumbled the ball and recovered for 7 yard loss. On fourth down their pass went wide, out of the end zone. 'Skins ball, game over.

Player of the Week - Tom McEowan

55 McEowen Tom

#55 Tom McEowen - Tom had 4 tackles (2 tackles for loss) in the shutout victory over Central Bucks South. Through the first 3 games in 2005, Tom has totaled 24 tackles with 7 tackles for loss. Tom is a leader both on the defense and on the offense where his presence at Offensive Tackle is a key ingredient to the success of the Redskin offense. Tom has accepted a full scholarship to attend Penn State next fall.

Boxscore Game 3

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 14 14 13 7 48
Central Bucks South 0 0 0 0 0

Game 4 - NHS vs Abington

Game 4 Abington

'Skins Get the Call - Ghosts Busted!

Langhorne Gridders Sharp In SOL Debut

game_4_kanderson01Kitt Anderson isn't superstitious, neither is Jarred Kinney. But on Friday night when they found themselves being chased by a group of Ghosts, they did what anyone would do. RUN. They ran left, they ran right, and sometimes they ran scared straight up the middle. As the night wore on, it became clear that the hard to photograph, always elusive banshees, wore Red and Blue, not Maroon and White.

In their third decisive victory in a row, the Redskins showed a lot of Spirit in dispatching their first SOL opponent of 2005, 50-17. The 'Skins had so many big plays, it was spooky. Neshaminy galloped over 400 yards on the ground, holding the Ghosts to just 57. Add in Flogel's 123 yards in the air and the 'Skins have their second 500+ yard game in a row. It was the kind of rushing attack that haunts opponents for weeks.

Neshaminy did an excellent job of spreading out the scoring on the evening. The 'Skins got two touchdowns apiece from Doug Rosnick (YTD-4), Kitt Anderson (YTD-5), and Jarred Kinney (YTD-6). Andrew Flogel threw for 123 yards while rushing for additional yardage.

game_4_aflogel01Defensively, the 'Skins did their best to go out to the Graveyard and rattle some bones. Jarred Kinney and Jason Ulmer each picked off a pass while Austin Dahn recovered a fumble. Josh Auerbach and Max Parkhomchuk continually rushed Abington's quarterback, forcing several sacks and many hurried passes.

After a tentative first half ended with the 'Skins up 21-3, Neshaminy came back out to the Graveyard determined to not Rest In Peace. And rest, they did not. On the first play from scrimmage, Andrew Flogel found Doug Rosnick streaking down the left side and hit him in stride for a 68-yard touchdown. After holding the Ghosts of Abington to 6 plays and a punt Neshaminy took over on their own 14. Kitt Anderson took the handoff and darted his way through the defense for a 50-yard gain. On the next play Jarred Kinney scampered into the end zone for a 34-3 lead. When the extra point attempt was bobbled, Neshaminy ran the ball in for a 2-point conversion. The score was 36-3 and this game was in the bag.

Player of the Week - Chris Daino

58 Daino Chris

#58 Chris Daino - Chris had 4 total tackles and 3 pass breakups in the win over Abington. On the season Chris has 12 total tackles with 3 for loss with most teams putting double team blocks on him. Chris has also performed very solid on the offense line in the early part of the season and will be counted on to be a leader as the season progresses.

Boxscore Game 4

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 7 14 22 7 50
Abington 3 0 14 0 17

Game 5 - NHS vs Truman

Game 5 Truman

'Skins Bring It On

Creek Gridmen Roll At Ridge

On this beautiful Friday evening at Heartbreak Ridge, Jarred Kinney became 'Ziegfried' and Kitt Anderson became 'Roy' as the 'Skins tamed the Tigers 44-7.

2005_g5_mr_and mrs_franks

2005 Game 5 The Franks

However, this was much more than a two man Vegas show. Besides the two touchdowns each that Jarred and Kitt scored, Neshaminy also got scoring help from Doug Rosnick (1-TD) and Jason Kinney (1-TD). Andrew Flogel had another strong game, pouncing on the Tigers for 86 rushing yards and picking up two key first downs.

Perhaps, the most impressive of those runs was with 3:36 left in the 3rd period. The 'Skins were up 28-7, but they were deep in their own territory facing a very difficult 4th and 9. This was an obvious punting situation since Neshaminy was on their own 18 yard line with a comfortable lead. Coach Schmidt, in a Vegas-kind-of-mood, decided to gamble, and put all of his chips on the line. The 'Skins lined up to punt, but Coach Schmidt had an Ace tucked up his sleeve. When the flop was flipped, and the river was turned, Schmidt had pushed all of his chips to the center of the table.

The outcome will be either pure genius, or second guessed by every Monday Morning Quarterback in Lower Bucks County.

"Why would you call a fake punt so deep in your own territory?"

"Is this madness, or Coach Schmidt's confidence in his team?"

"What does he know, that we don't?"

Perhaps this is a confidence that, after 5 games, we are just starting to understand.

Not to worry!

The 'Skins worked the fake punt to a charm as Andrew Flogel mauled the Tigers for 41 yards and a 1st down. On the very next play, Jarred Kinney tacked on 41 more yards into the end zone and the 34-7 lead gave Neshaminy the cushion they were looking for. After that, Kitt Anderson tacked on 6 more points and Dennis Curran split the uprights for an additional 3. The score was 44-7 and the mercy rule ended this game.


This contest, however, was not just about offensive power. The 'Skins defense continues to be one of the stingiest in the league. The 'Skins defense did not allow Truman's offense to get on the board all night, and held their rushing game to just 26 yards. Truman's only TD was a defensive score that saw an Andrew Flogel pass picked off and run back for 7 points. That lone blemish is all that kept the 'Skins from a shutout. Holding the Tigers offense to under 200 yards and NO POINTS, Neshaminy's defense stood tall when it counted. On two different occasions the Neshaminy defense found themselves defending their Red Zone, and it looked as though Truman's offense would crack the grid.

But this is Heartbreak Ridge, home of many improbable victories. In this contest, the Truman Tigers breached Neshaminy's Red Zone twice. Both times, the 'Skins defense sided with history and folklore. This monstrous 2005 defensive unit picked off two Truman passes on the goal line to secure the defensive shutout.

Doug Rosnick picked off a pass on the goal line in the 3rd, and later in the game, Mike Ellershaw dropped the Tigers dead in their tracks with a pick on the 1-yard line.

'Skins ball, game over.

Neshaminy is averaging over 40 points a game for the season and holding opponents to an average of 14 points a game.

2005_g5_coaches_cordelli_petercuskieThis was a special night on Heartbreak Ridge as we celebrated out 50th year of football at the 'Ridge. In attendance for tonight's game were Mr. and Mrs. John Petercuskie, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Franks, and Mr. Pete Cordelli, all coaches on the 1956 team from 50 years ago.

Here we are 50 years later, playing football at Heartbreak Ridge. The players names are different. The haircuts and uniforms have changed. The coaches are from a different generation. The outcome, however, is the same. The Neshaminy Redskins continue to dominate Lower Bucks County Football, just as they did in 1956.


Boxscore Game 5

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 14 7 20 3 44
HS Truman 0 7 0 0 7

Player of the Week - Abe Brooks

32 Abe Brooks

#32 Abe Brooks - Abe was a defensive force in the win against Truman. He led the team with 10 total tackles and 1 sack. For the season, Abe has totaled 36 tackles with 3 for loss, 1 sack, 2 caused fumbles and 1 fumble recovery. Abe also plays on the offensive side of the ball as fullback. Abe is a Senior 2 year starter.

Player of the Week - Rich Winters

47 Rich Winters

#47 Rich Winters - Rich, a senior Redskin was nominated as player of the week for his blocking efforts at tight end in the win against Harry S Truman. Rich has been an outstanding performer on the offensive line this season and continues to get better as each game passes. He is a leader both on and off the field and one of the most respected players among his peers. Rich also plays linebacker for the defense.

Game 6 - NHS vs Pennridge

Game 6 Pennridge

Mud Bowl Goes To Tribe, 24-0

Rams, Rain and Muck Can't Stop 'Skins

2005_g6_helmetIt was just before kickoff, on a dreary, rainy Friday night at Pennridge home field. As the visiting players took the field, they were greeted by a loud ovation from the visiting stands. They looked up and were surprised to see the visiting bleachers with nearly twice as many fans as the home side. Once again, the Neshaminy faithful showed their true grit, coming out in force on a 35 mile trek to support their beloved sons, and then were willing to sit in the rain for 2 hours to watch the game unfold. Just as in years past, this 2005 edition of the Neshaminy Redskins have endeared themselves to a community, and week after week they make the trip worth while. Friday night, the Redskins pounded out a convincing 24-0 win over the (3-3) Pennridge Rams in the worst of conditions.

2005 Pennridge Doug Rosnick and Justin Kovalinka chasing_down_the_ball

2005 Pennridge Doug Rosnick and Justin Kovalinka chasing_down_the_ball

It was clear early on that this was not going to be a high scoring game. Knowing that the field would deteriorate quickly, the Redskins put up their points early and then held on for the finish. Andrew Flogel scored a touchdown on a 74 yard run on the first play from scrimmage. A field goal closed out the scoring for the first period. Two second period touchdowns by Neshaminy (1 by Flogel and another by Kitt Anderson) would be all the scoring this game would see. By the time the 3rd period began, the field was too muddy and soft for either offense to find their footing. The Redskins defense, however, still had a big part in this win. The 'Skins held the Rams scoreless for their second shutout of the season. In the last 5 games, the defense has given up an average of 8.4 points per game. Picking off (4) Pennridge passes also helped keep the Rams from ever managing a serious red-zone threat. The Pennridge passing game was held to just 3 completions on 19 attempts, with 4 interceptions.


This was a night where the most overheard calls from the Neshaminy coaches were "Where's the water?" and "We need more towels". It was all the staff could do to wash the mud from players faces, and towel off the hands of the ball handlers. Whatever they were doing worked. Neshaminy, under very slippery conditions, did not turn over the ball all night.

The win boosts Neshaminy's record to 5-1, as they head into the home stretch. Next week the Redskins travel to Newtown to play Council Rock North and the following week they come home for a Saturday afternoon game against North Penn.

Boxscore Game 6

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 10 14 0 0 24
Pennridge 0 0 0 0 0

Player of the Week - Dennis Curran

13 Dennis Curran

#13 Dennis Curran - Dennis kicked a 39 yard field goal in driving rain and added 3 extra points in the 24-0 win over Pennridge. For the season, Dennis has converted 3 of 5 field goals with his longest being 40 yards. He has converted 28 of 30 points attempted to date. Dennis, a Senior, handles the kickoff duties and is also the punter for this years team. He had a 40 yard punt in the win over Pennridge that left the Rams at their own 3 yard line.

Player of the Week - Andrew Flogel

8 Andrew Flogel

#8 Andrew Flogel - Andrew, junior starting QB and defensive back, had an outstanding game leading the Redskins to a 24-0 victory over Pennridge. Andrew rushed for 92 yards and scored 2 touchdowns, including a 76 yard touchdown on the opening play of the game. He engineered an offense that had no turnovers and scored 24 points despite playing in a driving rain for the entire game.

Game 7 - NHS vs Council Rock North

Game 7 CRN


Slop, Crud, Mush and Rock - No Problem!

2005_g7_olineIt must be the global warming finally catching up to us. Neshaminy Football: another Friday night, and another mud bowl. Five days of steady rain turned the Indians' field into a soggy, sloppy, muddy mess. Even before the game started, most of the yard markers were gone or barely visible. And from there, it went downhill fast. By the end of the game, referees were standing on the side line "guessing" where the ball placement should be.

As we found out several years ago in Hershey, rain does not seem to bother the Redskins. Even in the worst of field conditions, Neshaminy chiseled out a convincing 24-6 win, never taking Council Rock for granite.

Paper covers rock, and so did the Neshaminy defense, holding the Indians to 4 total first downs, none in the second half. C.R. North was held to 152 total yards of offense. Rock crushes scissors but the Neshaminy offense cut through the Indians line like a pair of bolt cutters, snipping and clipping their way to 317 yards on a night where good footing was as rare as a sunny day in Langhorne.

2005_g7_smallThe game seemingly started out in a peculiar fashion when Neshaminy won the toss and elected to defend the North end zone. This strategy caused the Redskins to have to kick off to start both halves of the game but it paid off defensively. Council Rock was forced to run and throw into the rain for much of the night and they had to start their offense in the muddiest half of the field. The Indians never got their offense in gear. A 46 yard completion on a 4th and 10 late in the game was the Indians only breach of the "Rock Steady" Neshaminy defense.

2005_g7_momNeshaminy finished the game with 317 total yards of offense and for the first time this year they had more passing yards than rushing. Andrew Flogel was 7/10 for 160 yards passing while Neshaminy's ground game piled on 157 more. For the second week in a row, in spite of wet slippery conditions, the Redskins had zero turnovers. Doug Rosnick made three acrobatic catches, all on 3rd and long, all for first downs, and he made them all look easy. Jason Kinney, Jarred Kinney, and Abe Brooks each scored a touchdown for Neshaminy while Dennis Curran added a field goal and kicked all three extra points.

Boxscore Game 7

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 0 10 14 0 24
Council Rock North 0 0 0 6 6

Player of the Week - Jason Kinney

2 Jason Kinney

#2 Jason Kinney - Jason, a senior receiver and defensive back, had 3 receptions for 92 yards and 1 TD in the win over rival Council Rock North. He also broke up 2 passes on defense. For the season, Jason, a 2-way starter has 12 receptions for 268 yards with 3 touchdowns. He is averaging over 20 yards each time he receives the ball. Additionally, Jason has 116 yards rushing with 1 touchdown. On the defensive side, Jason has recorded 11 total tackles, 1 tackle for loss, and broken up 4 passes.

Player of the Week - Andrew Flogel

8 Andrew Flogel

#8 Andrew Flogel - This is the 2nd week in a row that Andrew has been awarded Player of the Week. In the win over Council Rock Andrew rushed for 44 yards and completed 7 of 10 passes for 160 yards with a touchdown pass to Jason Kinney. All of this was accomplished playing on a field that was engulfed by mud from the rain during the week. Andrew also registered 4 tackles playing defensive back. For the season Andrew has thrown for 600 yards with 8 touchdown passes. He has also tacked on over 300 yards rushing and scored 4 touchdowns.

Player of the Week - Abe Brooks

32 Abe Brooks

#32 Abe Brooks - This is the 2nd week this year that Abe has been awarded Player of the Week. Against Council Rock North, Abe had 9 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, and 1 pass breakup. Playing Fullback on the offensive side, Abe is starting to come into his own as he was an integral factor opening up running lanes, and also scored a touchdown. On the season, Abe has recorded 39 total tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 1 interception, and caused 2 fumbles. Abe is also being counted on to see more action at fullback as the season wears on.

Game 8 - NHS vs North Penn

Game 8 NP

Red Fans in Sight, Redskins Delight!

12th Man Leads Tribe Past Knights, 41-13

It rained again today - a rain which has been relentless. In fact, for three straight weeks the Neshaminy Redskins have played football in wet, dismal conditions which have been a huge factor in those games. But the relentless rain is only a metaphor for the 'Skins play on the field.

2005_g8_players01For it has been the Redskins' defense that has been relentless; the Redskins' defense that has been a steady downpour on their opponents. For the fourth straight week, the Neshaminy defense has stepped up in difficult field conditions and held their offensive opponent to 6 points or less. And holding a North Penn team - ranked number one in the state in many circles - to only six offensive points, is a statement of that unrelenting play.

How a2005_g8_mobscene2bout the Redskins! We feel we knew how good they were 8 weeks ago, yet some may have disagreed. Now, after their dominance of a tough and formidable team like North Penn, we feel confident that doubts are beginning to fade and some opinions have been changed. Clearly, Neshaminy made a statement that leaves little choice but to acknowledge this day and this game. And to those who now think differently, get on board the bandwagon, we welcome your company.

2005_g8_andrew&dougAnd as evidence of Neshaminy's dominance, in addition to holding the Knights' offense to 6 points, North Penn's hallmark rushing game was held to negative rushing yards in the first half (28 total rushing yards for the game). With the offense and defense clicking on all cylinders, the 'Skins rolled to a 41-13 win. Just one sloppy passing play and one fumbled snap is all that separated North Penn from the wrong end of a shutout.

As to the Redskins offense, Jarred Kinney (whom some call the midget running back) proved he is a Giant with four touchdowns and 214 rushing yards. Jason added a touchdown of his own giving the brothers K. all of the scoring on the afternoon. Meanwhile, Andrew Flogel added 50 rushing yards (and 160 passing yards as well) as the Tribe's runners amassed over 300 yards on the ground in a convincing win over the NP Knights.

Boxscore Game 8

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 14 7 14 6 41
North Penn 7 0 6 0 13

Player of the Week - Jarred Kinney

4 Jarred Kinney

#4 Jarred Kinney - Jarred, Senior tailback and cornerback, totaled 211 yards rushing on 28 carries and scored 4 touchdowns in the victory over North Penn. With his performance over the weekend, Jarred has now rushed for 1143 yards while averaging 9.4 yards each time he touches the ball. To date, he has scored 13 touchdowns. Jarred is also one of the starting cornerbacks and has recorded an interception this year at that position.

Player of the Week - Josh Auerbach

44 Josh Auerbach

#44 Josh Auerbach - Josh, a Senior Co-Captain, was a big reason why the Redskin defense was able to hold the North Penn running game in check in the victory over North Penn. Josh often forced the opposing plays to change direction while recording 3 total tackles during the game. For the season, Josh has totaled 19 tackles so far with 1 tackle for loss. Josh also is one of the 3 fullbacks that rotate on offense where he does a great job of opening running lanes and protecting the QB.

Player of the Week - Roland Wensae

24 Roland Wenase

#24 Roland Wensae - Roland, a Junior starting linebacker, had 10 total tackles in the win over North Penn leading the Redskin defense in that category. To date, Roland is leading the defense in total tackles with 57. Additionally, Roland has 5 tackles for loss, 1 sack, and has also scored a safety for the Redskins Defense. Roland continues to improve each week as he gains confidence and playing experience.

Game 9 - NHS vs Bensalem

Senior Night Goes Just Right!

'Skins Spook Owls With 45-7 Win

On a crisp and, finally, dry Halloween weekend night, the Bensalem Owls came to Heartbreak Ridge hoping to Trick or Treat their way to an upset win. Winning the opening coin flip, the Owls showed confidence in deferring to the second half and giving the ball to the 'Skins. Neshaminy took the opening kickoff and began moving ever so slowly down the field. The Owls, however, "Tricked" the 'Skins by intercepting a Flogel pass and "Treated" themselves to a steady drive for a score and a 7-0 lead. It was only then that the 'Skins took off the "ugly" mask the offense had been wearing on their opening series, as Jarred Kinney ran through the Owls for a 45 yard touchdown to tie the game at 7-7. Not to be outdone, the defense went Trick or Treating as well when Dan McClellan blocked an Owl's punt and recovered the ball in the end zone for a touchdown and a 14-7 'Skins lead. Dennis Curran closed out the first half scoring for Neshaminy with a 25 yard field goal and a 17-7 halftime lead.

After the break, the 'Skins decided it was time to take off the Halloween masks and get down to playing hard-nosed Neshaminy football. With the defense shutting down the Owls, Jarred Kinney ran for another six-pointer to make it 24-7. A well placed Flogel to Jason Kinney TD pass pushed the score to 31-7. Not very much later Kitt Anderson took a handoff from Flogel, swept around the left side and turned on the jets for a 32 yard TD run and a 38-7 'Skins lead. With the score now heavily favoring our boys, Coach Schmidt started substituting freely which gave just about everyone some playing time on Senior Night 2005.

And just for some excitement, the Owl's last possession saw them drive deep into the 'Skins Red-Zone where they threatened to score. With time running out, the Owl's quarterback attempted a pass to one of their receivers on the right side. Redskins defensive back Mike Ellershaw, timing the pass perfectly, stepped in front of the Bensalem player, picked the aerial, turned on the speed and, in what turned out to be a defensive cornerback's dream, returned it 98 yards for a 'Skins touchdown!

Final score: Redskins 45 - Owls 7. Looks like Bensalem went home with their Trick or Treat bag empty!

Player of the Week = Dan McClellan

1 Dan McClellan

#1 Dan McClellan - Dan returned from an early season injury and made an immediate impact when he blocked a punt and recovered it in the end zone for a touchdown in the win over local rival Bensalem. Dan, a senior wideout and defensive back provided a spark for the Redskins and the team took it from there and handled the Owls from Bensalem. Dan's teammates and coaches are counting on Dan being a big contributor in the latter part of the 2005 season.

Boxscore Game 9

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 7 10 14 14 45
Bensalem 7 0 0 0 7

Game 10 - NHS vs Pennsbury

Game 10 Pennsbury

'Skins Take A Tough One From Falcons, 35-14

Let The Playoffs Begin !!

2005_g10_captainsAs the Redskin fans poured into the Falcons' stadium on Friday night, many were wearing white and many brought their towels. And half an hour before kickoff there were more fans than seats for this clash of Suburban One rivals. This contest generated the biggest crowd to watch a Pennsbury football game since any of the players on the field were born. This was high school football at its best, a contest that saw the 'Skins with a slim 14-7 lead going into the 4th quarter. It was in that fourth quarter that Neshaminy took over the game, controlling the ball and scoring three times on their way to a 35-14 victory. The 'Skins defense also helped in a big way with two key interceptions to halt Pennsbury scoring drives.

2005_g10_daino & jonesNeshaminy's 12th man, the fans, were at a fever pitch all night. Wearing white and waving white towels, the 'Skins faithful made their presence known. The visitor side of the stadium was over flowing with Redskin Pride. Their love and support for the 2005 version of the Redskins is an intangible force, one that helped catapult their team to victory.

Neshaminy has one of the strongest running games in the league. Jason Kinney leads the league in rushing yards and the Redskins are averaging over 3 rushing touchdowns for every passing touchdown. For the last nine weeks, the 'Skins running game was money in the bank. Like blue chip stock, it was the safe bet, the guaranteed return, and a sure winner.

But it was Neshaminy, not the Falcons, who took to the air. It was the Redskins who took flight and scored their first three touchdowns by airborne express. Neshaminy glided through the air while the Falcons had their wings clipped by two interceptions. This is a team that can adapt and do whatever is necessary to win a game.

2005_g10_maxTonight, that meant Andrew Flogel hooking up with a wide open Doug ("Hands") Rosnick for a 35 yard touchdown through the air with 7 seconds left in the first quarter. Then in the second quarter Jason Kinney (on a pretty slick reverse play) lofted the cookie to Hands Rosnick who appeared to leap four feet as he out jumped his defender to snag the high pass. Making it look easy, Rosnick tucked the ball in safely and fell in the end zone for six more points. The air show, however, was not over. In a display that would make McGuire and Willow Grove jealous, Andrew Flogel completed the aeronautic trilogy by tossing a low flying rocket into the end zone that could only be caught by Jason Kinney who slid and scooped up 6 more points in the process. Ever the showman, the 'Skins fourth touchdown, a run, was scored by Andrew Flogel - The Master of Aerodynamic Assaults.

2005_g10_tsmithPlaying at his usual level, Flogel amassed 200 total yards. The Junior quarterback picked up 65 rushing yards on 8 carries, and had 135 additional yards passing. On defense, the 'Skins gave up 238 all purpose yards to a very good Pennsbury team. Most of those yards were picked up on Pennsbury's hard-to-stop running game. And as pointed out, Rosnick had a huge game with two touchdown catches and a key defensive block near the end of the game.

Also, congratulation to our 'Skins, as the win gave them the Suburban One National Title.

Next week Neshaminy will be at home for the first round of the playoffs hosting Plymouth-Whitemarsh.

Boxscore Game 10

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 7 7 0 21 35
Pennsbury 7 0 0 7 14

Game 11 - NHS vs Plymouth Whitemarsh

Game 11 PW

'Skins To Colonials - Not In Our House!

Round One To Ridge Boys, 38-0

game11_3_kinneysIn the end, it was just too much for the rebel Colonials to overcome. The Colonials thought they were doing battle with the Indians, but wave after wave of Redcoats (red uniforms - same thing!) came at them all night, wreaking havoc with their game plan. Da'Rel Scott, Plymouth-Whitemarsh's prolific running back, was held to 80 yards and no points. With the exception of one big gain for a first down, the Colonial's Scott was rendered ineffective all night by a very stingy Redskin defense. Most of his runs were of two yards or less. P-W came to Heartbreak Ridge with a string of 5 games averaging 46 points a game. The 'Skins answered in a big way, keeping the Colonials off the scoreboard for the entire contest.

This skirmish, the battle at Heartbreak Ridge, was won by the Redskins in the trenches.

courier_g11aThe (10-1) 'Skins took a 14-0 lead in the first quarter on rushing touchdowns of 47 and 11 yards by Jarred Kinney. He was aided by a nifty 32 yard Flogel to Rosnick hook-up late in the period. Then again in the second period, it was Flogel to Rosnick for 38 yards and a field goal by Dennis Curran.

The first half ended with the Redskins making a 'last stand' of their own. P-W reached the Redskins' 4 yard line with 5 seconds to go in the half. The 'Skins pressured P-W's quarterback, Lance Wilson, into throwing the ball early. The pass sailed wide out of the end zone. A quick fingered clock attendant gave the ball back to the Colonials with one more second left in the half. On the final play of the half, the 'Skins swarmed Wilson at the 1-yard line and the half ended with Neshaminy up 17-0.

In the third period it was Jason Kinney's turn to put up points. Three plays after Chris Daino recovered a fumble, Andrew Flogel hooked up with Jason for a 35 yard touch down catch and run. The play looked innocent until Jason zigged and zagged his way through the entire Colonial defense, into the end zone, leaving a string of fallen bodies behind. Both Jason Kinney and Doug Rosnick averaged 22 yards per catch for this contest.

game11_rolandJason, not content with his offensive contribution, wanted to make a defensive statement as well. After the Colonials marched down to the 15 yard line, Kinney sat back in the end zone and dared their quarterback to throw the ball. As the ball left Wilson's hand, Jason darted past the intended receiver and picked off the pass at the goal line. On the next play, his brother Jarred, ran 42 yards. Abe Brooks finished off the series with a 34 yard run for a TD, to go along with his game high 13 tackles. Kit Anderson closed out the scoring with a late 4th quarter end zone jaunt. The 'Skins made this one look easy with a 38-0 win.

The Redskins picked up 394 total yards of offense, helped by Andrew Flogel's passing of 8/10 for 162 yards. Neshaminy gave up 213 yards (123 rushing and 90 passing), but their Red Zone defense was an impenetrable wall.

With this win, the 'Skins move into the second round of the playoffs, waiting for the winner of Saturday's Pennsbury - Downingtown East match up.

Boxscore Game 10

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 14 3 14 7 38
Plymouth Whitemarsh 0 0 0 0 0

Game 12 - NHS vs Downingtown East

Game 12 DTE

Downingtown East-45 Redskins-38


The Neshaminy Redskins 2005 playoff run, and season, came to an end tonight in a 38-45 loss to Downingtown East. Downingtown's Pat Devlin showed talent and poise as he led his team to a 17 point burst late in the fourth quarter to overcome a 10 point deficit.

For Redskins fans it is goodbye to another great group of Seniors whose presence we will miss next year.

To all of our Seniors, we wish you the best of luck as you move on to college and jobs. We thank each one of you for the fun, excitement and pride you gave to all of us during these past 12 weeks.

To our underclassmen, we look forward to Redskins Football 2006. The challenges and rewards are both great and we know you are always up to the task.

Boxscore Game 12

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Neshaminy 7 7 14 10 38
Downingtown East 14 7 0 23 45

You Wish They Could Play Forever

You wish they would stay forever young, that their youthful enthusiasm would allow us to escape from the harsh realities of adult life every Friday night for as long as we wanted. And if it did have to end, we'd like the script to always end the same; victory upon victory leading to crowning glory. Heads bowed just for a moment to accept a wreath signifying a championship. For as surely as those young warriors of ours would drink in the adulation of that trophy we would feel a little taller in its reflection.

But not every story, not every turn of events, not every ending can be as we plan. But the twists and turns of life have already taught us that. We know that the sun will still rise, the world will still turn, children will still laugh and cry and grow up to be just as us. And knowing that truth, we can all still hold our heads high, hold open our arms and welcome our Redskins off the field with the same joy and smiles no matter what the result of a 48 minute contest. For the beauty of the Redskins and the boys and coaches who put on a spectacle for us each year is that there is a next year! A next year that will bring back old friends, introduce us to new ones and allow our Neshaminy family to become a little bigger as some players become ex-players that will sit with us and cheer with us - every bit as loudly.

So if there are tears on our cheeks, they are not tears of sadness or despair but instead they are tears of joy and happiness that yet again, a beautiful group of young men gave us so much of themselves over the last season. A group of young men blessed us with memories that will last a lifetime and which will form another link in the unbreakable chain that is Neshaminy Redskin football.

So, to the 2005 Redskins - we wish you could play forever because your efforts, your work, your energy gave us so much more than you can now know but which we believe someday you will know. And that's why we are happy for ourselves and for you - more than you can imagine.

Thanks for a great season.

Paula G.