Coaching Records

NameYearsRecordGamesWin %Notes
William Thomas19280-1100.00%Coached first game in recorded Redskins history.
Charlie Beck1929-194242-63-1311835.60%
John Messics1943-19459-9-1 1947.36%
Mike DeRisi1946-194714-4-22077.77%
James Egli1948-195115-19-43839.47%
Harry E. Franks1952-195969-10-28187.34%1954 PIAA Coach of the Year, 1954 LBC Coach of the Year
John Petercuskie1960-196559-1-56598.33%1961, 1962 1963 and 1965 Lower Bucks Coach of the Year, 1965 Bucks County Courier Times Coach of the Year. 1965 Big 33 Coach
Tom McHugh19662-6-21025.00%
Pete Cordelli Sr.19673-71030.00%
Jack Swartz1968-197243-11-15579.62%1968 and 1971 Lower Bucks Coach of the Year
Paris "Pal" Allison1973-197517-163351.51%
Charles Schmidt1976-198022-23-24748.88%
Jim Weber1981-19825-14-12026.31%
Bill Crozier19832-81020.00%
Dick Bedesem1984-198623-93252.38%Overall record 33-30 over two stints. Coach of the Year Suburban One League National Conference Pioneer Division 1986
John Chaump1987-199136-195565.45%
Dick Bedesem1992-199410-213152.38% 63 games over two periods.
Mark Schmidt1995-2013161-6622770.93%Most games coached in Redskins' history. Big 33 Head Coach 2006
Mike Frederick20144-61040.00%
Steve Wilmot2015-202358-379561.05%Selected for Big 33 Coach 2018