The 2000s

The 2000's were a very exciting decade for the Redskins. Six of the nine years (2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008) have a combined record of 71-10, that's a winning percent of .877 for those six years.

  • Coach Schmidt has been voted Coach of the Year in two of the first five years.
  • The Redskins have made a trip to Hershey for the State Title in two of the first five years and won the State Championship in 2001.
  • Neshaminy was Division One champs (or co-champs) three times since 2000.
  • Rushing records fell, kicking records fell and points scored in a season records fell.
Win Pct.0.723
Points For3442
Pts against1774


Sep. 1
FridayFather JudgeHome7:00pm356
Sep. 8
FridayCentral Bucks EastAway7:00pm721
Sep. 15
FridayCouncil Rock (2 O.T.)Home7:00pm2831
Sep. 22FridayHarry S. Truman***Home7:00pm347
Sep. 28FridayCentral Bucks WestAway7:00pm2854
Oct. 7
SaturdayNorth Penn*Home1:30pm3512
Oct. 13FridayBensalemAway7:00pm5513
Oct. 21SaturdayAbingtonAway1:30pm370
Oct. 27FridayWilliam TennentHome7:00pm440
Nov. 3
Pts Avg31.616.5
* Homecoming **Senior Night ***Hall of Fame Induction


Head Coach Mark Schmidt

Mr. Redskin - Jeff McDonough

MVP Offense - Jamar Brittingham

MVP Defense - Steve Bejzak

Mr. Back - Jay Collins

Mr.Lineman - Nick Feszko & Bob Gower

3D Award - Bob Gower & Mike Knapp

Unsung Hero Offense - Pete Markman

Unsung Hero Defense - Mike Lodge

Most Improved - Dan Schatz

N-Club Award -  Jay Sylvestre

Captains  - #17 Jeff McDonough, #24 Steve Bejzak and #71 Bob Gower

Roster | 2000 Season Recap


  • Jamar Brittingham - achievement award for breaking the single season rushing record.
  • Jamar Brittingham - Bucks County Courier Times Football Player of theYear.
  • SOL 1st team - Steve Bejak (DB), Pete Markman (TE), Jamar Brittingham (RB).
  • SOL 2nd team - Jamar Brittingham (DB), Sherman Brittingham (WR), Nick Feszko (O-Line)

2000 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 6 against North Penn.


Aug. 31FridayFather JudgeHome7:30pm2827
Sep. 7FridayBensalemHome7:30pm20
Sep. 14FridayPennridgeAway7:30pm2822
Sep. 21FridayNorth PennHome7:30pm2314
Sep. 28FridayCentral Bucks WestHome7:30pm2119
Oct. 6SaturdayCentral Bucks EastAway1:30pm1514
Oct. 13SaturdayHarry S. Truman*Home1:30pm336
Oct. 20SaturdayAbingtonAway1:30pm4221
Oct. 26FridayCouncil Rock**Home7:30pm340
Nov. 2FridayPennsburyAway7:30pm2621
Nov. 9FridayCentral Bucks EastHome7:30pm2414
Nov. 16FridayDowningtownHome7:30pm3720
Nov. 23FridayConestogaHome7:30pm2812
Dec. 1SaturdayCumberland ValleyHershey7:30pm2519
Dec. 8SaturdayWoodland HillsHershey7:30pm217
Pts Avg25.814.4
* Homecoming **Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Achievement Award: Jamar Brittingham and Kevin Kelly

Most Improved Player (offense): Ryan Contento

Most Improved Player (defense): Miguel Lebron

Unsung Hero (offense): Scott Mullin

Unsung Hero (defense): Ryan van der Brand

Mr. Defensive Line: Chuck Koch

Mr. Offensive Line: Steve Brett

Iron Man: Geoff Donahue

Mr. Back: Keith Ennis

Dick Bedesem Award: Austin Jones

Coaches Award: Neck Feszko

MVP Defense: Pat Carroll

MVP Offense: Jay Wiater

3-D Award: Jay Collins

N-Club Award: Kevin Kelly

Captains - #2 Jamar Brittingham, #33 Jay Collins, #67 Nick Feszko and #77 Steve Brett

Roster | 2001 Season Recap

Neshaminy's 2001 National Rankings:

  • USA Today - #7
  • Rivals High - #9
  • National Prep & AP - #10
  • Student Sports - #11
  • Dick Butkus - #12
  • Tony Poll - #16

Jamar's Brittingham's 2001 Season offensive stats:

  • 2,765 yards
  • 30touchdowns
  • Above includes 2 touchdowns and 284 yards against Woodland Hills in the Title Game where Jamar carried the ball the first nine plays of that game

Suburban One League, National Conference,
Patriot Division – Champions
Conference record: 5-0 | Overall record: 15-0
Conference members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Neshaminy, North Penn & Pennsbury

District One, Eastern State and
Pennsylvania State – Champions


2001 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 15 for the State Championship


Aug. 30FridayFather JudgeHome7:30pm4528
Sep. 5ThursdayCouncil Rock NorthAway8:00pm10
Sep. 14SaturdayAbingtonAway1:30pm3817
Sep. 20FridayPennridge***Home7:30pm1921
Sep. 27FridayHarry S. TrumanAway7:30pm316
Oct. 4FridayCentral Bucks EastAway7:30pm260
Oct. 11FridayNorth PennAway7:30pm2414
Oct. 19SaturdayCentral Bucks West*Home1:30pm1922
Oct. 25FridayGlen MillsHome7:30pm237
Nov. 1FridayPennsbury**Home7:30pm287
Nov. 9SaturdayRidleyAway1:30pm1617
Pts Avg24.5512.64
* Homecoming **Senior Night***Hall of Fame Induction


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin − Jim Chapman

Mr. Back − Devon Swope

Mr. Lineman − Mike Simpson

Mr. 3D − Brad Gower

Unsung Hero − John Grose

MVP Offense − Joe Crostarosa

MVP Defense − Erik Pedersen

Most Improved/Offense − Bill Thomas

Most Improved/Defense − Brian Burke

Playmaker Award − Dave Gates

Jack Swartz Coaches Award − Geoff Donahue

Dick Bedesem Scholarship Award − Matthew Willits

N Club Award − Bill McKenkie

Captains - #5 Jim Chapman, #22 Eric Pederson, #27 Geoff Donahue and #76 Brad Gower

Roster2002 Season Recap

Suburban One League, National Conference, Patriot Division − co-Champions (Neshaminy Redskins & North Penn Knights)
Conference record: 3-1 | Overall record: 8-3
Members: Abington, Council Rock North, Neshaminy, North Penn & Pennsbury


2002 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 7 against North Penn


Aug. 29FridayFather JudgeHome7:00pm3814
Sep. 5FridayCouncil Rock NorthHome7:00pm3110
Sep. 12FridayAbingtonHome7:00pm2128
Sep. 19FridayPennridge (O.T.)Away7:00pm2124
Sep. 25ThursdayHarry S. TrumanHome7:00pm170
Oct. 4SaturdayCentral Bucks EastHome1:30pm1619
Oct. 10FridayNorth PennHome7:00pm1735
Oct. 17FridayCentral Bucks WestAway7:00pm1424
Oct. 24FridayGlen MillsAway7:00pm712
Oct. 31FridayPennsburyAway7:00pm1420
Pts Avg19.618.6
* Homecoming **Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin

Mr. Back

Mr. Lineman

Mr. 3D

Unsung Hero

MVP Offense

MVP Defense

Most Improved/Offense

Most Improved/Defense

Playmaker Award

Jack Swartz Coaches Award

Dick Bedesem Scholarship Award

N Club Award

Captains - #3 Rodney Davis, #6 Cody Cartlidge and #68 Michael Smith

Please send us this award information if you have it. You can use the contact page to reach us - thanks!

Roster | 2003 Season Recap


2003 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 2 against CR North


Sep, 3FridayFather JudgeHome7:00pm420
Sep. 10FridayArchbishop RyanHome7:00pm2321
Sep.17FridayCentral Bucks South***Home7:00pm287
Sep. 23ThursdayAbingtonHome7:00pm457
Oct. 1FridayHarry S. TrumanAway7:00pm370
Oct. 8FridayPennridgeHome7:00pm3115
Oct. 16SaturdayCouncil Rock North*Home1:30pm240
Oct. 22FridayNorth Penn (O.T.)Away7:00pm3031
Oct. 29FridayBensalemAway7:00pm247
Nov. 5FridayPennsbury**Home7:00pm350
Nov. 13SaturdayCentral Bucks WestAway1:30pm3834
Nov. 19FridayCoatesvilleAway7:00pm2320
Nov. 26FridayNorth PennHome7:00pm5134
Dec. 4SaturdayEaston AreaBensalem1:00pm2114
Dec. 11SaturdayPittsburgh Central CatholicHershey5:00pm1449
Pts Avg31.07 15.93
* Homecoming **Senior Night ***Hall of Fame Induction


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin − Andy Marino

Mr. Back Offense − Jason Kinney

Mr. Back Defense − Jarred Kinney

Mr. Lineman − Chris Daino

Mr. 3D − Dominic Cundari

Unsung Hero − Kevin Staub

Most Improved Offense − Andrew Flogel

Most Improved Defense − Taylor Sammy

MVP Defense − Tom McEowen

MVP Offense − Georg Coleman

Coaches Award − Kevin Kelly

N Club Award − Chris Eccles

Dick Bedesem Scholarship Award − Dominic Cundari

Captains - #1 Georg Coleman and #72 Andy Marino

Roster | 2004 Season Recap


2004 Georg Coleman

Suburban One League, National Conference – tri-Champions
(Neshaminy Redskins, North Penn Knights & Pennridge Rams)
Conference record: 6-1 | Overall record: 13-2

Conference members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Harry S. Truman, Neshaminy, North Penn, Pennridge & Pennsbury

District One, Eastern State – Champions


2004 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Play of the Year - While we work to get all 40 years of video loaded please enjoy this 71 yard run by Georg Coleman.


In 2005 we started to accumulate data for every game such as photos, video, newspaper articles and a site game review. You can click on the scheduled opponent to be directed to that game.

Click on the opponent to see the in-depth recap of that game.

Sep, 2FridaySt. Joseph PrepHome7:00pm1428
Sep. 9FridayArchbishop RyanHome7:00pm4718
Sep.16FridayCentral Bucks SouthAway7:00pm480
Sep. 23FridayAbingtonAway7:00pm5017
Sep. 30FridayHarry S TrumanHome7:00pm447
Oct. 7FridayPennridgeAway7:00pm240
Oct. 14FridayCouncil Rock NorthAway7:00pm246
Oct. 22SaturdayNorth Penn*Home1:30pm4113
Oct. 28FridayBensalem**Home7:00pm457
Nov. 4FridayPennsburyAway7:00pm3514
Nov. 11FridayPlymouth-WhitemarshHome7:00pm380
Nov. 18FridayDowningtown EastHome7:30pm3845
Pts Avg37.3312.92
* Homecoming **Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin − Rich Winters

Most Improved − Dennis Curran

Unsung Hero − Abe Brooks

MVP Offense − Andrew Flogel

MVP Defense − Tom McEowen

Ironman Award − Chris Daino

Mr. Lineman Offense − Tom Smith

Mr. Lineman Defense − Scott Schaivo

Mr. Back − Jason Kinney

Mr. "O" Offense − Doug Rosnick

3-D Award − Jarred Kinney

Coaches Award − Josh Auerbach

Bedesem Award − Joe Moutoux

N-Club award − Marcellous Jones

Mr. Redskin − Rich Winters

PA Big 33 Coach − Mark Schmidt

Captains - #2 Jason Kinney,#44 Josh Auerbach, #58 Chris Daino and #78 Tom Smith

Roster | 2005 Season Recap

Suburban One League, National Conference - Champions
Conference record: 7-0 | Overall record: 10-2
Members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Harry S. Truman, Neshaminy, North Penn, Pennridge & Pennsbury


2005 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year -Game 10 Against Pennsbury


Click on the opponent to see the in-depth recap of that game.

Sep. 1FridaySt. Joseph PrepHome7:00pm616
Sep. 8FridayArchbishop Ryan***Home7:00pm277
Sep. 15FridayGermantownHome7:00pm486
Sep. 21ThursdayAbingtonHome7:00pm2721
Sep. 29FridayHarry S. TrumanAway7:00pm340
Oct. 7SaturdayPennridgeHome1:00pm1333
Oct. 14SaturdayCentral Bucks South*Home3:30pm4329
Oct. 20FridayNorth PennAway7:00pm729
Oct. 28SaturdayBensalemAway1:30pm217
Nov. 3FridayPennsbury**Home7:00pm033
Pts Avg22.618.1
* Homecoming**Senior Night***HOF Induction


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin − Andrew Flogel

Mr. Back − Jason Ulhmer

Mr. Lineman − Nick Benhayon

Mr. 3D − Jason Queen

Unsung Hero − Mike Ellershaw

Most Improved − Justin Kinney

MVP Offense − Andrew Flogel

MVP Defense − Roland Wensae

N Club Award − Ryan Evans

Captains - #8 Andrew Flogel, #24 Roland Wensae and #61 Jason Queen

Roster2006 Season Recap



2006 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 2 against Archbishop Ryan


Click on the opponent to see the in-depth recap of that game.

Aug. 31FridayCoatesvilleAway7:00pm1913
Sep. 14FridayGermantownAway6:00pm496
Sep. 20ThursdayAbingtonAway7:00pm3826
Sep. 28FridayHarry S. TrumanHome7:00pm6214
Oct. 5FridayPennridgeAway7:00pm4915
Oct. 12FridayC.B. SouthAway7:00pm2126
Oct. 20SaturdayNorth Penn *Home1:30pm317
Oct. 26FridayBensalem **Home7:00pm217
Nov. 2FridayPennsburyAway7:00pm4821
Nov. 9FridayUpper DublinHome7:00pm427
Nov. 16FridayNorth Penn Home7:00pm350
Pts Avg34.5413.54
* Homecoming**Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr.Redskin − Justin Kenney

Mr.Offensive Back − Joe Stemme

Mr.Defensive Back − Gary Renson

Mr.Line Defense − Chris Gettis

Unsung Hero − Blair Gower

Mr. 3D Award − Eric Brown

MVP Offense − Jason Ulmer

MVP Defense − Greg Martell

Most Improved Offensive − Kevin Steinberg

Most Improved Defense − Dave Daino

Mr.Line Offense − Dylan Waterbury

Captains - #7 Justin Kinney

Roster2007 Season Recap


2007 Captain Justin Kinney


2007 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 12 against North Penn. In this game cornerback Gary Renson returns an interception 98 yards and Jason Ulmer brought his season total rushing yards to 1,802.


Aug. 29FridaySoudertonAway7:00pm1314
Sep. 12FridayGermantownHome7:00pm420
Sep. 19FridayAbingtonHome7:00pm70
Sep. 26FridayHarry S. TrumanAway7:00pm420
Oct. 3FridayWilliam TennentHome7:00pm410
Oct. 11SaturdayCouncil Rock South*Home1:30pm2013
Oct. 18SaturdayCouncil Rock NorthAway1:30pm457
Oct. 25SaturdayBensalemAway1:30pm3520
Oct. 31FridayPennsbury**Home7:00pm1613
Nov. 7FridayDowningtown EastHome7:00pm246
Nov. 14FridayRidleyHome7:00pm313
Nov. 21FridayGarnet ValleyAway7:00pm2114
Nov. 28FridayNorth PennTennent7:00pm028
Pts Avg25.799.43
* Homecoming **Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr.Redskin − Dan Shirey

Mr.Offensive Back

Mr.Defensive Back

Mr.Line Defense

Unsung Hero

Mr. 3D

MVP Offense

MVP Defense − Dan Shirey

Most Improved Offensive

Most Improved Defense

Mr.Line Offense

Mr.Dick Bedesem Scholarship Winner − John Zavorski

Mr.Harry Franks Scholarship Winner − Paul Carrezola

Captains - #9 Jay Colbert, #18 Paul Carrezola and #65 Dan Shirey

Roster2008 Season Recap

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Game 06 October 3, 2008 Neshaminy Vs Tennent

Suburban One League, National Conference - Champions
Conference record: 7-0 | Overall record: 12-2

Members: Abington, Bensalem, Council Rock North, Council Rock South, Harry S. Truman, Neshaminy, Pennsbury & William Tennent


2009 Neshaminy Redskins

Featured Game of the Year - Game 2 against Hatboro Horsham. The 'Skins bounced back from Week 1 loss to Souderton by beating Hatboro-Horsham on their own field 24-14/


Sep. 4FridaySoudertonHome7:00pm356
Sep. 11FridayHatboro-Horsham Home7:00pm136
Sep. 17ThursdayGermantownAway7:00pm4214
Sep. 25FridayAbingtonAway7:00pm2428
Oct. 2FridayHarry S. TrumanHome7:00pm288
Oct. 9FridayWilliam TennentAway7:00pm357
Oct. 16FridayCouncil Rock SouthAway7:00pm427
Oct. 24Saturday Council Rock NorthHome1:30pm1413
Oct. 30Friday*Bensalem**Home7:00pm347
Nov. 6Friday PennsburyAway7:00pm2027
Nov. 13FridayAbington - PHome7:00pm2417
Nov. 20FridayNorth PennSouderton7:00pm2235
Pts Avg26.9215.42
* Homecoming**Senior Night


Head Coach Mark Scmidt

Mr. Redskin − Stephen Stemme

Mr. Offensive Back − Rick Brebner

Mr. Defensive Back − Kyran Kervick

Mr. Line Defense − Ryan Katona

Unsung Hero − Kevin Magee

Mr. 3D Award − John Rizzo

MVP Offense − Bryan Dean

MVP Defense − Stephen Stemme

Most Improved Offensive − Eugene Laborde

Most Improved Defense − Andy Lynch

Mr.Line Offense − Shane Quinn

Dick Bedesem Scholarship Winner - Brian Titus

Mr.Harry Franks Scholarship Winner
− Ariel Hoffman

Captains - #28 Bryan Dean and #32 Stephen Stemme

Roster2009 Season Recap



Featured Game of the Year - Game 8 against Council Rock North - Homecoming. This was the season of rain - and plenty of it. It rained almost every game and this day was no exception. CR North missed the kick and game to 'Skins 14-13.