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Game 4 | September 25, 2009

Neshaminy 24 – Abington 28

‘Skins rally falls short


game 4 abington

Abington: On another beautiful football night, the 'Skins traveled to Abington to take on a very tough SOL-National Conference Ghosts club to start off league play. And with nary a loss between the two teams, this one looked to be a doozy as besides early season bragging rights, the games implications for the season and the playoffs was already apparent.

So moving down to the action on the field, the 'Skins won the toss and elected to receive. Going right at Abington, Neshaminy moved it down the field in a hurry as Stephen Stemme broke off a 39-yard ramble. Driving down in close, a penalty knocked them back out of range for the TD; however, Ricky Domico nailed a 35-yard field goal to earn a 3-0 lead.

Following the kickoff, the Ghosts looked for real as they then put together a very nice 71-yard drive after beginning that effort on their own 29. Mixing it up nicely, it was Sam Kind finding his favorite receiver, Anthony Hensely, for a touchdown via the airways. The PAT was perfect and it then went to 7-3 for the home guys.

Booting it away, the Redskins then started with good field position. Highlighting that Redskin offensive series was a 38-yard run by Bryan Dean for a score but another costly penalty saw that one come back. Then after banging around with the pigskin a while longer, the ball eventually went back to the Ghosts after the 'Skins couldn't convert.

Soon swinging to the second-quarter, Abington started off at that series near their own 30 but stalled and then punted with Neshaminy setting up at their 30 after the catch. And looking sharp, that drive featured a Corey Majors punch right up the middle to the 44 followed by a Charlie Marterella toss to Shane Quinn who came down at the enemy 40. Then it was Bryan Dean breaking loose for another six-points that stuck, with the 'Skins up 10-7 after the Domico kick.

With our guys catching a break, some sloppy ball handling saw Abington starting on their own five-yard line after the kickoff. But moving it out from there, the Ghosts looked unstoppable as they consistently went up top to drive the 95 yards for a score. With the PAT good, it then went to 14-10 in Abington's favor.

Dean then returned the kick to the 40 where the Redskins had good field position. But failing to convert, they punted it away at the 1:40 mark. Starting at their 25, it was Abington's Julien Ireland finally showing his stuff as he busted one to the Neshaminy 27. Just a few plays later it was Kind to Hensley once again as Abington went up 21-10 just before the half. And then with the combatants heading to the locker room for the break, Redskin fans were no doubt happy for the chance to regroup.

Rolling back out on the field for the second half, Abington took the kick and moved to mid-field before failing to convert. Punting it away, Neshaminy then started at their own 17. Doing nothing with that possession, it was Bryan Reice coming in to punt which gave the ball back to the Galloping Ghosts at their own 45. Pushing it right down the field to the 20, it was only Marco Dapkey's pick of a Ghost pass that stopped that Abington drive. But not able to capitalize, it was the 'Skins punting once again with Abington regaining control at their own 40 after the exchange.

With Abington soon at Neshaminy's 35 with a second and long, the teams swapped ends as the fourth-quarter started. Going to fourth down, the Ghosts punted and it was just perfect as it left the Blue and Red with a first down at their own one-yard line. And it didnt get any better from there as a Marterella pass was quickly picked off at the twenty and returned to the end zone for a score. But refusing to throw in the towel, the 'Skins woke up and took the next series the distance thanks to some very pretty passes by Brian Titus to both Ricky Williams and Rick Brebner to get it down in close. With Dean taking it in for the TD, Titus located Shane Quinn for the two-point conversion to make it a ten point game at 28-18.

With Abington getting the ball back deep in their own end of the field, Corey Majors squelched that Ghost drive as he intercepted an Abington toss at the 22. Then Titus came in and immediately pitched a strike to Frank Csaszar in the back ten for a quick Blue and Red score. The PAT bounced off the uprights, though, and the score then stood at 28-24. With Abington starting at their own 35 after the kickoff went out of bounds, a Ghost fumble was recovered by a Neshaminy player at mid-field with three minutes to go. But the favor was returned immediately as a 'Skin back gave it right back. Then going nowhere, Abington set up to punt it away with 1:22 left in the game; however, the kick was blocked and Neshaminy took over at the Abington 35 with a first and ten.

From there the 'Skins took it to a fourth and five which saw Titus nail Dwight Williams at the 22 for the first down with 49 seconds remaining. Going to fourth and ten once again, this time the Titus pass was picked off to end Neshaminy's chances.

Although this one goes in the books as a loss, let's not throw the baby out with the bath water just yet. Its obvious that the Ghosts are a very good football team and despite getting behind the eight ball, the Redskins didn't mail it in as they closed to within four points before their luck ran out. So rather than kick the can down the road, we'll first give a salute to the Galloping Ghosts of Abington who proved they're just as promised. And then as to our boys, theres a lot of football left to play and it all starts next week at Harry S. Truman on Friday night -- so lets shake this one off and get right back in the saddle.

Game Captains: Ricky Williams (12 - SR), Andy Lynch (12 - SR), Bryan Dean (12 - SR), Stephen Stemme (12 - SR)

See you at the game.


Game 4

Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

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