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Game 12 | November 20, 2009 | Playoffs Round 2

Neshaminy 22 – North Penn 35

Knights stop ‘Skins in playoff contest


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Souderton: On the road for tonight's game, the 'Skins traveled a short distance north to take on the North Penn Knights in a District One quarter-final playoff match-up. And with the venue moved to Souderton's new turf field just in time for the kickoff (due to some wet weather over the last few days), the word was sent out quickly to allow for the change in location and driving directions. Be that as it may, and as usual, loyal Neshaminy fans were out in force to watch these two SOL and D1 Gold Standard teams meet in the post-season for the third straight year. Plus with the 11-0 Lansdale squad seeded number one in the district and in the top three in most state polls, and the 9-2 'Skins in the top five in SEPA and in and out of the Top Ten statewide rankings during the season, this one looked to be a barnburner between these two rivals. And as usual, as the game on the field is where our attention should be focused, let's get right to it.

Stepping out for the coin toss, Neshaminy showed some style as they wore their red home pants and white away game jerseys for a bit of a throwback look. And it apparently helped with the coin toss as the Creek Kids called it right and elected to receive. With the kickoff in the end zone, the Schmidtmen started at the twenty and moved it out to the 37 before stalling out. Bryan Reices punt was then downed by Ariel Hoffman at the North Penn 29 where the Knight's offense began their first effort. From there, and although forced into several key plays including a fourth and five at the Blue and Red 20, the Knights drew first blood and a 6-0 lead after their two-point conversion failed.

After the kick it was the 'Skins starting off at their own 27 after the return by Ricky Williams. And trying some magic on a third-down play, Bryan Dean lofted a halfback pass that was intended for Williams but which was intercepted at mid-field with Lansdale then back in business at that spot. A couple of plays saw the ball moved inside the thirty when the first-quarter ended and the second began. After changing sides, it was the Knights set up at the 25 with a third and four. Looking sharp, a couple of plays later they put it in for the second time to make it 12-0 which is the way it stayed after another two-point conversion failed.

With the following kickoff taken by Dean, he returned it to the 25. From there it went to third and seven when Charlie Marterella nailed Dean for a big gain to the North Penn 43. Some nice running took it down to the 13 where Marterella located Rick Brebner through the air for six. Ricky Domico's PAT was good and the game tightened up at 12-7.

With Neshaminy then trying an onsides kick, North Penn alertly recovered at their own 38 where they then started that drive with four minutes in the half. Two minutes later, and courtesy of two nice passes, the Knights scored again to make it 18-7. Yet again, the two-point attempt was short. With Williams then taking the ball out to the 22 on the kickoff, the 'Skins were back in business. But getting themselves in a jam in a hurry, a Titus pass was picked off and returned to the 30 where North Penn's offense came back out on the field. But some tough defense by the 'Skins held the Knights to a 38-yard field goal. And with not much time remaining after that, the teams headed for the lockers with North up 21-7.

With the Knights receiving to start the second half, they began at their own 40 after the short kick. And picking up where they left off, they covered the distance in no time to make it 28-7 after the PAT. Following the North Penn score, a very pretty return of the kickoff by Williams had the 'Skins starting at their own 45. But in no time at all another Neshaminy pass was picked off and returned to the 25. A couple of quick plays later saw it 35-7 for the Knights.

After the next Blue Men kickoff found the end zone, it was Neshaminy starting at its own 20. Showing some life, a couple of nifty passes and determined runs had it down to the North Penn one with a goal to go. But it was not to be as the pill came loose and was recovered by the Knights where they set up shop. Holding them at that spot, North Penn punted and following a nice return, the Indians had good field position at the 22 as the third-quarter rolled over to the fourth. Going to fourth and three at the 15, Titus nailed Brebner who made a circus grab before coming down in the end zone. Going for two, it was Titus to Dean as the score then showed 35-15 in North Penn's favor.

Once again, the short Neshaminy kick gave North Penn a good spot at their 40. Forced to punt after a three and out, Dean fair caught the rock at the Moleskinner 30 where Langhorne's offense started it off with 8:52 left in the game. But almost immediately another loose football was recovered by the Knights at mid-field. Going to fourth down, Lansdale punted away. Dean caught it at the ten and with a nice return and a late hit, it was first and ten for the Blue and Red at the 45. Two plays later it was down to the 21 on a great pass by Titus to Frank Csaszar. Then not much later, it was Corey Majors from one yard out after a couple of short passes fell incomplete from that spot. With Domico on the money it went to 35-22.

Trying another onsides kick, it didn't quite make it ten yards as North Penn recovered at the Neshaminy 49. From there it was just a matter of time before the clock expired to end the game.

First of all, we offer congratulations to the North Penn Knights. They played a tough and mistake-free game tonight to push their mark to 12-0. And now moving on to a District One Championship Series game next week against Avon Grove, we wish them the best.

Next, we sadly write that the season has now ended for the 2009 Redskins as their run in the playoffs stops at two games with their overall record going in the books at 9-3; however, we do salute them for what they accomplished this year as it was almost a brand new team that first entertained us against Souderton way back in early September. And entertain us they did as another group of fine young men made us proud as they did their part to add to the Neshaminy story all season long. No doubt about it, we've got plenty of terrific memories of their efforts on the gridiron over the past 12 games.

So thank you Redskins! Especially the seniors who are moving on as well miss you guys -- good luck in all you do. And we also remind you to never forget the part you played in making it just as true today as it was when Harry Franks first penned it some 60 years ago:

Time will never dim the glory of the Neshaminy Redskins.

See you next year.

Go 'Skins!


Game 12
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Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

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