Thank you

There are so many wonderful folks who assisted in the creation of this site. Neshaminy alumni are a very special group! The best part of working with the Alumni is hearing their stories - stories of their experience of being a Redskin and playing on Heartbreak Ridge. Thank you all for your encouragement to continue and upgrade this site. We would be amiss not to give them a shout out. Note that we are working to get all the original donator's names (2005 to 2013) to the web and will update this list once they are received.

  • Bruce Traney and Bob Willits without whom none of this would have been possible. Their dedication and years! of work on the site is immeasurable.
  • Jesse Garber whose thousands of photos grace these pages. His contribution is outstanding and words cannot express our gratitude! He is the MVP of our media.
  • Tom Magdelinskas, former Redskin, who ensures that we get access to all the memorabilia left at the school
  • Coach Wilmot for allowing us 2 year unlimited access to the treasure trove of VHS and reel-to-reels stored in the Football equipment room
  • Bill Magdelinskas, former Redskin, for maintaining years of Master VHS tapes in pristine condition
  • Wayne Inky Schneider, former Redskin and his son Craig Schneider, for most of the media we have for the 1940s
  • Joe Chamberlain, former Redskin and Coach
  • Tom Beccone, former Redskin, for his amazing collection of photos and articles from the 60s, for all his help in IDing photos and his 2022 story.
  • Leon Traney (father of Bruce), for all the 1971 memorabilia and numerous game programs
  • Harry & Joan Franks, the legendary coach.
  • Steve Cloak, former Redskin, for his 70s memorabilia
  • Vince Sannelli, former Redskin and his wonderful Mom, for all the ad programs and photos from the late 80s plus the long sought after 88 game against Bensalem
  • Brenda Masulis, Don Cameron's daughter for her ad programs and so many very wonderful treasures!
  • Chuck Gearhart, former Redskin, for the 1969 videos - the oldest full games we have!
  • Jason Bowman, former Redskin, for his videos and stories
  • Ralph Taylor, former Redskin, for his videos and stories
  • Dave Sommers, former Redskin, for his videos and stories
  • Scott Obringer, former Redskin, for his cache of reel-to-reels and his 1980 information
  • Bob Barr, former Redskin & Hall of Famer, for his ad programs and the 1962 Pennsbury game
  • Keith Pacheco for his band information and old band videos
  • Jesse Lamberth, former Redskin, for all the ad programs and information from the late 90s
  • Craig Johns, former Redskin, for his 66|67 ad programs and newspaper articles, his original jersey from the 1966|1967 season and his great stories
  • Chad Watkins, son of Bill Watkins a former Redskin, for two of the oldest game videos which you can watch here
  • David Braksator, former Redskin #74 1991, for help with his college photos and his brother Glenn's college photos
  • Don Wiater, father of Jason Wiater a former Redskin, for gathering all of those college photos in the football office
  • Marcelous Jones, former Redskin, for his college info and all his encouragement
  • Doug Rosnick, former Redskin, for his help with college photos
  • All the College Players and their Moms, Redskin alumni from 2011 to 2019 for their college football photos
  • Frankie McDermott, longtime fan of the program who delighted us with 4 boxes of old ad programs along with some memorabilia - what a treasure trove!
  • Tim Ford former Redskin '1986, for his help with college photos and Redskin Award information
  • Greg Weber for his stash of 90s material  - thank you Greg!
  • Bill Walker '66 former Redskin for his invaluable help with scanning missing game programs, articles and a few rare photos.


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"Time will never dim the glory of the Neshaminy Redskins" - Harry E. Franks