All State Redskins

The first All-State Team was selected by the Associated Press (“AP”) in 1939 using a simple 1st, 2nd and 3rd team approach (without the “teams” being designated as offense or defense); however, over the years the format has changed many times. For instance, in 1969 the AP went to a diversified offensive and defensive arrangement which then broadened out into a Big School/Small School format in 1988. There have also been some years which included only a 1st and 2nd team while others saw a 4th team added. Honorable mention selections have also appeared from time to time. In 2003 the AP finally went to a 4A, 3A, 2A and A 1st and 2nd team arrangement which it maintained for six years through 2008. That same year of 2008 represented not only the 70th season the AP made selections but also its last for so doing as budgetary considerations forced the end of its long history of honoring Pennsylvania scholastic footballers.

For historical comparison, below is the AP All-State squad (first team) from its inaugural year of 1939:

1939 AP Pennsylvania All-State — First Team
Inaugural season that selections were made.

EndGeorge WilliamsKingston195
TMike JarmolukFrankford200
GGeorge PavalkoBlythe Twp.185
CBob OrlandoErie Vincent162
GLarry FellicettiCarrick180
TGeorge GagliardiJeannette175
EndWalter GriffithPottsville175
BJoe AndrejcoHazleton185
BJoe PascarellaBradford160
BGeorge CheverkoHazleton190
BBill MillerClearfield155

After its last teams were selected in 2008, and beginning with the 2009 season, Rod Frisco, formerly of the Harrisburg Patriot News for many years, organized the Pennsylvania Sportswriters’ and All-State teams selections to take over where the AP had left off. Pooling their resources, the sports writers’ set-up isn’t too much different from the old AP arrangement as it is, in fact, the sports writers from around the Keystone state who make their selections and cast their votes for a first and second team in all four PIAA classifications (and thus its title — the Pennsylvania Sportswriters’ All-State teams).

The AP’s counterpart, the United Press International (“UPI”), first began to select teams in 1952 using a 1st, 2nd and 3rd team approach like the AP (not labeled as offense or defense) through 1970. Honorable mention selections were also made from time to time. In 1971 it began to name only a 1st and 2nd team following that format for three years through 1973. In 1974 it stayed with just the two teams but identified the named players as either an offensive or defensive 1st or 2nd team member (through 1976). Starting in 1977, the UPI then began naming only a 1st team offense and a 1st team defense maintaining that format through the 1982 season. For the seasons of 1983 and 1984, the news group then picked 25 players in both of those years referring to it as “The UPI All-State Team − The Pride of Pennsylvania”. As it was, after 33 years of making selections, the UPI decided 1984 would be its last for compiling its list of honorary teams and further efforts in that regard were suspended.

Next, the Pennsylvania Football News or “PFN”, which was founded in 1997, began naming its All-State teams in 1998 for all four PIAA classifications (4A, 3A, 2A and A) with a 1st and 2nd team selection in each for that year and in 1999 too. Starting in 2000 the PFN group expanded the process to include a third team in each classification before a fourth team and honorable mention selections were added in 2009. The PFN group also joined forces with the scholastic football coaches throughout the state that year (due to the demise of the AP group) and although initially called the PA Football News All-State team or “All PFN” (from 1998 through 2008), in recognition of the joint venture, it is now called the PA Football New/Coaches’ All-State team or PFN/Coaches’ All-State team. And modifying its process once again, 2013 saw a resumption of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd offensive and defensive teams only format.

The Redskins (through the completion of the 2016 season and player selections) have had 89 of their players named to either 1st, 2nd, 3rd or the Honorable Mention teams over the years. And the selections have been made by each of the groups — the AP, UPI, the “original” PFN and the PFN/Coaches plus the Pennsylvania Sportswriters organization too. Several Redskins have been honored by more than one of the selecting groups in the same year or during more than one of their playing years (sophomore, junior or senior seasons) while many of the yearly All-State squads have seen 2, 3, 4 or more ‘Skins named in the same season (including 6 in 2012).

Kicking it off for the ‘Skins was one of Neshaminy’s greatest sons, Harry Schuh, who was named to the UPI’s 2nd team as a fullback during his junior year in 1959. He repeated that feat the following year when he made the UPI’s 2nd team again in 1960 (also as a fullback). That same year of 1960 also saw Neshaminy’s second player become wreathed with All-State status as Schuh’s three-year backfield running mate, Jack Stricker, was selected to the AP’s HM team as a “back” (making 1960 the only year that two of the Tribe’s offensive running backs were named All-State in the same season). John Carber became the first Redskin to be selected “first team” when he was given that honor on both on the AP and UPI squads in 1961 for his play as an offensive tackle.

Needless to say, since those days of Schuh and Stricker, the list of Redskins honored with All-State status has continued to grow. And so that not a fan will be left wondering, all the Neshaminy players that have received “All-State” status over the years are listed directly below with the AP selections first followed next by the Pennsylvania Sportswriters’ picks. The UPI honorees are third in line before the PFN and the PFN/Coaches’ lists round out the rosters. Note also that the position designations including in the lists are as were used by the selecting group in the year that a player was chosen.

We will link any available documentation to the player name below. If a player is linked, their name will be in bold letters.

Associated Press All-State Redskins
AP teams selected from 1939 to 2008 seasons.

1959HMHarry SchuhBack
19603rdJack StrickerBack
19611stJohn CarberTackle
19621stBob CummingsCenter
19631stBob BaxterFullback
19652ndJim ColbertQuarterback
19693rdBrad KeppleyDefensive Back
1969HMSteve SrobaDefensive Back
1969HMRick RosenblattLinebacker
19701stMike EmanuelLinebacker
19702ndBruce McHaleCenter
19711stDale ForchettiEnd
19712ndChuck LodgeCenter
19713rdPete CordelliQuarterback
1971HMBruce McHaleLinebacker
1971HMPete SckupakasLinebacker
1972HMBart SmithRunning Back
1972HMJoe SrobaRunning Back
1973HMRalph ClarkLinebacker
1975HMEli WeissmanEnd
19783rdBob Dumont NMPDefensive Line
1981HMTom MagdelinskasTight End
19882ndTerry SauerbyOffensive Line
19882ndBrian MoserLinebacker
1988HMArtie JamesDefensive Line
19892ndMike FrederickLinebacker
19903rdCornelius WhiteQuarterback
20011stJamar BrittinghamRunning Back
20013rdKeith EnnisWide Receiver
20023rdKevin KellyPlacekicker
20041stGeorg ColemanSpecialist
20041stKevin KellyPlacekicker
20051stTom McEowenDefensive Line
20052ndChris DainoDefensive Line
20081stDan ShireyDefensive Line
20082ndPaul CarrezolaDefensive Line

United Press International All-State Redskins
UPI teams selected from 1952 to 1984 seasons.

19592ndHarry SchuhFullback
19602ndHarry SchuhFullback
1960HMJack StrickerRunning Back
19611stJohn CarberTackle
19623rdBob CummingsCenter
1962HMBob BaxterFullback
19631stBob BaxterFullback
1964HMFred TragemannOffensive Line
1964HMTed KaminskiRunning Back
19651stJim ColbertQuarterback
1965HMFred CongerGuard
19701stMike EmanuelTackle
1970HMAndy KochRunning Back
19711stDale ForchettiEnd
19711stChuck LodgeCenter
19711stPete CordelliQuarterback
1971HMBruce McHaleEnd
19722ndMark StrawbridgeTackle
19722ndJoe SrobaRunning Back
19731stMatt BahrPlacekicker
19752ndJeff RatnerPlacekicker

Pennsylvania Football News All-State Redskins
PFN teams selected under this name from 1998 to 2008 seasons.

19981stAntoine LovelaceWide Receiver
20011stJamar BrittinghamRunning Back
20012ndSteve BrettOffensive Line
20012ndChuck KochDefensive Line
20013rdJay CollinsLinebacker
20021stGeoff DonahueDefensive Line
20023rdKevin KellyPlacekicker
20041stGeorg ColemanAthlete
20041stKevin KellyPlacekicker
20042ndTom McEowenOffensive Line
20042ndKevin StaubLinebacker
20043rdJoe MoutouxLinebacker
2004HMAndy MarinoOffensive Line
2004HMAndrew FlogelQuarterback
2004HMChris DainoTight End
20051stTom McEowenDefensive Line
20052ndJarred KinneyRunning Back
20052ndChris DainoDefensive Line
20053rdScott SchiavoDefensive Line
20072ndJason UlmerRunning Back
20081stDan ShireyDefensive Line
20082ndPaul CarrezolaDefensive Line

PFN/Coaches’ All-State Redskins
PFN/Coaches’ teams started using this name in 2009 to present
and 6A Coaches’ Select All-State Redskins
PFN/Coaches’ teams started using this name in 2018
In 2020 a “PFN Pick” was added to each classification. This selection is someone PFN believed was overlooked and should be on an All-State Team.

Effective the 2016 Season, Neshaminy moved from Class AAAA to Class AAAAAA

20093rdCorey MajorsLinebacker
2009HMBryan DeanRunning Back
20101stCorey MajorsLinebacker
20102ndRyan KatonaDefensive Line
20104thDwight WilliamsDefensive back
2010HMCharlie MarterellaQuarterback
2011HMBobby MarterellaDefensive Back
2011HMKiser TerryDefensive Line
2011HMChris KutsubosOffensive Line
2011HMBryan ReicePunter
2011HMNicholas TucciPlacekicker
2011HMSean UlmerRunning Back
2012HMLuke CarrezolaDefensive Line
2012HMNate HallRunning Back
20131st Luke Carrezola Tight End
20131stDenny LordLinebacker
20131stD'Andre PollardRunning Back
20132ndJohn KochOffensive Line
20133rdAlex NicolasDefensive Line
2015HMHunter KellyOffensive Line
2015HMHarmon YalartaiDefensive Line
20161stOleh ManzykTight End
2016HMWill DogbaRunning Back
20171stOleh ManzykLinebacker
2017HMLou DiFrancescoDefensive Line
20182ndOleh ManzykLinebacker
20182ndCory JoyceAthlete
20192ndIan SheehanWide Receiver
20201stChris JamesRunning Back
20202nd John Hutchinson Outside Linebacker
20211stSean O'HaraLong Snapper
20232ndTravis LavelahHB

Pennsylvania Sportswriters’ All-State Redskins
PA Sportswriters’ team selections started in 2009 season to present.

20091stBryan DeanAll Purpose
20102ndRyan KatonaDefensive Line
20131stLuke CarrezolaTight End
20131stD'Andre Pollard*Running Back
20191stIan SheehanWide Receiver
*4A player of the year

USA Today-Pennsylvania All-State Redskins
USA Today-Pennsylvania team selections started in 2013 season to present.

20131stLuke CarrezolaDefensive Line