All Lower Bucks Selections

Below is a list of players selected to the All-Lower Bucks teams from 1933 to 1967.

Many thanks go to Don Cameron’s daughter Brenda Masulis and Craig Johns (67), in supplying this information. If we have a corresponding newspaper article we will link to it.

First Team − Marlowe Covington, E
Second Team − Levi Derry, B
Honorable Mention − J. Daugherty, B
Honorable Mention − Ed Black, E

First Team − William Ross, B
Second Team − Levi Derry, B
Honorable Mention − Ed Webster, C
Honorable Mention − Meldrum, B

First Team − Walter Carter, T
First Team − Ray Lawrence, B
Second Team Levi Derry, B
Honorable Mention − Jake Stradling, E
Honorable Mention − William Walsh, T

First Team − Bill McCahan, B
First Team − Walter Carter T
Second Team − Jake Stradling, E
Honorable Mention − Chuck Klein, B

Second Team − Bill McCahan, B
Second Team − Chuck Klein, B
Second Team − Taddei, G
Second Team − Lloyd Reed, E

First Team − Chuck Klein, B
First Team − Bob Corrigan, C
Second Team − Taddei, G
Second Team − Tom Carney, B
Honorable Mention − Dick Hastings, T

Honorable Mention − Warren Gotwald, B

Second Team − Warren Gotwald, B
Second Team − R. Cloak, T
Honorable Mention − Leroy Slater, T

Second Team − Leroy Slater, T
Second Team − T. Wheatley, E

First Team − Norm Knox, B
First Team − Rich Walsh, G
Second Team − Jim Salvadore, C
Second Team − Carter, T
Second Team − Jim Flannery, B
Second Team − Ken Clark, B
Second Team − W. Cloak, T

Second Team − Joe Lukens, B

First Team − Joe Lukens, B
Second Team − Wayne “Inky” Schneider, B
Second Team − Russ Haines, T
Honorable Mention − Harry Taylor, G
Honorable Mention − Al Adair, E
Honorable Mention − Rob Hitchener, E
Honorable Mention − Don Kaleda, G

First Team − Wayne “Inky” Schneider, B
Second Team − Phil Righter, B
Second Team − Don Kaleda, G

First Team − Wayne “Inky” Schneider, B
First Team − Warren Tucker, T
First Team − Rob Griffin, C
First Team − Rich Lukens, B
Second Team − Bill Haman, T
Second Team − Bill Fizzano, E
Second Team− Semarion Brown, B
Second Team− Don Kaleda, G

First Team − Warren Tucker, T
First Team − Armand Fizzano, B
First Team − George Beswick
First Team − Tom Salvadore, C

First Team − Bernie VanSant, T
Second Team − Armand Fizzano, B
Honorable Mention − Ed Bodenschatz, T
Honorable Mention − S. B. Brown, G
Honorable Mention − Harry Curtis, G
Honorable Mention − Calvin Tobias, G
Honorable Mention − Victor Gring, C
Honorable Mention − Ray Mongillo, B

First Team − Calvin Tobias, G
First Team − Bob Davis, T
Second Team − Victor Gring, C
Second Team − Ray Mongillo, B
Honorable Mention − Frank Reilly, T
Honorable Mention − Herb Kaupp, QB
Honorable Mention − Jack Cassidy, B
Honorable Mention − Max Lawrence, B
Honorable Mention − Willam Schneider

Second Team − Ray Mongillo, B
Second Team − Donald Leitch, G
Second Team − Ed Carber, T

First Team − Donald Leitch, G
First Team − Al Hoffman, E
Second Team − Lou Maurer, B

First Team − Lou Maurer, B
First Team − Al Hoffman, E
First Team − Ferman Lex, E
First Team − Tom Lauther, G
First Team − Steve Cloak, C
First Team − Gary Latham, B

First Team − Stan Covington, E
First Team − Don Cameron, B
First Team − Ken Kauffman, B
Second Team − J. Harvey, T
Second Team − Bill Shapcott, C
Second Team − G. Lathem, B
Honorable Mention − Monty Ahlum, E
Honorable Mention − Tom Buckley. B

First Team − Stan Covington, E
First Team − Don Cameron, B
First Team − Robert Rothenbach, C
First Team − Errol Faunce, B
Second Team − Monty Ahlum, E
Second Team − Fred Buhner, T
Second Team − Andy Davis, G
Second Team − Joe Moronese, B

First Team − Monty Ahlum, E
First Team − Errol Faunce, B
First Team − Andy Davis, G
First Team − Ned Moyer, B
Second Team − George Rumsey, E
Second Team − Steve Nieckoska, T
Second Team − Bill Barrett, B

Not Available

First Team − Frank Conroy T
Second Team − Ed Fiorelli E
Second Team − Tom George T
Second Team − Frank Sarr G
Second Team − Tom Stricker HB
Honorable Mention − Bill Fisher E
Honorable Mention − Ken Gover T
Honorable Mention − Jerry Mohn T
Honorable Mention − Tom Nuss T
Honorable Mention − Al Gaskill HB
Honorable Mention − Jerry Mladgen FB

First Team − Ed Fiorelli, E
First Team − Herb Cummings, C
First Team − Al Gaskill, HB
First Team − Harry Schuh, FB
Second Team − Jerry Mohn, G
Second Team − Don Bockhorn, G
Second Team − Jack Stricker, HB
Honorable Mention − Werner Frentrop, E
Honorable Mention − Tom Nuss, T
Honorable Mention − Ken Gover, T
Honorable Mention − Harry Davis, G
Honorable Mention − Rich Simon, QB

First Team − Ed Fiorelli, E
First Team − Bill Watkins, G
First Team − Herb Cummings C
First Team − Jack Stricker HB
First Team − Harry Schuh FB
Second Team − Tom Evans, G
Honorable Mention − Bob Rumsey E
Honorable Mention − Barry White T
Honorable Mention − Don Bockhorn G
Honorable Mention − Tom Richards B

First Team − Harry Schuh, FB
First Team − Jack Stricker, HB
First Team − Jack Currie, G
First Team – Dick Bonsall T
Second Team − Richie Held,  E
Second Team − John Carber, T
Second Team − Brian Baker, G
Honorable Mention − Fran McCollum, B
Honorable Mention − Rich Boerckel, B

First Team − Allan Rell, E
First Team − John Carber, T
First Team − Bob Cummings, G
First Team − Brian Baker, B
First Team − Ed Kaminski, HB
Second Team − Bob Baxter, FB
Honorable Mention − Bill Schumberg, E
Honorable Mention − John Sauers, T
Honorable Mention − Robert Bickel, G
Honorable Mention − John Wichelman, G
Honorable Mention − Tom Preno, B, LB

Section Teams (added for the first time)
All-Section First Team− Allan Rell, E
All-Section First Team− John Carber, T
All-Section First Team− Bob Cummings, C, E
All-Section First Team− Brian Baker, G
All-Section First Team− Richard Bonsall, T
All-Section First Team− Ed Kaminski, HB
All-Section First Team− Bob Baxter, FB

Player of the Year− John Carber
Back of the Year− Ed Kaminski
Kicker of the Year− Bill Schemberg
Coach of the Year− John Petercuskie
Game of the Year− Neshaminy – LaSalle

Overall Squad added with Offense and Defense
Offense − Milt Rassier, E
Offense − Ed Michael, T
Offense − Bruce Galvin G
Offense − Bob Cummings C
Offense − Bob Baxter B
Defense − Rich Lauther, E
Defense − Tom Preno, LB
Defense − Bob Barr, HB
Honorable Mention Offense− Ralph Basch, T
Honorable Mention Offense− Tom Preno, QB
Honorable Mention Defense− Jenkins, T
Honorable Mention Defense− John Wichelman, G
Honorable Mention Defense− Bob Cummings, LB
Honorable Mention Defense− Bill Brudzo, B

Section Teams
All-Section First Team − Milt Rassier, E
All-Section First Team − Ed Michael, T
All-Section First Team − Ralph Basch, T
All-Section First Team − Bruce Galvin G
All-Section First Team − Bob Cummings C
All-Section First Team − Tom Preno, QB
All-Section First Team − Bob Baxter B
Receiving Votes for All-Section First Team− Bob Barr, HB

Offense – Bruce Sauerbry, T
Defense – Dave Ivins, E
Homorable Mention D – Tom Munski, LB

Section Teams
All-Section First Team – Dave Ivins, E
All-Section First Team – Tom Munski, LB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Ernie Forchetti, QB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Dave Rakita, B
All-Section Honorable Mention – Frank DeMazza, E
All-Section Honorable Mention – SamSpaddacino, LB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Bill Daenz, LB

Offense  – Bruce Haynes, T
Defense – William Swenson, T
Honorable Mention Offense – Nick Fizzano, T
Honorable Mention Defense− Bill Daens, B
Honorable Mention Defense− Steve Sroba, B

Section Teams
All-Section First Team – Bruce Haynes, T
All-Section First Team – Bill Daens, B
All-Section First Team – William Swenson, T
All-Section First Team – Nick Fizzano, T
All-Section First Team – Steve Sroba, B
All-Section Honorable Mention – Joe Ramos, T
All-Section Honorable Mention – John Westlake, G
All-Section Honorable Mention – Brian Ryder, G
All-Section Honorable Mention – William Mahoney, E

1968 – No newspaper articles available

Section Teams
All-Section First Team – Bruce McHale, C
All-Section First Team – Steve Sroba, RB
All-Section First Team – Vince Forchetti, T
All-Section First Team – Rick Rosenblatt, MG
All-Section First Team – Mike Emanual, LB
All-Section First Team – Dennis Smith, DB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Ken Johnston, E
All-Section Honorable Mention – Walter Justice, T
All-Section Honorable Mention – Bill Day, G
All-Section Honorable Mention – John Swartz, QB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Chuck Gearhart, RB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Andy Koch, RB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Ed Romanowsky, RB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Tim Kelly, LB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Mark Mattingley, LB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Brad Keppley, DB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Mike Homes, DB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Reed Madden, DB

1970 – No newspaper articles available

1971 – No newspaper articles available

Section Teams
All-Section First Team – Steve Gale, E
All-Section First Team – Ben Watson, T
All-Section First Team – Harry Cook, G
All-Section First Team – Bob Grupp, QB
All-Section First Team – Jack Wills, E
All-Section First Team – Mark Strawbridge, IL
All-Section First Team – Bob Miller, LB
All-Section First Team – Bart Smith, DB
All-Section Second Team – Mark Donahue. rb
All-Section Second Team – Matt Bahr. K
All-Section Second Team – Mike Hayes. IL
All-Section Second Team – Frank Conger, LB
All-Section Second Team – Steve Gale, DB
All-Section Third Team – Jerry Coniglio, T
All-Section Third Team – Bob Fox, E
All-Section Third Team – Ellis Connor, LB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Tim O’Brien, E
All-Section Honorable Mention – Pat Romett, G
All-Section Honorable Mention – Mark Stevenson, C
All-Section Honorable Mention – Len Barker, RB
All-Section Honorable Mention – Don Dripps, DB