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A New Look

Welcome to the new site! After several years of work and a lot of blood sweat and tears, we have finally launched our new site. While it will take a few months (who am I fooling - we really mean a few years) to catch up on updates on all the recaps from 2000 to 2018 and completing the older decades, there is still a ton of great information ... More


Coach’s Meet and Greet – Franklin-Frederick reunited

Meet the head coaches! – Frederick, Franklin to be at July 25th event – July 25, 2014 LANGHORNE: Unless you've been on a deserted island for the last year, we're sure you're fully aware that two 1990 Neshaminy graduates have made some big news lately. Of course, we're talking about Mike Frederick and James Franklin. Both former ... More


Girls Soccer Champs 2013

Congratulations to our PA State Champion Lady Redskins who were also ranked seventh in the country by the National Soccer Coaches of America! November 22, 2013 1. Maria Carillo (Santa Rosa, CA) - 20-0-1 2. Northern Highlands (Allendale, N.J.) - 21-0-1 3. Houston (Germantown, Tenn.) - 22-0-1 4. Newton North (Newton, Mass.) 19-0-2... More

Neshaminy fans ready for action

The Big Picture 34 – Milestones

The Big Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Redskin history: 1928 through 2022 July 28, 2013 (Updated 2022) Langhorne: Sitting around my office the other day, and throwing darts at the calendar to kill time (when is that August 30 kickoff game against Northeast High gonna get here, hurry up please), I decided to pass some time by ... More

2004 D1 Champions

The Big Picture 30 – The 2004 Team

2004: A Return To Hershey! By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter April 04, 2013 Just 36 months following the 2001 team's successful campaign which saw them claim the state championship as they turned back Woodland Hills, 21-17, in the 4A title game at Hershey, the 2004 'Skins were in Chocolate Town looking to grab some gold for themselves. And ... More

The Big Picture 29 – 500,000 Visitors

The Big Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter 500,000 and counting: Over half-a-million visitors to ′Skins site! February 26, 2013 Langhorne: They say the numbers don't lie and, in this case, they certainly aren't. For in just the eight years since "the site" started keeping count, over 500,000 fans have now stopped by the ... More


The Big Picture 27 – 85 Years – A Winning Tradition

Neshaminy Redskins football: A winning tradition 85 years in the making! February 18, 2013 Photo above - A night game is played at "Heartbreak Ridge" circa 1958 (the original wooden bleachers and lights seem quaint by today's standards). This coming season will see the Neshaminy Redskins take to the gridiron for their 86th season. ... More


The Big Picture 27 – Countdown to the 2012 Season

2012: The countdown is on! By Paula G. Ace Sports Correspondent August 7, 2012 Langhorne: By the time you're reading this there will be less than a month till the 'Skins kick off the 2012 season. And personally, I've been counting the days since 2011 was put to bed so I'm more than ready. Plus besides the excitement of a brand new year, ... More


The Big Picture 24 – Some Comings and Goings

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Some comings and goings! June 1, 2011 LANGHORNE: Can you believe it's mid-May already! Time really flies, doesn't it? Course, I think that's just great as it means the football season is only three months away. And as you all have surely become accustomed to hearing from me this same time ... More

The Big Picture 23 – Our Boys of Fall

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Our boys of fall November 7, 2010 Langhorne: Wow - another regular season in the books; another ten games packed away for all time. And just like that too, as it seems like it was just yesterday that we all drove up north a ways to watch the 'Skins play Souderton as the 2010 campaign got ... More