The Big Picture 27 – 85 Years – A Winning Tradition

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Neshaminy Redskins football:

A winning tradition 85 years in the making!

February 18, 2013

Photo above – A night game is played at “Heartbreak Ridge” circa 1958 (the original
wooden bleachers and lights seem quaint by today’s standards).


This coming season will see the Neshaminy Redskins take to the gridiron for their 86th season. First fielding a team in 1928 (as Langhorne-Middletown High School), the 2013 opener will be game number 860 for the ‘Skins. With 519 wins under their belt as well as enough league championships, all-state players, Hall of Fame coaches, “Great Moments” and playoff and mythical state championships to fill a library, one of our “jobs” here at is chronicling that great history in one place and for all time. But we couldn’t do it without the help of the many fans, players, coaches, family members and others who have provided us scrapbooks, pictures, personal stories, newspaper articles, videos and much, much more to help document the Neshaminy football story. And we do our best to get the information up on the site as quickly as possible — and as accurate and correct as it can be. We welcome comments and “Correction of Facts” when necessary while we’re always on the lookout for help in filling in missing pieces. So when you’re reading through the site if you see something that’s not quite right, let us know. And if you have yearbook photos, team pictures, game programs or anything at all that will add to our mission here at the site, please let us know as almost all of what we have was made available by our visitors. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your help.

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