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Game 8 | Saturday October 20, 2007

Neshaminy 31 – North Penn 7

Redskins prevail over Knights


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Langhorne: On a beautiful day that was brilliantly lit by an October sun, the playing field of Harry E. Franks Stadium was transformed into nothing less than a Wild West town main street. And although the image that comes to mind is that of a dirt raw, wind-swept avenue with frightened townsfolk as its only spectators, the reality was a packed house of screaming fans at Heartbreak Ridge. Peering down at the rich green of the grass that served as the OK Corral for Neshaminy and North Penn, the story as here recalled unfolded before them. But not just a football game was played out for those in attendance, instead, it was the metaphor for all the great stories of courage and struggle - westerns or otherwise - that have been told and celebrated.

Following a plot line ordained by time, this story too had a beginning, middle and end. While for its protagonist, and not unlike the heroes of all tales such as this who are still nursing the winging bullet wound of the week before, standing tall at high noon and raising Colt 45s with the latest gunslinger bent on dominance was the only choice to be made. And notwithstanding the plaintiff pleas to the contrary of family, friends and good sense - that was truly the only option.

Then once in place, with the contest swiftly underway, the sound of two gunshots still ringing in ears provided compelling testimony as to what had just occurred. And just as quickly, the gun smoke drifting from now hot barrels became the only movement that captured the gaze; otherwise the deafening silence overwhelmed the senses. The hanging suspense was to be ended only by the thud of a body.

Then there was one - just one that remained upright with that October sun dancing off squinting eyes; however, this time the name that belonged wasn't Wayne, Cooper, Stewart or Eastwood but Kinney, Ulmer, Renson, Steinberg, Martell, Capanna and on and on. And reholstering those weapons for now, it was Neshaminy that earned this week's notch; it was Neshaminy that kicked the dust from its boots and walked away as the winner.

Thus, the real story of this week's game is revealed. For while its outcome was determined by much more than the performance of a single deed it was still, at its essence, not at all the story of a team that quit and slipped away quietly into the blackness of defeat. No, not that at all. Rather, it was - and will always be - the story of a team that although knocked to the canvas, got up on its feet and back into the game.

Neshaminy - you are this week's champion.


Game 8
Neshaminy 10 7 7 7 31
North Penn 0 7 0 0 7

Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

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Video by Matt Bartolacci