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Game 10 | Friday October 31, 2008 | Senior Night

Neshaminy 16 – Pennsbury 13

‘Skins snag SOL crown; set for playoffs


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Langhorne: It doesn't get much bigger than Neshaminy versus Pennsbury and this year's game was no exception. With both teams at 8-1, this contest was for all the marbles. So with the SOL-National Conference title and key playoff seeding going to the winner, theres no point in wasting time chatting so let's get right too it!

The Falcons started it off as they received and took the opening kickoff out to the 26. And then showing why they're in the thick of it this year, they drove the distance in just over six-minutes for the first score of the night. With the PAT wide, though, Pennsbury's lead was kept to just 6-0. Kicking off to Neshaminy, the 'Skins then started on their own 25. Moving it out smartly at first, that initial Tribe drive stalled out at midfield and after the Mike Wynne punt, the Falcons were back in business again. But not for long as a Pennsbury runner coughed it up with the recovery by a Moleskinner inside the Black & Orange 30-yard line. Driving down to the three, it was Seth Jeffries who finished off that Redskin possession with a 20-yard field goal as the score went to 6-3.

After the ensuing kickoff left Pennsbury starting near their end zone, they put up a three and out and were forced to punt. With Bryan Dean looking sharp, he returned it to the visitor's 35 where the Blue and Red set up shop. Then running left and running right, Jay Colbert and Dean powered it down to the end zone with Dean earning the last 8 for the score. The Jeffries' PAT was true and the home team then went up 10-6. Following the kickoff and a penalty, Pennsbury found itself starting deep at their own 12. Feeling the need to go up top, a Pennsbury pass was picked off by Cody ONeal and returned to the 19 for a 1st and ten for the Indians.

Following a pattern, it was Dean then running through some big holes to get it to the 8-yard line for a first and goal. But going to 4th and 5, it was Jeffries connecting again for a 20-yard, 3-pointer to make it 13-6 for the Creek Kids. After the ensuing kickoff, Pennsbury finally had some decent field position as they started at the 35 after the ball bounced out of bounds.

Try as they might, the Falcons couldn't get their offense in gear as they posted another three and out and they punted once more. After the kick, it was then Neshaminy starting at their own 25 with very little time remaining in the 2nd quarter. But looking very sharp, a nice run by Dean followed by a Brian Titus pass to Paul Carrezola had the pigskin moved to the Pennsbury 44 for a Neshaminy first and ten. Titus then found Tyler Orr at the 14 for a big first down with just under 30 seconds on the clock. Two more passes fell incomplete before Jeffries came in to nail his third field goal, this time a 31-yarder, as the first half ended. With the teams then heading to the locker rooms for the break, it was the Langhorne gang on top, 16-6.

Back on the field after the rest period, it was Neshaminy receiving the kick as Dean returned it to the 27 to start the final two quarters. But failing to convert on their first possession, Neshaminy was required to punt with Pennsbury then grabbing control of the ball in 'Skins territory after a great punt return. And just like earlier in the game, they showed the crowd they meant business as they found pay dirt in a hurry. After the PAT was good, it then went to a 16-13 ball game.

Then receiving the kickoff, it was Dean once again doing the honors for Neshaminy as they started at their own 25. Looking good yet again, the Tribe drove it out to mid-field where that drive fizzled with Mike Wynne then punting the ball down to the Pennsbury 17 where the visitors took over. Unable to convert, this time it was Pennsbury punting away. After taking over once more, it seemed as if Neshaminy was back in charge as they weave, bobbed, passed and ran it down to the Falcon 22-yard line; however, that's where they ran out of gas on downs. But Pennsbury didn't fare much better as they were forced to punt after going nowhere on three attempts. Unfortunately, the ball hit a Neshaminy player and it was recovered by a Falcon at the Neshaminy 45 with just over 8-minutes left in the game. But with the Moleskinner defense saying nothing doing, the Birds punted and Neshaminy then took over on their own 4-yard line after the kick.

Catching their breath for just a moment, the Blue and Red sucked it up and started moving the rock out into the open field. In fact, in just a few plays it was the 'Skins on the 40 with a first and ten with less than 3 minutes in the game. And that field position was courtesy of Quilan Arnold as he showed why hes called 'The Mini-Bus' as he provided the bulk of that effort. Then it was Colbert who powered it down to the Pennsbury 40 followed by another 'Skin runner who lugged it to the 33. With the clock then at 1:17, the Falcons burned a timeout and were called for an unsportsmanlike conduct during some confusion on the field. As the clock then started back up, it was Neshaminy with a first and ten at the 18 yard-line. And with no need to do much more than grab a knee at that point, were happy to report: Game to' Skins!

Wow! Is there much more to say? We don't think so other than yelling out a big THANK YOU to the team and coaching staff for the effort they made all year long. And with this win our boys not only won their ninth straight game, they also snagged the SOL-National Conference trophy and put themselves in great shape for the District One playoff seedings. Speaking of the playoffs, we aren't sure just yet who will be in town next weekend but the good news is we will be seeing you all at Heartbreak Ridge next Friday or Saturday for Round One of the festivities.

See you at the game.


Game 10

Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

For more game photos go to Jesse Garber on Zenfolio



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