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Game 6 | October 9, 2009

Neshaminy 35 – William Tennent 7

Tribe workmanlike in win


game 6 tennent

Warminster: Hitting the road to take on the William Tennent Panthers at Alumni Stadium in Warminster, the Redskins continued with 2009 SOL play. And with several other conference members posting strong year-to-date efforts, a win was a must. So with the back story set, and the weather cooperating fully, it couldn't have been a better evening for more Friday Night Lights action in Lower Bucks County. Feeling confident that you're all in agreement, let's get right to it.

Taking the kickoff, the 'Skins started off at their own 20 after the ball made the end zone. Then with Brian Titus under center, Neshaminy came out throwing on first down as Frank Csaszar grabbed the first pass of the game and took it past mid-field. But even though Bryan Dean took it in close to the goal line on some classy efforts, another Redskin back fumbled it away with Tennent recovering it for a touchback and a first and ten at their own twenty. Not able to move it out, the Panthers were forced to punt and after the return, the Tribe was quickly back inside Tennent territory. Just a few plays later, and thanks to more nice moves by Dean, the ball was soon down at the three where Steve Stemme got the call and the score. With the kick wide, the 'Skins went up 6-0.

After the return it was the Panthers in control on their own 35. But once again Tennent couldn't advance the ball and after punting it away, Dean nearly busted it as he returned it to the 40 for another Skins first down. Then mixing it up, the 'Skins took it down to the one where Dean punched it in on a fourth down play. Going for two, it was Charlie Marterella then finding Dean open for the conversion which made it 14-0 for Langhorne. Booting it away, it was the Panthers with the ball at their own twenty after the exchange with plenty of time remaining in the second-quarter; however, still not finding their offensive footing, another Panther punt followed. And in just a blink of the eye, it was Dean taking a handoff and then sprinting 47 yards to pay dirt. Domico's PAT was good and it went to 21-0 for the Blue and Red.

With the ball back in their hands, Tennent showed some life as they moved the ball out near mid-field. But then just like that, Kyran Kervick picked a Panther pass for his fifth aerial steal of the season. Starting off on their own 35, Neshaminy rolled out their Wildcat offense which showcased Dean's abilities as he rambled down to the Tennent 30 on several direct snaps. From there it was Titus going up top and finding Rick Brebner for the score. Domico was on the money again and the scoreboard rolled to 28-0 for Neshaminy with just a few minutes left in the first half of play. With Tennent still not having much luck, Neshaminy found itself with the ball near mid-field with under a minute to go. And although making a strong effort, the clock expired before they could add to their positive balance.

Back on the field after the break, it was Tennent receiving and looking good on their opening effort as they chewed up 6 minutes on the clock as they marched right down the field for a score. With the extra point good, the Panthers closed the gap as the score went to 28-7. Then after the kickoff and a start at the twenty, a nice drive which was highlighted by a Corey Majors' run for 30 yards ended in a muffed fake punt giving the ball back to Tennent at their own 46. But in no time it was back to Neshaminy after the Panthers couldn't convert on a fourth down try at the 'Skins' 45. Then with Dean doing the heavy lifting to move it down the field, it was Marterella finding Csaszar for a 15-yard airlanes strike. With Domico not missing, it went to 35-7 for the Creek Kids as the fourth-quarter beckoned.

With the 'Skins defense back in control, the Panthers were unable to do much with the ball and punted. As Tennent snagged a terrific roll, Neshaminy started off at their own four-yard line. But Dean immediately had it out to the 15 for a first and breathing room with a couple of follow up efforts by the second-unit guys that had come on the field then moving it out to the 30. That drive soon stalled, though, and a strong punt gave it back to Tennent at their seven-yard line with five minutes to go. Still, the Panthers couldn't do much either and it was Dean fair-catching it at the mid-field stripe with a few minutes still remaining that gave the ball back to Neshaminy. From there the understudies moved it down to the six-yard line where the clock was allowed to expire and end the contest.

And as we love to say: Game to 'Skins!

Now at 5-1, the Redskins are down to just four more games in the regular season. And at 2-1 in the SOL-National, they are right in the thick of the hunt for both a strong playoff seed and a shot at another conference crown. But with both Council Rock teams, Bensalem and Pennsbury consisting of nothing less than tough, talented and ready-to-play opponents, the Blue and Red have their work cut out for them. So knowing that Dean and company found some good footing tonight certainly bodes well for the upcoming tasks.

Kicking off the stretch run, next week sees another road game as the Schmidtmen travel to Council Rock South on Friday night. And with the Golden Hawks looking solid from top to bottom, this one should be classic 12-rounder.

Game Captains: Shane Quinn (#5 - JR), Charlie Marterella (#16 - JR), Bryan Dean (#28 - SR), Stephen Stemme (#32 - SR).

See you at the game.


Game 6
Wm Tennent

Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

For more game photos go to Jesse Garber on Zenfolio



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