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Game 10 | Saturday November 2, 2012
Senior Day

Neshaminy 0 – Pennsbury 7

‘Skins nipped by Falcons


Game 10

LANGHORNE: With Sandy still uppermost in the minds of Lower Bucks County's citizens, it does put in perspective just what's important. Still, amidst the destruction, disruption, and difficulties it is comforting to be able to step away for a moment and focus on things like a football game. And although it's just a game, in this case, it's Neshaminy versus Pennsbury lining up at Heartbreak Ridge. With a tradition that dates back to 1930, were sure this Saturday's contest will allow the staffs and administrations of both schools; the families and fans; the players and coaches; and of course, the Lower Bucks community a few hours to step away from the work of cleaning up as they enjoy the spectacle of great high school ball. So let's get to it.

Pennsbury won the toss but deferred the ball till the second-half. Jake Fox took the pooch-kick for the Creek Kids. Getting to the 33, that's where Neshaminy started it off. Gaining nine on three tries, a punt followed and Pennsbury took over on their 30 after the fair catch. Returning the favor, the Black & Orange then went three and out as well. A long punt by the Black Birds rolled into the endzone and it was the Redskins on their 20 yard line after the refs set it up.

Taking the initial handoff, Nate Hall busted it out to the 39 for a nice gain. Denny Lord then helped Hall as the duo grabbed another 'Skins first out to the 50. Stalling out there, it was the 'Skins with another punt. Held up by the wind, Pennsbury started at their 31. Three carries saw the Falcons earn a first out to the 43 as the first-quarter ended. Following the flip-flop by the teams, and on a crucial third and long that followed, a very nice pass play gave the Falcons a first at the Blue & Red's 17. In four down territory, the Redskin D came up tough as they stopped that Falcon drive despite four tries for the required ten yards.

Taking over at their 17, Neshaminy went nowhere and punted once again. With Zach Miller getting a hold of it, and after a great Neshaminy roll, it was Pennsbury with the ball again at their 30. As the defenses where playing tough, the Falcons were forced to punt too and after the roll it was the Schmidtmen with a first at their 36. Going to a fourth and inches at the 46 the 'Skins came up short when a back lost his footing.

Taking over at that spot, and with three minutes on the clock, Pennsbury went to a fourth and a foot but made it by inches to earn another set of downs with one minute on the clock. One run for six yards, and then a sharp pass for the rest of the distance, saw the Falcons strike first. The PAT was good and the Falcons were up 7-0. Kicking it back to Neshaminy, the 'Skins lined up at their 35 with 27 seconds on the clock. Looking to pass, the Creek Kids came up short as the clock hit zero and the teams broke for the locker rooms.

Taking the kick to start the second-half, it was Pennsbury at their 35 after the return. Neshaminy's defense held tough and after the punt it was Langhorne with the ball at their 25. Hugh Hart set up the troops but another three and out saw the 'Skins punting it back to the visitors. After the rolling kick it was Pennsbury with a first at their 36.

Staying on the ground, two tries by Pennsbury gained short yards before a Black & Orange back ripped off a long one down to the 22. Tightening up at that spot, it went to a fourth and ten when Trokon Buesmail intercepted a Falcon pass at the ten. From there Neshaminy moved it out a bit before setting up to punt. A hit on the punter gave the 'Skins a first but the offense still couldn't get it going. Punting it away as the quarter rolled over, it was Pennsbury taking over at their 15. Moving it out to mid-field, that Falcon drive came up short and a punt gave it back to Neshaminy at their 26 with eight minutes in the game.

Starting from there, it went to fourth and a foot at the 36. Lord then grabbed ten for a first as the ball was moved to the 46. Out to mid-field, it was Hart to Blake 'The Bull' Sullivan on a pass that had the 'Skins at the Falcons' 37 with three minutes to go in the final session. Going to a fourth down and long after a sack, Neshaminy called a timeout. Picking up 14 yards it was just short and the ball went back to Pennsbury with 1:50 still to play.

Pennsbury looked to stay on the ground and a couple of plays nabbed a first out at their 46. Pushing for a first, a Pennsbury back coughed up the ball as Alex McKenzie recovered to give Neshaminy a shot with 57 seconds to go. Two passes found only the ground as it went to a third down with 47 ticks left. Then it was Joe Falkowski finding Justin Andrews at the 17. With Falkowski then looking to do it again, a Pennsbury rush separated the ball from the 'Skin QB and it went back to Pennsbury. The gun then the curtain call after a knee grab by the Birds.

A great game by two great teams that came to play after a tough week in Lower Bucks and throughout the Northeast. A shoutout and thanks to the coaches and players for making it a terrific Saturday afternoon for all of us. Plus congratulations to Pennsbury for earning the SOL National crown with the win. And don't forget that both the Falcons and the 'Skins will be playing again next week as the playoffs get underway so there's still more football left to be played.

See you at the game.


Game 10
Neshaminy 0 0 0 0 0
Pennsbury 0 7 0 0 7


Team Qtr Time Description NHS OPP
P 2 0:30 34-yd TD (kick) 0 7

Photos by Jesse Garber

For more game photos go to Jesse Garber on Zenfolio



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