2006 Postseason

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A Season In The Books

By Paula G.
Ace Sports Reporter

November 05, 2006

To the 2006 Neshaminy Redskin Football Team:

For the past two and a half months we've had the pleasure of watching you show up at game time each week and roar on the field, ready to go. And for the record – every second, minute and hour of the experience of watching your exploits was as good as it gets. Now that it's over, we've realized very quickly just how much we're going to miss the season. It sure went by fast.

What a year too! Featuring some terrific highs (the four game streak after St. Joe's, that comeback against CB South, the Abington cliffhanger win and Bensalem) there were also some mighty low moments too - Pennridge, North Penn, Pennsbury. But then again, what do you expect as this game of football is a lot like life. Just when everything seems to be rolling along the way you planned, the rug gets pulled out from underneath your feet and you end up flat on your backside. Sure hurts when that happens, doesn't it?

But like that quote up above advises, better get used to being floored from time to time; however, as it also says, you better get used to dusting yourself off, standing up again and getting back in the fray. Because whether it's life – or Neshaminy Redskin football – it's all about the trying; all about the effort; all about the competing; all about the doing; all about the involvement. Get it?


"Getting knocked down isn't a crime. Not getting back up – now that's a crime."...Anonymous

So that's why we can say we had the pleasure of watching you each week. Yea – we had the pleasure of watching your efforts, your fight, your drive, your energy and your mettle. That's what we enjoyed. Oh by the way, in case we forgot to say it – thank you.

Now in closing, and to you seniors, get ready for the next level as it just gets trickier, not easier. Plus we'll miss the lot of you but just remember there's always a seat in Harry's House for a former player. As to you sophomores and juniors; let's just say we′re expecting a lot from you guys (and we do mean a lot because here at Neshaminy, we aim high). And one last thing – there's always next year.

We'll be waiting.

- NeshaminyFootball.com