Band Songs

Many thanks to Keith Pacheco, a former Band parent (Rachel ’01, flute and Julie ’03, trombone), who so kindly shared with me the words for these songs at the Spring-Ford game, to Homer Bombino for his beautiful videos of Mr. Touchdown and the School Song and to Mr. Lipton for all his assistance in obtaining this information.

Special thanks to Roy Nelson, former music teacher at Neshaminy from 1970 to 2003. Below are his recollections of these two songs:

“I graduated from Neshaminy in 1966, but attended football games from the time I was in 6th grade…. 1959 season…. exciting times for Neshaminy Football.

I’m not sure when the “Fight Song” started, but I don’t remember anything else ever being played at football games. The song is the “Washington and Lee Swing”, the song from Washington and Lee University. We actually play the arrangement that the University uses, or used at one time. For some reason, the song fell out of use in the late 1980’s, but I along with current director Mike Lipton brought it back into use. I know Dr. Ron Daggett used it.

“Mister Touchdown USA” is a pretty standard arrangement. Again, I don’t know when it was first used, but I don’t remember it NOT being used back in the 60’s.”

We hope you enjoy this little history of Neshaminy Band’s football songs. They bring a special excitement to the games.

Fight Song

Washington and Lee Swing: written in 1910 by Mark W. Sheafe, Clarence A. Robbins, and Thornton W. Allen

Oh when Neshaminy marches down the line

There’ll be a smashing victory every time

It’s for the dear old school we love so well

It’s for the dear old school we yell and yell and yell

So let us fight, fight, fight with all our might

So let us fight until the day is done

It’s for the old time yell of sis, boom ba

Rah rah rah! Go Neshaminy!

Mr. Touchdown

Mr. Touchdown: Words and Music by William Katz, Gene Piller, Ruth Roberts Copyright 1950

They al-ways call him Mis-ter Touch-down

They al-ways call him Mis-ter Team

He can run and kick and throw

Give him the ball and just look at him go

Hip. hip, hooray for Mis-ter Touch-down

He’s gon-na beat ’em to-day

So give a great big cheer for the he-ro of the year

Mis-ter Touch-down USA

Alma Mater

To the tune of “Varsity Song”, Holy Cross College

Neshaminy High School, true to the end

Echoes forever, spirits ascend

Honest endeavor, virue and strife

Memories bring us the best years of our life.

Hail Alma Mater, hail red and blue

Fellow Playwickians, we salute you

Fond recollections, vivid and true

Neshaminy High School, we’re loyal to you.

Adopted 1960 – Words by Shirley Heizmann ’52 – Musical Arrangement by Leroy Nelson ’66

2015 Neshaminy High School Choir Performing The School Song

1985 Marching Band

Courtesy of D Carson