Happenings June 2022

  • Carey Stadium Ocean City NJ

Hi Folks!

We are starting the year off with a big bang and traveling to Carey Stadium, Atlantic Ave & East 6th St, Ocean City, NJ 08226 for game number 1! Otherwise known as 'The Battle at the Beach". Reserve your tickets at https://gofan.co/app/events/545225?schoolId=NJ86336, as no tickets will available for purchase at the door. Be sure to select the Neshaminy Game.

We finally got all the remaining game programs scanned and updated. These were in 4 large boxes of media from Frankie McDermott and Bruce Traney and numbered close to 50 additional programs. Some of the treasures in that cache were the 1990 programs which contained the roster, seniors, team and coaching staff photos. We are still missing the following years: 1983, 1973, 1953, 1952, 1951 and 1949 and back. If you have any of these please contact us and we will pickup.  The ad programs are an invaluable source of research information and have allowed us to create Past Years. Many thanks to those alumni who contributed their old game programs!

And speaking of Past Years, we have completed the 2000s. They were quite a task as we have so much information that each year can take a week or more to complete. We will then pick up in the 90s and work our way back until we utilize all the available media. We are also creating Hall of Fame inductee media by year inducted. This is only possible if the senior photos are available, another reason why those game programs are so essential.

How about a waltz back in time? We were digging around in You Tube and we have a new treasure! Both videos were posted by Chad Watkins, son of Bill Watkins, a 1960 grad and stand out football player for the 'Skins. These are the oldest pieces of film in Redskin history! Many thanks to Chad for maintaining these and sharing with all of us! I reached out to Chad when I found the "1960 game footage" video (on the right) several years ago. Throw us a comment if you recognize any of these faces. We welcome all help in pinpointing this valuable piece of Redskin history!


Wow - Petercuskie in action! We know it is a game against Bensalem at home. It could be either Thursday, 11/27/1958, a 10:30 AM home game OR Saturday, 11/19/1960. a 2:00PM home game.

1959/1960 Game

Resident Redskin expert Paula G believes this must be of a 1959 game as Bill Watkins was a senior and the uniform matches this year. We know it is a home game, but which game is the question?