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Back in the day most high school football teams depended heavily on their run game to win by using a ground and pound approach. Neshaminy’s history is full of great backs; Bob Baxter, Jamar Brittingham, D’Andre Pollard, Harry Schuh, Jack Stricker, Don Cameron, Wayne Inky Schneider, Barr Brothers, Joe Sroba, Joe Moronese and Georg Coleman just to name a few. There have been many great quarterbacks as well; Mason Jones, Errol Faunce, Jim Deitz,  Jim Colbert, Andrew Flogel, Jason Wiater, Pete Cordelli Jr. and many more. Finding reliable stats before the advent of Hudl and Max Preps has been a daunting task.

We have slowly been working on digging up ‘Skins stats for posterity by combing through the 3,000 plus articles we have gathered going all the way back to the 1940s. In short, a never-ending work in progress made all the harder when the newspapers used to use ‘total season points scored’ with no breakdown of how those points were accrued.

Most Neshaminy quarterbacks we researched did not play until their senior year and while they put up great numbers for that single season their career stats cannot match up to our present string of quarterbacks who have 3 years or more years of experience under their belts. It is a testament to the talents of Mason Jones (2013-2016) that he held every single and career season record – until now.

We have kept our eye on current quarterback Brody McAndrew all season and have been watching him rack up the touchdowns with Ian Sheehan and counting….and we have some good news! Brody surpassed Mason’s 52 career touchdown passes record when he threw that 4th touchdown pass to Ian Sheehan in the 4th quarter of the Bensalem game last week. Brody now has 53 career touchdown passes from 2016-2019 and counting.

We all wish for that our Neshaminy quarterback be All-American, clean cut and well spoken and Brody fits the bill to a “T”. To say he is a great kid is an understatement. He is grace under pressure, willing to do whatever it takes to win and is as humble as they come. He has played both sides on the ball this year and while we collectively all held our breath when the defense was on the field and prayed he would not get hurt, we found that he can hold his own and has impressed us with his tackles and secondary coverage.

Congratulations Brody! You now hold the 92 year record for career touchdown passes and we predict a few more before end of season. We have been blessed to have been able to watch your progress over the years and we will continue to support you when you leave us for the University of New Hampshire. They are so lucky to have you.


QB Brody McAndrew Game 2 of 2019 Season – All Photos Courtesy of Jesse Garber