Site Statement



It has come to the attention of this site’s administration that a controversy has developed over the Neshaminy mascot and name which is Redskin or Redskins. In that regard, it is important that our readers, fans and visitors understand that this site is solely and only dedicated to reporting the history of the Neshaminy football program. That would include its mascot name or any other “nicknames” it may have had since its first team in 1928 (which the site understands and believes is “Redskin” as stated above). At present there is a serious and divisive discourse taking place over whether or not the term Redskin or Redskins is offensive or derogatory and discriminatory as against and concerning Native Americans. As the mandate of this site as described is rather straight-forward, it does not wish to become involved in the mascot controversy as a source of support for either viewpoint whether that be explicit or by implication. Thus, that section on the history of the Neshaminy mascot as previously contained hereinafter is being deleted until this matter is resolved by those persons and bodies that are in a position of authority and responsibility to so do and as is deemed appropriate by them and/or it or whatever method is ultimately pursued to reach such decision.

Still, the site does feel it is important to point out that the source of any information that was contained in the section as has now been deleted is available to the public through research at facilities such as the Grundy Library, the Levittown Library or even through “simple” Google searches (all were relied upon extensively). Many individuals and organizations were also helpful in that they provided the site with “scrapbooks” and other such compilations which were referenced, reviewed and used. Older yearbooks and editions of “The Playwickian” are available (and were reviewed) at the Neshaminy High School library. It is respectfully suggested that those interested in this discussion on the mascot name pursue similar research to support their opinions and feelings.

The site also points out that although factual in its “reporting”, it was not its intent to add the appearance of a bias or lack of respect to the importance of topics such as the one involved in this controversy. In fact, our readers are advised that no person involved in any aspect of this site supports or advocates discrimination of any sort or kind. Conversely, those involved in this site do understand that reasonable persons might adopt differing views on the same set of facts such as seems to be the “case” as to the Neshaminy mascot name. When that situation occurs, in any setting, it is hoped by this site’s “admin” that the “arguments” that follow are at all times civil and stay on topic rather than becoming mean spirited and filled with unnecessary comments and diatribes that serve no meaningful purpose other than to cause pain and hurt.

Finally, and so it is absolutely clear, this site is privately owned and operated. It is not under the control and direction of the Neshaminy School District, its officers or its Board. No member of the site’s “staff” is related to or affiliated with any member of its current football team, its coaching staff, any employee of the Neshaminy School District, the District’s administration or its Board. It receives no monetary support from the Neshaminy School District, or anyone associated with it, and is entirely self-supporting with financing provided by its “staff”. Its primary and only directive is to record and document the history of the Neshaminy Redskins Football program from its inception in 1928 through to the present. In following that single purpose, it relies upon records of events and occurrences as reported in local newspapers, student publications and through the personal stories of those people who have provided interviews when requested.