The Big Picture 22 – Abington Gift

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The BIG Picture

BY Paula G.
Ace Sports Reporter

An open letter to Abington
September 25, 2010

Langhorne: During halftime of this past Friday’s football game between the Redskins and the Ghosts at Harry Franks Memorial Stadium, the Abington family presented the Dapkey family with a check representing monies it had raised to assist in Marco’s fight. It was a terrific gesture and shows just what kind of wonderful, caring people make up the Abington school district, football program and community. So on behalf of the Dapkey family, and the entire Neshaminy family too, thank you Abington. It is noted and it is appreciated.

The Neshaminy family also apologizes for the loss of personal belongings which were the property of the Abington players. Apparently during the game the visiting team locker room was entered and a theft occurred when lockers were rifled. We understand that school district officials are working with authorities to investigate and find those who are responsible while also undertaking precautions to insure this will not occur again.