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The Big Picture 05 – Offenses Win Games, Defenses Win Championships

The BIG Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Correspondent Offenses win games; defenses win championships. November 21, 2007 LANGHORNE: What a wild weekend for high school football - it was really something. Let's think about it for a moment: Liberty was leading Hazleton in the third, 14-0, and then lost 21-20 when they ... More

The Big Picture 04 – The Games Are Won in the Trenches

The BIG Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Correspondent The games are won in the trenches. November 14, 2007 LANGHORNE: Before I get to the topic of this short essay, I want to extend congratulations to those teams that survived Round One of the playoffs. For those that didn't make it – there′s always next year. And ... More

The Big Picture 03 – Let the Playoffs Begin

The BIG Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Let the Playoffs begin! November 04, 2007 LANGHORNE: It's here – the 2007 PIAA high school football 4A playoffs! And not a moment too soon as I have to say that although I love the regular season, I really love the playoffs (so I couldn't be happier). Plus I also couldn't ... More

The Big Picture 02 – Week 7 Update

The BIG Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter 2007 – Week Seven Update October 14, 2007 LANGHORNE: Has it already been three weeks since my last update? And have we played through seven weeks of the season? Plus are Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all just a few weeks and months away? With the answer to all ... More

The Big Picture 01 – Week 4 Update

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter 2007 – Week Four Update September 20, 2007 LANGHORNE: First of all – I'm still here (as in Langhorne)! Although it is true that I've been traveling around for some games, I'm back home now (and the match-ups were high school and college too as I not only caught the ... More

The Big 80

The Big Eight-Ohhh! By Paula G. Ace Sports Correspondent July 01, 2007 Las Vegas: Okay, okay, okay! First things, first. Yes, it's me – Paula; I've been getting some rest and relaxation before the season and since I was on the coast, I thought I'd see the Wynn's in Sin City before I head back to Langhorne. Anyway, while I ... More