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Game 6 | Friday November 13, 2020

Neshaminy 62  – Central Bucks South 27

‘Skins run all over Titans


There was no WBCB Live Stream or photographs from tonight’s game due to Covid Restrictions. However you can purchase a live stream from NFHS by clicking here.

Warrington: Tonight the ‘Skins travel to Central Bucks South for their last game of the 2020 season to meet Tom Hetrick and his Titans.  The ‘Skins have are 7-2 against the Titans and look to make it 8-2 by end of night.

Typical for 2020 there were a lot of obstacles to overcome. The live stream feed through NSHS made us appreciate WBCB even more than we already do, which is a lot. WBCB games are sponsored by businesses in our community so please remember to shop local and mention that you heard their ad over the WBCB stream.

We want to acknowledge all of the Seniors, the underclassmen and every single Coach who worked so hard all year round. Thanks to the N Club and player parents who supported the team in so many ways. The 2020 season was especially hard on everyone but none more so than the faithful fans who could not attend any of the games. Everything had to be adjusted, tweaked, or stopped altogether and things were changing by the hour. Everyone did what all Neshaminy folks do – they just made it happen with what they had and they did a great job.  Hats off to all of you and this will be a year for the Neshaminy Redskins history book – the year of Covid 19. We on this site wish every single fan remains safe and in good health. We will see you next August to celebrate a brand new season.


Game 6
CB South


Team Qtr Time Description NHS OPP
CBS 1 10:32 Carter Hallgren 33 yard TD pass to Tommy Donnelly and Garrett Macclay kick is good 0 7
Chris James 90 yard TD on kick return and Thomas Leonhauser kick is good
N 1 10:07 James 23 yard TD run and Leonhauser kick is good 14 7
N 1 05:56 James 9 yard TD run and kick is no good 20 7
N 1 04:16 James 53 yard TD run and Leonhauser kick is good 27 7
N 1 01:15 John Hutchinson 31 yard TD run and Leonhauser kick is good 34 7
N 1 00:23 Nunzio Zydzik 27 yard TD run and Leonhauser kick is good 41 7
CBS 1 00:12 Hallgren 50 yard pass and Macclay kick is good 41 14
N 2 06:34 Aiden Schlupp 12 yard pass to Mike Donato and Leonhauser kick is good 48 14
N 2 03:46 James 48 yard TD run and Leonhauser kick is good 55 14
N 3 00:38 Zydzik 4 yard pass to Teddy Garlick in the end zone and Leonhauser kick is good 62 14
CBS 4 09:40 Hallgren 48 yard TD pass to Donnelly and Macclay kick is good 62 21
CBS 4 05:13 Ben Wenzke 4 yard TD run and Macclay kick is no good 62 27

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