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The Big Picture 27 – Countdown to the 2012 Season

2012: The countdown is on! By Paula G. Ace Sports Correspondent August 7, 2012 Langhorne: By the time you're reading this there will be less than a month till the 'Skins kick off the 2012 season. And personally, I've been counting the days since 2011 was put to bed so I'm more than ready. Plus besides the excitement of a brand new year, ... More

The Big Picture 17 – 75 Down…7 to go

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Seventy-five down ... seven to go! April 25, 2010 Langhorne: That′s not years I'm talking about, folks. Nope. Think team photos; that's right, team photos. You see, it wasn't too long ago (call it six years) that Bob decided it was time to put together Neshaminy Football dot com. When he ... More