The Big Picture 17 – 75 Down…7 to go

The BIG Picture

BY Paula G.
Ace Sports Reporter

Seventy-five down … seven to go!
April 25, 2010

Langhorne: That′s not years I’m talking about, folks. Nope. Think team photos; that’s right, team photos. You see, it wasn’t too long ago (call it six years) that Bob decided it was time to put together Neshaminy Football dot com. When he did, he first called a few friends, including me, and we pooled our ‘Skins resources so that in no time at all we had two team photos – yeah, just two, 1971 and 2001 (LOL). We also had a couple of scrapbooks full of articles about those two years (and a few others too) so we did have something to work with. And although it wasn’t exactly a monumental start, it did “light this candle” and now look – one of Pennsylvania’s, and dare we say, the country’s, finest high school football websites!

Of course, when you consider that the site is all about the Neshaminy Redskins you wouldn’t expect anything less now, would you.

A great program with great players, coaches, fans, and Dave Ott

Now some half-decade or so since that inauspicious beginning, our coffers have grown fat with pictures, statistics, game programs, articles, videos and, you got it, team pictures. But it didn’t happen overnight and at times it can get downright frustrating finding “stuff” and then putting it all together on the site (and in some semblance of order too). But thanks to all the great Neshaminy fans, players, coaches, friends, family members and guys like Dave Ott, it’s getting done.

Now just why is it Dave Ott is getting singled out, you might ask? Well not too long ago Dave (a ′72 Neshaminy grad and a ‘Skins fan from top to bottom who is also a lifelong resident of the District who’s raised two mini-‘Skins along the way) noticed we were “stalled out” with just 62 team photos in total (still not bad after starting with just those two I mentioned above). Anyway, Dave called us up and volunteered to head on up to the school and dig through some yearbooks to see what he might find. And that′s what he did; he called the school, made an appointment with the “powers that be”, took a day off his hectic work schedule, traveled up to 2001 Old Lincoln Highway, met with the “admin staff” and then paged through the materials they provided. And when he was done, he had located another 13 pictures. Perhaps more importantly, though, is that Dave put another brick in the house they call Neshaminy football. A house built on 82 years of (as I said above) great teams, great players, great coaches, great fans, great parents, great cheerleaders, great students, great school administrators and great people like Dave Ott. (By the way, a shout out to the Principal′s Office and staff for helping Dave with this project – thanks from all of us.)

So thanks Dave! Thanks for making the time and thanks for being the latest “Tip o’ The Spear” that makes everything that is the Neshaminy Redskins special (and CLICK HERE to take a look at that 75 team pictures we now have – including 68 out of the 69 from 1941 right on through to 2009).

Schmidt to head South Squad in Lions All-Star game

While we’re on the topic of “great coaches”, one of Neshaminy’s greatest, Coach Schmidt who is the ‘Skins current head honcho (as if anyone doesn’t know that), will be handling the reigns of the South’s squad, in the upcoming Bucks County Lion’s Club All-Star Classic set for June. Having served as the head coach of Pennsylvania’s Big 33 team as well as the Pennsylvania Football Coaches Association’s East-West game and also helping staff up the New Jersey-Northeast Classic coaching crew too (in addition to heading up the Bucks Southern team in year’s past), it gives us all one more reason to get out for this year’s game (so be there – and I mean it). And don’t forget there will be a contingent of Neshaminy players finishing up their high school careers in that game too. ‘Nuff said? I thought so.

“Countdown to 500”

No – it’s not the “Indy 500”, it’s the 500th win Neshaminy will be banking in the not too distant future. With 492 already in the books we figured that following the run down the last eight would be a lot of fun (so that′s what we’re doing this season – helping to bring it home). But the reason we’re doing it is not to celebrate the wins so much (don’t get me wrong as they are important) but rather, to celebrate the game and the games that have been played. You see it’s really all about the program, the players, the fans, the school, the parents, the opponents, the band, the cheerleaders, the bus trips, and the two-a-days in summer, the newspaper articles, the videos, this site and on and on – everything connected with Neshaminy football. Yea – eighty-two years of our ‘Skins lining up and putting a show (in fact, I’d call it the greatest show on earth).

So keep that in mind when we’re celebrating (and remember it′s not gloating – it′s celebrating). And we′ll be counting on all of you to count along with us all season long as we start with “492 down and eight to go” this coming September.

Youth Football Summer Camp

Just around the bend (well, in a few more months anyway) is the very popular Youth Summer Camp that Coach Schmidt and his staff and players put on for young ‘Skins looking to sharpen their gridiron skills – and have a good time too. Held up on the fields of “Heartbreak Ridge” each summer (you can’t ever start too soon, can you), make sure that all you up-and-coming Redskins get your socks and T-shirts washed and ready for action. And so you’ll no what goes on and when, CLICK HERE and you can download the sign-up sheets and pamphlets.

Golf is fun – so get in the game!

Yep, it’s just about time for the annual ‘Skins preseason golf tourney. This year’s event will be held at the Island Green Country Club on Friday, August 13th. And they’ve got celebrities, prizes, food, a great golf course, players “playing” (and former players too), and just about everything else you’d expect to make this year’s tournament the best yet. So … if you′re interested (which you should be) just CLICK HERE (then like Nike says: Just do it!).

1971 Cyber-World Scholastic Football National Playoffs

Our friends at Jimmy Chitwood ( were at it again just recently when they selected 16 high school football teams from 1971 and had them line up in the cyber-football world they’ve created (for a playoff to decide the 1971 high school national champions). And what a crew of clubs was involved, including: Kiski Area (PA), Valdosta (GA), San Antonio Lee (TX), Troy (OH), Chicago St. Rita’s (IL), Bristol (TN), Carson, (CA), Bishop Amat (CA) and T.C. “Remember The Titans” Williams (VA). Plus there were a few others playing including, ahem, the 1971 Neshaminy Redskins.

Split into four regional arrangements of four teams each, after three weeks of head-knocking Neshaminy had turned back Kiski Area, T.C. Williams and Bristol High to earn a trip to the finals. With Valdosta taking out their three opponents, the championship game featured the Redskins versus the Wildcats.

Interested in how it turned out? We thought you might be so just – CLICK HERE.

Phew! I hope that caught you all up on some of the events and what-nots that are going on here in Langhorne and Lower Bucks County. And if it didn’t get you excited, don’t forget that the 2010 season is just around the corner too. It should be a barn-burner as I hear the boys are working out harder than ever (lifting, running, and doing all those off-season things they do). You can bet all the kids at the other schools are doing the same thing too so get ready for some exciting scholastic football at Harry Franks Stadium as it’ll be here before you know it. And then I get to do my favorite thing as we all “look to our left” as our Neshaminy Redskins pour out on the field and we yell:

Go ′Skins!!