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The BIG Picture

BY Paula G.
Ace Sports Reporter

“The Game”
July 3, 2010

Langhorne: On an unseasonably mild Saturday, November 21, 1971, a highly anticipated football game was played at “Heartbreak Ridge”. The featured and well-matched teams were the powerful 10-0 Redskins of Neshaminy and their counterparts, the 9-1 Falcons of Pennsbury. Archrivals that had been playing one another annually since 1930, the lineage for the latest contest was well established. And with both the LBC-Section One and Big Seven titles on the line that season, plus a claim at the mythical state championship for the Tribe, it was no surprise that 15,000 fans shoehorned themselves into what was then called the Neshaminy Athletic Field to watch the drama play out. Not disappointing those in attendance in the least, the two squads went at it tooth and nail in a torrid struggle that since that day has seen the ’71 ‘Skins, as well as “The Game” itself, each achieve legendary status.

Now some forty years later, the full story of “The Game” is a riveting account of a remarkable event. Relying on newspaper reports of the time, interviews, photographs and restored archival color film game footage, it bursts from the screen. Seeing is believing so take a peek below.

1971 Game