The Big Picture 01 – Week 4 Update

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter 2007 – Week Four Update September 20, 2007 LANGHORNE: First of all – I'm still here (as in Langhorne)! Although it is true that I've been traveling around for some games, I'm back home now (and the match-ups were high school and college too as I not only caught the Georgia Tech-ND ... More


The Big 80

The Big Eight-Ohhh! By Paula G. Ace Sports Correspondent July 01, 2007 Las Vegas: Okay, okay, okay! First things, first. Yes, it's me – Paula; I've been getting some rest and relaxation before the season and since I was on the coast, I thought I'd see the Wynn's in Sin City before I head back to Langhorne. Anyway, while I was lying by ... More


Love of the Game

WHY WE LOVE FOOTBALL By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter August 18, 2006 If it comes to a show of hands, we'd have to agree with the following: Why everybody loves football is a matter of opinion. For instance, some say it's all about "that colorful non-stop action." Alternatively, certain Friends of The Why We Love Football community ... More

My Wish

You Wish They Could Play Forever November 18, 2005 You wish they would stay forever young, that their youthful enthusiasm would allow us to escape from the harsh realities of adult life every Friday night for as long as we wanted. And if it did have to end, we'd like the script to always end the same; victory upon victory leading to ... More