Coach Schmidt named “2004 Coach of the Year”


Head Coach Schmidt – 2004

January 17, 2005

On Sunday, January 16th 2005, before the Eagles-Vikings playoff game, coach Schmidt was honored as “Coach of the Year”. It was the second such honor in only four years. Mark Schmidt was also the Coach of the Year in 2001, when he took the Skins to Hershey and came home with the State Title.

Standing in front of 65,000 screaming fans on the field of the ‘Link’ is a larger than life experience, but Mark is a larger than life guy.

It was a fitting venue for the tribute and it was not wasted on the Eagles. It was obvious that Andy Reid got pointers from our beloved coach as we watched McNabb jog to the sideline after every play to confer with Reid.

Normally, the recipient of this award would receive a gold watch. This year they made an exception and gave out a 25 second stop watch. (Okay…I might have made up that part).

Back to being serious, every parent who had a son go through Coach Schmidt’s program knows that their son is a better man because of coach Schmidt and all of his associates. Self confidence, discipline, teamwork, respect, determination, and a strong work ethic are just some of the character traits that are refined under coach Schmidt’s program.

As an added bonus, players, parents and fans alike have been treated to a lifetime of great memories as coach Schmidt has made the Redskins one of the top teams in Pennsylvania, and given us all many reasons to be proud.

Coach Schmidt, we are satisfied, and we look forward to having you roaming the sidelines next season.

Thank you for all you have given us. We always knew you were the best out there.

Now everyone else knows too.