New and Improved

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We Are…….Tired

May 20, 2019

Technology is moving at such a rapid pace it is hard to keep up. Back in 2005, when our two fearless leaders Bob and Paula started this site, things were much simpler. A simple platform like Front Page got the job done just fine, thank you.

However, fourteen years (and a whole lot of great Neshaminy football games) later, the whole tech world has changed – a lot. It been moving along with a lot of improvements to security as well as the  introduction of responsive code for all those who access the web on their phones and tablets .

We had to improve as well.

We tried to keep the site as close to the original as we could.  Some layouts had to change due to this new Word Press platform, and while we miss the old look, we have gained a lot of new and bright features. Such as this easy way to write stories about our favorite team – the Neshaminy Redskins!

Behind all the late nights and the crammed tutorials on “How to set up a Word Press site” there is a driving force. That force can best be described as the heart of Redskin football – the players, parents and the community.

We recently posted a request in Facebook asking for any old film or VHS tapes to add to our library of 40+ years of games. We had the opportunity to meet some Alumni who moved our hearts. Alumni such as Dave Sommers, whose Dad had taken his movie camera to all his games (and some Little League Baseball as well) and we spent several hours discussing the 1969 season. Add Chuck Gerhart to the mix who supplied a rare full 1969 game. And let’s not forget Scott Obringer who arrived with 2 boxes of 16MM film from 1980 and Ralph Taylor who came with 1985 and 1986 video and finally, Jason Bowman with much needed 1989 and 1990 games! Last but not least a special thanks to Bob Barr who had the oldest piece of footage from the 1962 Pennsbury game.

Every one of these Alumni had stories to tell – stories full of memories so strong that they even recalled certain plays in a particular game. Wow, just wow.

While this is still a work in progress (blame the too-quick transition to Word Press to those php files!) we should have everything back up and running by start of 2019 season. And when ever we get too tired we can always recall those conversations and know that Neshaminy Football is worth it.