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New and Improved

We Are.......Tired May 20, 2019 Technology is moving at such a rapid pace it is hard to keep up. Back in 2005, when our two fearless leaders Bob and Paula started this site, things were much simpler. A simple platform like Front Page got the job done just fine, thank you. However, fourteen years (and a whole lot of great ... More

The Big Picture 33 – 2013 Preseason Primer

The Big Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Mid-summer comings and goings: 2013 season nears; 'Skins at-the-ready! July 8, 2013 Langhorne: Another year older; another year wiser as they say. And maybe that's a fair trade-off but those years sure seem to roll by faster and faster while generally speaking, that's not ... More

The Big Picture 27 – Countdown to the 2012 Season

2012: The countdown is on! By Paula G. Ace Sports Correspondent August 7, 2012 Langhorne: By the time you're reading this there will be less than a month till the 'Skins kick off the 2012 season. And personally, I've been counting the days since 2011 was put to bed so I'm more than ready. Plus besides the excitement of a ... More

The Big Picture 25 – It’s Almost Time

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter It′s almost time! June 30, 2011 LANGHORNE: The season (that's what I mean). Just think about it, once we hit the July 4th weekend it's just another six weeks or so before pre-season practice kicks off and the first game is then Friday, September 3rd. Why that's practically ... More

The Big Picture 16 – That In Between Time

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Yep – it's that old "in-between" time! April 15, 2010 Langhorne: First of all, and for those of you who may have become a little worried, there′s no need for it (the worry, that is) as I'm still here – alive and kicking. And if you've been wondering what I've been ... More

The Big Picture 15 – New Season… Same Reason

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter New season ... same reason! August 5, 2009 LANGHORNE: Is it me or did this past "off-season" seem longer than usual? Personally, the last eight months have seemed more like eight years. Anyway, whether it is just me or not, I couldn't be more jazzed that the 2009 football ... More

The Big Picture 14 – It’s In the Air

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter It′s in the air! May 21, 2009 LANGHORNE: The 2009 football season, that′s what's "in the air"! Yup, with the cobwebs dropping away and summer upon us – plus some scholastic grid all-star games coming up – there's no mistaking the fact that in just a few short months ... More

The Big Picture 07 – Back to the Future

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Back To The Future August 10, 2008 LANGHORNE: First of all, let's make one thing clear (from my perspective); thank goodness the high school football season is just about to get in gear! This waiting around for 8 months is just way too long. Basketball, hockey, baseball, ... More

The Big Picture 06 – It won′t be long now!

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter It won′t be long now! July 1, 2008 CONCORD: Thought I'd take a moment to drop everyone a note so you'll know I'm still here (I am and I'm fine). And in case you're wondering what I've been doing lately, rest assured that just like all of you, I'm counting the days ... More

The Big 80

The Big Eight-Ohhh! By Paula G. Ace Sports Correspondent July 01, 2007 Las Vegas: Okay, okay, okay! First things, first. Yes, it's me – Paula; I've been getting some rest and relaxation before the season and since I was on the coast, I thought I'd see the Wynn's in Sin City before I head back to Langhorne. Anyway, while I ... More