The Big Picture 35 – To The Boys of 2013

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The Big Picture

By Paula G.
Ace Sports Reporter

To the boys of 2013: You make us proud!
December 2, 2013

Langhorne: With all the excitement and cheering going on at Neshaminy these days, I thought we all should catch our breath for a moment and take a big picture view of recent events. Of course, some of the excitement I mention is a result of this year’s gridders powering their way to a 13-1 overall record; bringing the D1 Football title back to “The Ridge”; and now heading to the Eastern Championship game against St. Joe”s this coming Saturday. Not bad so far; not bad at all. And I’ll join the chorus too and offer my congratulations to the boys on delivering a very, very strong season to date. A season that, among other things, sees the club set to equal the record for most games played in a campaign while it has already set an all-time scoring mark with 510 points. No doubt, this is a group that has marked itself as one of Neshaminy’s best. Yep, it’s sure been fun watching this latest link in the long red line that is Neshaminy football, it really has.


2014 District One Champions

Still, as we slap the players’ backs and applaud their accomplishments, I think it’s important that all of us Redskin fans keep in mind the tremendous amount of work and commitment these high school students both “put in” and “make” to allow these Friday nights to occur. For in the glare of stadium lights, with the band booming stirring music and the cheerleaders egging the “fans in the stands” on, it’s easy to focus on just those few hours of riveting entertainment. In reality, and not unlike an iceberg, the tip we see at “The Ridge” is very small in comparison to what it takes to produce it.

So as we continue to follow, cheer and prod these teenage titans onward, and as we also enjoy all the trappings and accoutrement of a wonderful school and its administration and teachers; the coaching staff; band; cheerleaders and faithful and fanatical students, let’s not forget what the players do that we don’t see. Some of those tasks that come to mind include the hours and hours of practice starting in mid-August and which continues to this day; the endless film study and preparation for each game during the season; and the demands of the “strengthening” programs that are de rigueur these days. From struggling through injuries, some minor and some more serious, to the early mornings and late nights filled with hard work – I could go on and on. I think, though, that the point is made.

Thus, now that I’ve reminded you all of the “long view”, next time you’re cheering for the boys, cheer a little harder. Plus when you’re up close talking to one of them, be a little more emphatic with your “thank you, thank you for allowing all of us to watch you excel and succeed.” They’ll appreciate it – believe me. And while I’m thinking of it, make sure you thank the coaches; the administration, teachers and support personnel; the cheerleaders; band and Neshaminy students as well because they deserve a hand too. You see it really does take a large and dedicated group to deliver the goods and make seasons like 2013 possible. By the way, one last group to remember (as long as I’m thinking of it) would be the parents of these young warriors for perhaps their help and support is the most critical of all (so give them a shout out when you next see them).



In closing, as it seems I strayed a bit off track from the title of this little article (even though it does take a “community” to bring us the show we call Neshaminy football), I’ll swing my focus back around to the point and wrap it up with this:

Thank you! Thank you to the boys of 2013 for working hard and making the sacrifices you have – and then risking it all each week. We appreciate what you do and have done, and we’re behind you 100%. What you’ve delivered so far this season is memorable and we’ve enjoyed it every step of the way. You make us proud. But keep in mind that your journey isn’t over yet; you still have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams and get to the top of a mountain where the view is as grand as it can be. And be assured you’ll never forget that view. Never.

Go get it!

Go ‘Skins!