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Game 13 | Friday November 26, 2010
Playoffs Round 3

Neshaminy 33 – WC Rustin 7

Redskins turn back Golden Knights; head to D1 final with North Penn


game 13 rustin

Langhorne: Once again teeing it up at Heartbreak Ridge, the Tribe entertained Bayard Rustin in a District One semifinal contest. And sadly, no matter the result of the game, it represented the last time this year's Redmen club would be playing in Harry's House (the simple fact is that from here on out, all pairings will be held at neutral sites as bracketing now shifts to PIAA championship play). Still, knowing that Neshaminy's guests are the 11-1 Ches-Mont League Conference champion Crusaders, we're sure that there will be plenty of first class scholastic playoff ball on display (so if it had to be the last home game of the season, then let it be the best home game as well). In the meantime, though, with Mother Nature bringing a cold and slightly damp night to Lower Bucks, let's get down to the field where the action should keep all the fans plenty warm.

With the toss going their way, the visitors elected to receive. Then after the short kick, Rustin was able to earn one first down before going to a fourth and two on their second set of downs. Not converting, the ball went over to Neshaminy at mid-field where the 'Skins offense came on the turf. But going nowhere, the Blue & Red punted to put the Knights O back on the grass on their end of the field. As the defenses were controlling the flow, it was soon Rustin punting with the Schmidtmen starting it up at their own 38.

This Langhorne effort started off a bit more chipper as Anthony Woodroffe did most of the heavy lifting to get the ball down inside the ten. Then with the West Chester group stiffening, it went to fourth and less than a yard before Corey Majors punched it in for the score. With Manuel Gutierrez PAT perfect, it was the 'Skins that had drawn first blood as they went up 7-0 with a minute remaining in the first-quarter.

After the kick the Crusaders started it up at their end with the clock spinning to the second-quarter. Still not getting much traction, the visitors ran into nothing but Kiser Terry and Shane Quinn and were forced to punt it away to the home boys. Then receiving for the Creek Kids was Cole Creighton who showed his stuff as he motored the pigskin to the Knights' 38.

With the good spot as provided by Creighton, and mixing it up a bit on this drive, Charlie Marterella started it off by giving it to Majors before next finding Justin Andrews for a very nice gain to down near the ten-yard stripe. And with history soon repeating itself, it once again went to a fourth and short for a score with Majors finishing it up to earn his second six of the night. What followed was then a very long injury timeout for a downed Rustin player before Gutierrez put the extra point try right down the middle as Neshaminy opened the lead to 14-0 with eight minutes still showing on the second period.

Lining up for the Langhorne kickoff, the Golden Knights then took possession of the ball for the fourth time in the first half. Looking snappier, and then driving the ball in close, Rustin's drive stalled out on a fourth and long near the Tribe's red zone where Neshaminy took over. From that point, the 'Skins moved it out well as Woodroffe had some nice moves to get the ball into Knights' territory. Continuing to push for a score, a Marterella pass was then tipped and picked off to put the skids on that Redskin effort. And not long after that, the two teams broke for the half as the clock ran out of time with the Blue & Red holding the 14-0 lead.

Coming back from the rest, this time it was Neshaminy taking the kick and starting it up at their 25. And looking like the break had done them some good, Woodroffe and Majors did most of the legwork as the Tribe lugged the ball in close. Then as they were knocking on the door, the Moleskinners got sloppy and found themselves with a third and goal-to-go at the Rustin 14. Taking the snap and setting up to pass, Marterella was pressured from the pocket and rolled right before firing a rope that Dwight Williams snagged on a beautiful diving grab. The Gutierrez boot was then good as the scoreboard rolled to read 21-0 for the Old Lincoln Highway squad.

Kicking it off again, the Knights were forced to punt after another offensive effort went flat. And after the exchange and start at their end of the field, it was Sean Ulmer quickly gaining sixty-yards on a flare pass that saw the ball moved down to the Rustin twenty. From there it was good old fashioned ball handling that ended only when Majors scored from in close to notch his third TD of the evening. With the PAT missing, the score then stood at 27-0 in Neshaminy's favor as the fourth-quarter started.

Kicking it to the Knights again, the visitors started this drive on their end of the field. And yet again Rustin just couldn't put it together and was forced to punt. With the Schmidtmen then finding themselves in a good spot at their own 45, Woodroffe decided to make quick work of that drive as he took the first handoff and went the distance after busting loose from a scrum that seemed to have him bottled up and going down. Going for two after the score, that effort by Neshaminy came up short and the score stood at 33-0 for the 'Skins as they kicked the ball back to the Golden Knights.

With the clock burning down to eight minutes remaining, and shiny new uniforms starting to populate the Neshaminy defense, the visitors finally found the end zone on a long pass that found the Rustin receiver who then found the end zone. With the kick good, the score swung to 33-7 with the Knights following the score with an onsides kick which was covered by Neshaminy at their 35. But getting a bit lackadaisical, two run attempts by the 'Skins fell short and Marterella's third down pass was then picked as the visitors found themselves with some life. But even after setting up at the 'Skins 43, two big sacks forced Rustin to punt on a fourth and very long.

As the 'Skins went back to offense once again, the second-teamers were making a game effort at burning the clock; however, they ended up punting with under three minutes left on the clock. And with Bryan Reice finally having something to do, he punted it past mid-field; with a short return following, it was then the Knights with a first down at the Langhorne 45. Making the best of it, they went to fourth and five before a nice burst up the middle that gave them a first at the twenty. And still pushing for some cosmetic points, the Knights finally ran out of time at the one-yard line.

So here it comes: Game to 'Skins!

How about we start off the closeout with a big thanks and salute to the Golden Knight players, coaches, family, fans and school administration for being the terrific guests they were. Thank you! And as to the 'Skins: Way to go guys! At 12-1, and with tonight's win, you're on your way to the District One Championship. Its been a great season so far and thanks to all your work and efforts, and because of all you and the coaches put out there each week, all of us fans get to come back yet again on another Friday to cheer you on. And you can bet your bottom dollar that's what we'll be doing; screaming our voices hoarse (so you wont forget for even a moment just how much we love our Redskins).

See you at the game.


Game 13
West Chester Rustin


Team Qtr Time Description NHS OPP
N 1 1:20 Majors 1-yd TD run on 4th down 7 0
N 2 8:37 Majors 1-yd TD run on 4th down 14 0
N 3 6:20 Marterella to Williams 14-yd TD pass 21 0
N 4 11:56 Majors 4-yd TD run on 3rd down 27 0
N 4 9:58 Woodroffe 55-yd TD run 33 0
WCR 4 8:30 Rustin 59-yd TD pass to Nash 33 7

Photos by Jesse Garber

For more game photos go to Jesse Garber on Zenfolio



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