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Game 1 | Friday, October 2, 2020


Neshaminy 35  –  North Penn 19

‘Skins dominate in win over Knights


Game 1 header

We want to take a moment to remember all of those who have lost their battle with Covid-19. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends.

Langhorne: It is 2020 and anything can happen. Tonight the team will play game 1 against Dick Beck and his North Penn Knights.  The Neshaminy Redskins last win against the Knights was in the 2013 playoffs. That is a span of 6 years (they were not in the 2017 schedule). The last meeting was back in August 2019 and a world away from where we are now. With mandatory reduced spectators and no opponent visitors, there won’t be a usual packed house, but the home spectators will give their all to cheer on the team. So with that let’s get the 2020 season in gear.

Before we start we have some new faces to welcome such as QB Aiden Schlupp and we are glad to see returning players Chris James, John Hutchinson, Kenny Monaco, Nik Soska, Tedo Sakhokia, Nate McGlone, Nick Poplawski and Gavin O’Connor to name a few.

The ‘Skins came eager to play and with the first possession of the game the ‘Skins drove the ball nicely down the field and scored on a solid field goal kick by Thomas Leonhauser. The drive was helped by RB Chris James’ 26 yards on the ground and 31 completed passing yards from John Hutchinson and Andrew Kindness.

The Knights answered right back with a 6 play drive ending with  7 points on the board on a 25 yard TD run by Maliq Staten and a Daniel Moon kick.

Gavin O’Connor then started Neshaminy in motion with a 20 yard punt return and QB Aiden Schlupp and the offense kept the team moving with a wide array of plays all the way to the ‘Skins 14 yard line. James and Hutchinson helped with a combined 38 yards on the ground to get there. However, the ‘Skins stalled there and Leonhauser added 3 more points on another field goal. Score ‘Skins 6 – Knight 7. With 21 seconds left in the quarter the Knights received the ball but a Dayvon Tinsley-Teddy Garlick tackle kept them at the 20 yard line.

The 2nd quarter saw the Knights’ play continue when a false start penalty and a Hutchinson pass break-up forced the Knights to punt from way back at the ‘Skins 10 yard line.

Again we saw a nice return by Gavin O’Connor and the ‘Skins were at their own 36 yard line. O’Connor rushed 16 yards followed by 23 yards by James. Just like that the ‘Skins were at their own 1 yard line where QB Aiden Schlupp scored the first TD of the 2020 season. Coach Wilmot called for a 2 point conversion which was successfully scored on a pass to Hutchinson.

The Knights then moved quickly down the field in 3 plays thanks to Khalini Easton’s 70 rushing yards. The Knights’ PAT was blocked by O’Connor. Score ‘Skins 14 – Knights 13.

O’Connor again had a great punt return, this one for 32 yards to the ‘Skins own 43 yard line. After James rushed for 39 yards he scored from the 2 yard line and the Leonhauser kick was good. Score ‘Skins 21 – Knights 13.

Then with 52 seconds left in the first half North Penn’s Levi Carrol scored on a 17 yard TD run but the ‘Skins’ Mike Donato knocked down the 2 point conversion pass and both teams went to the locker room with the score ‘Skins 21 – Knights 19.

Starting the 2nd half, the Knights quickly went three and out. O’Conner returned the punt 21 yards and the ‘Skins also went three and out.

Shout out to Angelina Mason, our first active female kicker, who with a 47 yard punt made Redskin history tonight! The Knights had possession of the ball for the next 5 minutes and the Neshaminy secondary made some great defensive plays. North Penn was forced to turn the ball over on downs on their own 41 yard line. James and Hutchinson gained 28 yards in offense before the teams switched sides for the 4th quarter leaving the 3rd quarter scoreless.

The 4th quarter was all Neshaminy. It started with the ‘Skins at 4th down and 7 on their own 23 yard line. In a gutsy move, the ‘Skins went for it and gained a first down on a 15 yard face mask penalty. Three plays later the ‘Skins scored on a 9 yard run by Hutchinson. Even with an excessive celebration penalty, Leonhauser still nailed the PAT and the score was ‘Skins 28 – Knights 19 with 9:33 left in the game. The Knights were unable to advance and the ball went back to Neshaminy on downs on their own 33 yard line.

Then with the help of James’ quick feet and 25 yards, the ‘Skins were at their own 8 yard line where Aiden Schlupp completed a pass to TE Andrew Kindness and Leonhauser again aced the PAT. Final score ‘Skins 35 – Knights 19.

Chris James had 154 yards rushing for the night and 1 TD and John Hutchinson had 43 rushing yards, 21 receiving yards and 1 TD. Thomas Leonhauser was 5 for 5 and scored 9 points. The other TDs were made by Aiden Schlupp and Andrew Kindness.

Hats off to the Neshaminy offense who played hard all night and to the defense who got better with each quarter, shutting out the Knights in the second half and ending the game with a Hutchinson/Nick Poplawski/Nick Buchys sack and a subsequent Tedo Sakhokia/Buchys/Jordan Denis sack.

Our thanks to Dick Beck and his team for coming to play and starting their season at the Ridge. We hope for the best of health and luck for the entire team and coaching staff moving forward.

Goodnight Mrs. B! Everyone please stay safe!


Game 1
North Penn


Team Qtr Time Description NHS OPP
N 1 7:30 26 yard Field goal by Thomas Leonhauser 3 0
NP 1 4:57 Maliq Staten 25 yard pass from Ryan Zeltt and Daniel Moon kick is good 3 7
N 1 0:25 31 yard Field goal by Thomas Leonhauser 6 7
N 2 7:47 Aiden Schlupp QB keeper TD and 2 points on pass to John Hutchinson 14 7
NP 2 6:20 Khalini Easton 36 yd TD run but Moon kick was blocked by Gavin O’Connor 14 13
N 2 2:11 1 yd TD run buy Chris James and Leonhauser kick is good 21 13
NP 2 0:52 17 yd TD run by Levi Carrol but 2 point conversion pass knocked down by Mike Donato 21 19
N 4 9:33 10 yd TD run by John Hutchinson and Leonhauser with a long PAT 28 19
N 4 4:45 7 yd TD pass to Andrew Kindness and Leonhauser kick is good 35 19

Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

For more game photos click Jesse Garber on Zanfolio

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