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Game 3 | Monday, October 19, 2020

Neshaminy 49  –  Abington 28

‘Skins solid effort against a solid Abington squad


Game 3 Header 1

LanghorneTonight we welcome Head Coach Kevin Conlin and his Galloping Ghosts to Heartbreak Ridge for the 3rd game of the 2020 season. The ‘Skins had 9 wins and 2 losses against Abington in the 2010’s. They are looking to add a W to start the new decade while the Ghosts, who are coming in at 2-0, proved they can play some good football with wins against Central Bucks South and Central Bucks West.

The Redskins received the kickoff to start the 1st quarter. In ten plays they moved the ball all the way into Ghosts territory to the 15 yard line where Chris James bolted into the end zone for a touchdown. Thomas Leonhauser’s kick was far right and the score was ‘Skins 6 – Ghosts 0.

Ghosts then scored after only four plays when Oreck Frazier rushed for 48 yards for a touchdown. The Antonio Ditri kick was good to bring the score to ‘Skins 6 ‘ Ghosts 7.

‘Skins’ quarterback Nunzio Zydzik started the next drive but the Ghosts snatched a tipped ball. However, they were stopped by the ‘Skins Nick Poplawski and Nik Soska and the ball was handed right back on downs to Neshaminy at their own 20 yard line. The Ghosts held the ‘Skins and the 1st quarter ended with the ‘Skins in a 4th and 6 position.

Neshaminy was forced to punt with Nina Mason doing the honors but the Ghosts quickly went 4th and 9 and an added penalty then forced them to punt.

The punt hits a Neshaminy player and bounces back into Ghosts territory all the way to the 44 yard line where Abington’s Devin Barnes picked it up. However, due to pressure from ‘Skins’ Soska, Abington QB John Dzielawa’s throw was intercepted by Mike Donato.

Starting on their own 25, the ‘Skins made it to the Ghosts’ 17 yard line and faced a 4th and 2 decision. Going for it Chris James got the 1st down and then, with the team at the 4 yard line, scored with all 11 offensive players pushing QB Zydzik in for the score. Going for a 2 point conversion, Zydzik completed a pass to Gavin O’Connor in the end zone. Score ‘Skins 14 – Ghosts 7.

The Ghosts then started their drive. The second play was met with a sack by Nik Soska, Nate McGlone, Jordan Denis and Nick Poplawski. The Ghosts were hit with a 10 yard holding penalty bringing them to a 3rd and 24 situation. More ‘Skins defense stopped them forcing an Abington punt.

With 1:56 left on the clock the ‘Skins took over on their own 21 yard line. After a series of runs Zydzik took the ball 30 yards across midfield to the Ghosts’ 39 yard line. After the snap Zydzik handed off to O’Connor who threw a 32 yard bomb to Donato who ran the extra yards for a TD and Leonhauser is good for the extra point. Score ‘Skins 21 – Ghost 0.

In the ensuing kickoff, the Ghosts drop the ball and Neshaminy retrieves it on Abington’s 22 yard line. A dead ball foul penalty immediately followed and pushed the ‘Skins back 5 yards. After a Zydzik carry, a Donato catch and a run-out-of-bounds halts the clock at 0:17. Donato then goes airborne in the end zone in heavy coverage to catch a 20 yard throw and scores a touchdown. Leonhauser then adds another point with a solid PAT to end the first half.

Ghosts start up the second half with a big bang. At the 14 yard line, Jordan Denis, Teddy Garlick , Nick Poplawski and Nate McGlone promptly push back Dzielawa for a 4 yard loss. But soon after Oreck Frazier brings the ball 89 yards for an Abington touchdown and the Ditri kick was good for the extra point.

The ‘Skins were then unable to move the chains and were held to a 3 and out and Mason came on the field for the punt. Abington ate five minutes off the clock moving the ball into ‘Skins territory in nine plays when Robert Bell ran in for a TD from the 24 yard line. Ditri kick was good and score was ‘Skins 28 – Ghosts 21.

“Skins came right back and scored with a 54 yard James TD run two minutes and three plays later. Leonhauser kick was good and score was ‘Skins 35 – Ghosts 21.

The Ghosts went three and out right as the 3rd quarter ended.

The ‘Skins started their drive from their own 20 yard line and, thanks to a 44 yard catch and run by John Hutchinson and a 15 yard pass interference penalty on the Ghosts, were soon down on the Ghosts’ 13 yard line where James ran in another touchdown and Leonhauser added the extra point. Score ‘Skins 42 – Ghosts 21.

Once again the Ghosts came right back and scored on a 36 yard pass from Dzielawa to Khaliq Henry. Ditri’s kick is good and the score ‘Skins 42 – Ghosts 28 with 4 minutes left in the game.

The ‘Skins got great field position at the Abington 49 yard line when Dyvon Tinsley fell on what appeared to be an offside kick from Ditri. On the second play of the drive James scored on a 33 yard run and Leonhauser was again good for the PAT.

The Ghosts, who never gave up all game, attempted to come back to score again and almost did. Thanks to a sack from Soska for a 10 yard loss and secondary coverage from Dyvon Tinsley the ball was turned over on downs to the ‘Skins on their own 5 yard line and with 1:05 left on the clock.

With new QB Seamus Marsden under center the ‘Skins ended the game for a final score of ‘Skins 49 – Ghosts 27.

Solid effort over a solid Ghost Squad. Starting QB Nunzio Zydzik showed a lot of poise and control in his first game as ‘Skins QB. Neshaminy defense held the Ghosts to just 7 points in the first half and key tackles and sacks kept them from scoring more in the second half. Chris James scored 4 touchdowns with 215 rushing yards. Mike Donato caught 2 passes for touchdowns and intercepted the Ghosts’ ball which was promptly turned into 7 more points by the ‘Skins. There were a lot of red uniforms all over the field tonight playing great ball.

We wish good health and the best of luck for the remainder of the 2020 season to Coach Conlin and his crew.

Good Night Mrs. B!


Game 3


Team Qtr Time Description NHS OPP
N 1 7:02 Chris James 14 yard TD run and Thomas Leonhauser kick is no good 6 0
A 1 5:18 Oreck Frazier 43 yd TD run and Antonio Ditri kick is good 6 7
N 2 4:23 Nunzio Zydzik QB sneak of 5 yards and a succesaful pass to Gavin O’Connor for the extra 2 points 14 7
N 2 0:44 O’Conner 39 yard pass to Mike Donato and Leonhauser kick is good 21 7
N 2 0:11 Zydzik 20 yard pass to Mike Dinato in end zone and Leonhauser kick is good 28 7
A 3 10:49 Frazier 89 yard TD Run and Ditri kick is good 28 14
A 3 3:41 Robert Bell 24 yard TD run and Ditri kick is good 28 21
N 3 1:58 James 54 yard TD run and Leonhauser kick is good 35 21
N 4 6:41 James 13 yard TD and Leonhauser kick is good 42 21
A 4 4:14 Dzielawa 36 yard TD pass to Khaliq Henry and Ditri kick is good 42 28
N 4 3:24 James 33 yard TD run and Leonhauser kick is good 49 28

Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

For more game photos click Jesse Garber on Zenfolio

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