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Game 5 – Friday, September 22, 2023

Neshaminy  38   –  Abington 22


Game 5 Header

Abington: We are at Swartzman Stadium for our fifth game of the season. We are meeting  Terence Tolbert in his first year with the Abington Ghosts. Our lifetime record with Abington is 36-12-0. The Ghosts are coming in at 1-2 and the ‘Skins are coming in at 1-3.

Abington gets first possession but due to some penalties, turns the ball over on downs on the ‘Skins’ 44.

NHS vs Abington_09222023_6160

NHS vs Abington Connor Frederick

Neshaminy put together a nice drive, running the ball with Carter Clee and Travis Lavelah. Colin Baker then threw a 15 yard TD pass to Connor Frederick. Kayden Nicastro is good for the PAT. Score ‘Skins  7 – Ghosts 0.

Abington comes right back with a 2 yard TD run by QB Anthony Pronsati and the kick is good. Score ‘Skins  7 – Ghosts 7.

Neshaminy then started with good field position on their 47. Lavelah ate up 50 yards, ending on the 2 yard line where he punched in a TD. Nicastro’s kick is good. Score is Skins 14 – Ghosts 7.

The ‘Skins’ front defensive line swarmed Pronsati and shut down Abington’s drive, forcing them to punt.

The 2nd quarter starts with the ‘Skins on their own 39, thanks to a Clee run and a Colbey Bracey catch at the end of the 1st. A 15 yard Ghosts’ penalty gave Neshaminy a crucial down, and Lavelah and Colin Giambrone went to work. Clee then ran in a 4 yard TD and Nicastro kicked in the PAT. Score 'Skins 21 – Ghosts 7.

The Ghosts answered right back with a 31 yard TD pass to Ryan Smith and their kick is good. Score is ‘Skins 21 – Ghosts 14.

Lavelah ate up yards on the ground all the way down to the Ghosts’ 10 yard line, where Baker threw 10 yards to TE Lucas Stewart for a TD. Nicastro's kick is good. Score is now 'Skins 28 – Ghosts 14.

With 3 minutes left before halftime, the Ghosts scramble to put points on the board, but Neshaminy’s Demacio Cooper puts an end to that, and intercepts the ball. Now its the ‘Skins' turn to scramble to get in the end zone. Baker throws a ball to Michael Sassano, who breaks out a 39 yard run. With 45 seconds left on the clock, we get a Clee run, a Morris catch and Nicastro kicks in a 24 yard Field goal with 1 second left in the 1st half. Score ‘Skins 31 – Ghosts 14

NHS vs Abington_09222023_6716

NHS vs Abington Carter Clee

Nehaminy starts their 3rd quarter drive on their 45 and the Ghosts hand them 15 yards and a first down on a penalty. Stewart hauls in a nice catch and Clee puts in some hard runs, ending with a 3 yard TD run. Nicastro's kick is good and the score is ‘Skins 38 - Ghosts 14.

The Ghosts are set back by Kieran Reardon, forcing the Ghosts into a 3rd and 26 but a Neshaminy penalty gave them a first down. Then Owen Swartz put a hold on Pronsati. Prosati’s 32 yard catch to Smith placed the Ghosts on Neshaminy’s 18, but Shaakir Whiting’s sack ended the Ghosts hope for a TD as the ball is turned over on downs.

Neshaminy goes 3 and out and has to punt the ball for the 1st time in the game.

The Ghosts return the ball to the ‘Skins’ 20 and Pronsati threw a great ball to Smith in the end zone for a TD. Going for two points the Ghosts are successful with another pass. Score “Skins 38- Ghosts 22.

Neshaminy has to start their drive on the Ghosts’ 8. Stewart makes a great catch and Clee and Jared Molle put in some hard yards on the ground. A 37 yard catch and run by Bracey puts the ‘Skins into Abington territory. A field goal attempt was thwarted by a bobbled snap and the Ghosts recover the ball to start from their own 33.

Down by 16 points, the Ghosts fight hard, and despite another Reardon stop, QB Prosanti carried the Ghosts on his back by pulling out some long runs to reach the ‘Skins’ 13, but a fumble put the ball back in Neshaminy’s hands.

Between Clee and Bracey, the ‘Skins’ run game was in good hands but the clock ran out with the score ‘Skins 38 – Ghosts 22.

NHS vs Abington_09222023_6257

NHS vs Abington Kayden Nicastro

I salute Carter Clee who fought really hard and made multiple, crucial first downs. We saw some great stops from Reardon, Swartz and Whiting and they shut down the Ghosts when needed. What can I say about our kicker, Kayden Nicastro, who is steady as a rock with 5 PATs and a 24 yard field goal in tonight's game. Good job to all. It was an exciting game to watch.

We wish the Ghosts a good 2023 season and we thank them for a hard, well fought game.

Captains: 12 Colton Clee, 20 Doyle Swartz, 21 Demacio Cooper and 81 Jason Guyon

We are back home next week against Pennridge for Homecoming so come on down and catch all the exciting activities.

Good night Mrs. B!


Game 5
Neshaminy 14 17 7 0 38
Abington 7 7 8 0 22


Team Qtr Time Description NHS OPP
N 1 6:59 16 yard TD pass Colin Baker to Connor Frederick and Kayden Nicastro's kick is good 7 0
A 1 4:14 2 yard TD run by QB Anthony Pronsati and PAT is good. 7 7
N ! 2:08 2 yard TD run Travis Lavelah and Nicastro's kick is good 14 7
N 2 7:47 4 yard TD run Carter Clee and Nicastro kick is good 21 7
A 2 6:59 31 yard TD pass to Ryan Smith and kick is good 21 14
N 2 3:41 10 yard TD pass to Lucas Stewart and Nicastro kick is good 28 14
N 2 0:01 Nicastro 24 yard Field Goal 31 14
N 3 8:04 3 yard TD run Clee and Nicastro kick is good 38 14
A 3 1:10 20 yard TD pass to Smith and 2 point conversion is successful 38 22

Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

For more game photos go toJesse Garber on Zenfolio

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Honor Roll

NHS vs Abington_09222023_6063

NHS vs Abington_09222023_Travis Lavelah

NHS vs Abington_09222023_6716

NHS vs Abington Carter Clee

Carter Clee & Travis Lavelah, Neshaminy – The running back duo proved to be double trouble for the Ghosts in Neshaminy’s 38-22 win over Abington, combining for 244 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

NHS vs Abington_09222023_5817

NHS vs Abington_09222023_Kayden Nicastro

Kaden Nicastro, Neshaminy – The junior kicker was a perfect 5-for-5 in extra points and also had a 34-yard field goal in Neshaminy’s 38-22 win over Abington. He also had a pair of touchbacks on kickoffs.

NHS vs Abington_09222023_5945

NHS vs Abington_09222023_Dylan Swartz

Dylan Swartz, Neshaminy – The senior cornerback had a team-high eight tackles in Neshaminy’s 38-22 win over Abington.

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