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2005 formal Seniors

Tribute to 2005

HERE COME THE NESHAMINY REDSKINS July 2005 Many hard-core fans and friends of the Neshaminy Redskins, young and old alike, will tell you without fear of contradiction that in this part of the community, Heartbreak Ridge is known as the home of the 'Skins. In fact, the Ridge is judged by most people to be a special and one of a kind high ... More


2004 – 2005 Award Banquet

2004 Season Banquet January 29, 2005 The Lions Club 63rd annual football banquet was held on Saturday, January 29th 2005 at King's Caterers 4010 New Falls Rd, Bristol, PA 19007, to honor the District One Champions, Eastern Regional Champions, and State Runner Up, Neshaminy Redskins. There were just over 300 people in attendance. A few ... More


Coach Schmidt named “2004 Coach of the Year”

January 17, 2005 On Sunday, January 16th 2005, before the Eagles-Vikings playoff game, coach Schmidt was honored as "Coach of the Year". It was the second such honor in only four years. Mark Schmidt was also the Coach of the Year in 2001, when he took the Skins to Hershey and came home with the State Title. Standing in ... More

Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly's Redskin Roots June 2004 The summer before 9th grade started, Coach Neil French (Maple Point) had Kevin in baseball and knew he was a soccer player. He had mentioned that he wanted Kevin to kick for the Maple Point team that fall. During Babe Ruth baseball that summer, I ran into Erik Pederson at a game and he said that Coach ... More