Keeping Busy

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Hi Gang! We just wrapped up and updated a few pages that might be of interest to you.

First, our player recollection page entitled Redskin Recollections is finally completed. It is available on the side menu under the History portion of the site. This was one of the pages that fell into limbo because we did not have the time to get it updated. We snazzed it up a little with the addition of photos for almost every player who submitted a written memory. Drop us a line if you want to be added to this illustrious list of alumni.

Second, we are continuing to add to our Past Years recap page. While we keep general season information under our decades pages, the recaps in Past Years contain every bit of info we have collected and researched. They offer a more comprehensive overview of that season. Our goal was to have an article for every game and recognition for the players, the cheerleaders as well as the band - the trifecta of Heartbreak Ridge Friday Night happiness. These season recaps can take anywhere from two days to a week as we need to scour our resources to ensure we have everything included. Please contact us if you have anything to add to these pages.

This is all possible because of the generous donations of ad programs and media from the alumni and fans as well as our library of over 3,000 newspaper articles. Every ad program or yearbook we receive is mined for valuable photos, schedules and whatever else we can utilize.

Third, we just updated our Year by Year Ranking page. Here are some stats for you to enjoy, or hop over to this page for more fun.


  • Highest Points Per Game - Top 5
  • 1960 - Avg. PPG 39.64
  • 2005 - Avg.PPG 37.33
  • 1962 - Avg. PPG 36.10
  • 2013 - Avg. PPG 35.40
  • 2016 - Avg. PPG 35.08


  • Lowest Points Allowed - Top 5
  • 1930 - Avg. Pts. Allowed 3.88
  • 1956 - Avg. Pts. Allowed 4.50
  • 1946 - Avg. Pts. Allowed 4.60
  • 1960 - Avg. Pts. Allowed 4.64
  • 1942 - Avg Pts. Allowed 4.67


  • Overall Ranking - Top 5
  • 1960 - Ranked 1st
  • 1959 - Ranked 2nd
  • 1961 - Ranked 3rd
  • 1962 - Ranked 4th
  • 1954 - Ranked 5th

Finally we just want to give a shout out to some very important folks. Thank you to Craig Johns who recently sent us ad programs, photos and articles from the 66 and 67 season. To top it off he included his personal jersey! We were blown away by his graciousness and we are working on where this will be displayed.

Also, many thanks to Mr. Magdelinskas who again supplied us with more reel-to-reel game film from the 1981 season.

One of our major donors to the site, Vince Sannelli, handed me a VHS tape of one of my most searched for games - the 1988 Bensalem game - which features one of our coaches in his role as kicker and all around football machine.

To date we have archived 437 games (and a few highlights of later day players). Our first full game is from 11/14/1969 Neshaminy Vs. William Tennent. We even have some Maple Point Games which I have posted in History in The Maple Point Experiment pages. We are meeting soon to determine the best way for everyone to view these. The Covid-19 has put this project on hold until we can get out and about.  However, if there is a particular game that you are interested in seeing please drop us a line. Please note that I have nothing prior to 1969 except for a 1962 Pennsbury game from Bob Barr.  Just a reminder - we will personally pay for any reel-to-reel films to be digitized and return them to you with a complimentary DVD.