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1950-10-13 Cover Neshaminy Vs Lower MorelandWorking our way through the Covid-19 lockdown, we are starting to catch up on the site. With the help of our local Minute Man Press we recently completed a project of scanning over 100 old ad programs going back to 1957 and created a new page – Ad Programs –  featuring all 100+. These old ad programs came from many sources. Coach Mustang left a large box of programs, Bob and Patricia Barr shared their early 60s collection, Don Cameron’s daughter allowed us to scan a few from her Dad’s era, Vince Sannelli’s Mom saved all of her ad programs and we also received many through an anonymous donor. To all of those who made these available we want to say “Thank you!”.  Neshaminy fans are the best.

On a side note we are continuing updating the decades and have completed a season recap for 1957. Included on this page are several of the many articles we have collected through the last few years. One of our goals was to be able to present an article from each game ever played. Make sure you scroll all the way down the page to see these articles.

We hope all the fans are staying safe during these trying times!