Ad Programs

Cover portfolioWe have gathered together many ad programs that we have collected over the years. Shout out to our local Minute Man Press for doing such a great job scanning all these books! Thanks go out to Bob and Patricia Barr, the Sannelli family, Jesse Lamberth, Steve Cloak, Craig Johns, Don Cameron family, our own dear Coach Mustang, our own Paula G, the Wayne “Inky” Schneider clan, Coach Wilmot, AD Mr. Tom Magdelinskas, Frankie McDermott, Bruce Traney and many more for sharing their collections! We are so grateful! Here are just a few of our Ad Programs of them. Click on the game below to see the complete ad program. Enjoy and remember to support our sponsors!

 A lot of work went into compiling and archiving these programs and many contain team photos of both NHS as well as their Opponents, making them a source of media of the school’s football history. All games are named NHS Vs XXXX even when the game is an away game. All other schools are welcome to view and download copies of these ad programs but we ask that you throw a link and shout out to this site.

We welcome any and every ad program but here are a few years we are specifically looking for – 1990, 1983, 1973, 1968, 1953, 1952, 1949 and back.

1950930NHS Vs RiversideView
1950106NHS Vs JenkintownView
19501013NHS Vs Lower MorelandView
19501020NHS Vs Council RockView
19501027NHS Vs BristolView
1950113NHS Vs SouthamptonView
19501123NHS Vs BensalemView
1954Stan Covington's PlaybookView
1954109NHS Vs DelhaasView
19541029NHS Vs BristolView
19541119NHS Vs PleasantvilleView
19551021NHS Vs BristolView
19551028NHS Vs Wm. TennentView
1957920NHS Vs Upper DublinView
1957104NHS Vs AllentownView
19571011NHS Vs BristolView
19571018NHS Vs Wm. TennentView
1957118NHS Vs Council RockView
19571128NHS Vs BensalemView
1958912NHS Vs ChesterView
19581011NHS Vs Wm. TennentView
19581031NHS Vs Council RockView
1958117NHS Vs MorrisvilleView
19581113NHS Vs DelhaasView
1959911NHS Vs BristolView
1959918NHS Vs PennridgeView
1959925NHS Vs Wm. TennentView
1959102NHS Vs Council RockView
1959109NHS Vs EastonView
19591016NHS Vs Woodrow WilsonView
19591023NHS Vs Lower MerionView
19591031NHS Vs MorrisvilleView
1959116NHS Vs PennsburyView
19591126NHS Vs BensalemView
196099NHS Vs Bishop EganView
19601014NHS Vs MorrisvilleView
19601111NHS Vs Council RockView
19601119NHS Vs BensalemView
196198NHS Vs Bishop EganView
1961915NHS Vs ChesterView
1961922NHS Vs EastonView
1961929NHS Vs AllenView
1961106NHS Vs BristolView
19611013NHS Vs WilsonView
1961113NHS Vs TennentView
19611111NHS Vs Del TwpView
19611117NHS Vs LaSalleView
19611123NHS Vs BensalemView
1962914NHS Vs ChesterView
1962921NHS Vs EastonView
1962928NHS Vs AllenView
1962105NHS Vs Liberty BethlehemView
19621012NHS Vs WilsonView
19621020NHS Vs PennsburyView
19621026NHS Vs DelhaasView
1962113NHS Vs TennentView
1962119NHS Vs KendrickView
1962116NHS Vs BenslemView
196396NHS Vs Central DauphinView
1963920NHS Vs LaSalleView
1963104NHS Vs AllenView
19631011NHS Vs DieruffView
1963111NHS Vs WilsonView
1964911NHS Vs Bishop EganView
1964925NHS Vs EastonView
19641030NHS Vs WilsonViewView
1964116NHS Vs Wm. TennentView
19641120NHS Vs DelhaasView
19651023NHS Vs Johnson CityView
19660909NHS Vs Bishop EganView
19660916NHS Vs LaSaleView
19660923NHS Vs EastonView
19661001NHS Vs AllenView
1966 1007NHS Vs DieruffView
1966 1014NHS Vs LibertyView
19661021NHS Vs WilsonView
19661028NHS Vs TennentView
19661105NHS Vs AltoonaView
19661112NHS Vs PennsburyView
19670908NHS Vs Bishop EganView
19670915NHS Vs PennridgeView
19670922NHS Vs EastonView
19670929NHS Vs AllenView
19671006NHS Vs DieruffView
19671013NHS Vs LibertyView
19671021NHS Vs TennentView
19671103NHS Vs McDevittView
19671110NHS Vs PennsburyView
19671117NHS Vs WilsonView
196711201967 BanquetView
1968129Scholar Athletes DinnerView
1969926NHS Vs EastonView
1970918NHS Vs PennridgeView
1970102NHS Vs Wm TennentView
1971910NHS Vs Bishop EganView
1971115NHS Vs FreedomView
197298NHS Vs Bishop EganView
19721118NHS Vs PennsburyView
19741011NHS Vs DieruffView
1974112NHS Vs Woodrow WIlsonView
1979112NHS Vs Council RockView
1981911NHS Vs Bishop EganView
1982109NHS Vs Council RockView
1984119NHS Vs PennsburyView
198596NHS Vs Bishop EganView
19861114NHS Vs PennsburyView
1987103NHS Vs AbingtonView
19881022NHS Vs BensalemView
19881029NHS Vs Council RockView
19881118NHS Vs PennsburyView
1988123East/West GameView
1989928NHS Vs CBEastView
19891027NHS Vs Council RockView
19891111NHS Vs Wm. TennentView
199196NHS Vs Bishop EganView
1991104NHS Vs CB WestView
1992912NHS Vs Bishop EganView
1992919NHS Vs Council RockView
19921113NHS Vs PennsburyView
1993911NHS Vs Conwell EganView
1993917NHS Vs Council RockView
1993115NHS Vs BensalemView
199492NHS Vs DieruffView
199591NHS Vs DieruffView
199598NHS Vs BensalemView
1995915NHS Vs Council RockView
19967271996 Spring-Summer Big 33 BanquetView
1996830NHS Vs DieruffView
199696NHS Vs BensalemView
1996913NHS Vs Council RockView
1996927NHS Vs NorristownView
19961211996 BanquetView
199767Bob Sands Memorial All Star BanquetView
1997829NHS Vs DieruffView
19970928NHS Vs CBWView
19971017NHS Vs AbingtonView
19980606All Star Classic GameView
19980904NHS Vs DieruffView
19980912NHS Vs CBEView
1998925NHS Vs Council RockView
19981002NHS Vs CBWView
19981009NHS Vs NorristownView
19981023NHS Vs AbingtonView
19981030NHS Vs North PennView
19981106NHS Vs PennsburyView
1998120658th Annual BanquetView
199993NHS Vs DieruffView
19991251999 BanquetView
200091NHS Vs Father JudgeView
2000922NHS Vs HS TrumanView
2001928NHS Vs CB WestView
2002830NHS Vs Father JudgeView
2002111NHS Vs PennsburyView
200395NHS Vs CR NorthView
20036728th Annual All Star GameView
2004917NHS Vs CB SouthView
20041126NHS Vs North PennView
20051292004 BanquetView
2005930NHS Vs HS TrumanView
2006915NHS Vs GermantownView
20061014NHS Vs CB SouthView
20071020NHS Vs North PennView
20081031NHS Vs PennsburyView
2009102NHS Vs HS TrumanView
2010924NHS Vs AbingtonView
20101015NHS Vs CR SouthView
20101112NHS Vs Upper DublinView
20111021NHS Vs HS TrumanView
2012105NHS Vs CR NorthView
201396NHS Vs DTWestView
2014 Ad ProgramView
2015 Ad ProgramView
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