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Game 3 – Friday, September 8, 2023

Neshaminy 17   –  Downingtown West 42


Game 3 Header

Langhorne: Tonight Mike Milano and his 2-0 Whippets visit The Ridge for game 3 of 2023. The ‘Skins are at 1-1 and are looking for a win tonight. Our lifetime record against DTW is 2-6.

NHS vs DTWest_09082023_1933

NHS vs DTWest_09082023_1933

The game begins with the Neshaminy offense on the Whippets 25 yard line. After Travis Lavelah picks up a first down, QB Colin Baker surprises the crowd by keeping the ball and running 64 yards in for a TD. Kayden Nicastro’s PAT is good and score is ‘Skins 7 – DTW - 0

The Whippets answer right back with a 69 yard TD on a throw from QB Quinn Henicle to Mike Taraschi and Ben Mehan’s kick was good for the extra point. Score is “Skins 7 – DTW 7.

Thirty five yards of penalties against the Whippets helped the ‘Skins to get down to the red zone quickly and the  'Skins score on a Nicastro’s 26 yard field goal. Score ‘Skins 10 – DTW 7.

Again the Whippets come right back with a 78 yard pass Henicle to Dean Handy, just short of the two yard line. Jake Kucera #15 brings it in for the score and Mehan’s kick is good. Score ‘Skins 10 – DTW 14.

NHS vs DTWest_09082023_2349

NHS vs DTWest Connor Frederick

Another DTW personal foul penalty and off sides call landed the Skins on the Whippets' 30 yard line. Some Lavelah runs and a big catch by Connor Frederick brought the ‘Skins down to the 1 yard line where Carter Clee punched it in for 6 and Nicastro kicked the extra point. Score ‘Skins 17 – DTW 14.

The Whippets rolled out an impressive 70 yard return and the 1st quarter ended with them on the ‘Skins’ 17.

First snap of the 2nd quarter and Kucera ran the ball in for a TD. Mehan’s PAT was good and the score is ‘Skins 17 – DTW 21.

Neshaminy is forced to punt for the first time and DTW starts on their own 48. They are able to move the ball and from the Skins 25, Kam Alex runs it in for a TD and Mehan’s kick is good. Score is ‘Skins 17 – DTW 28 and that is where it remains until the clock runs out on the first half.

The Whippets start up the 2nd half with a methodical drive culminating in a 12 yard TD run by Kucera. Mehan's is good for the PAT and score is 'Skins 17 - DTW 35.

Neshaminy was forced to punt on their possession and just like that it was the Whippets’ turn to punt – their first of the night.  The quarter runs out with the ‘Skins on the DTW 39.

NHS vs DTWest_09082023_2504

NHS vs DTWest Lavelah TD Recalled

The ‘Skins start the 4th quarter with a fantastic 32 yard Cole Tarapchak catch, bringing the fans to the feet. Baker then blasts off to the 15, Clee takes off a few yards and the ‘Skins score on a 18 yard Lavelah run only to have to pulled back on a holding call.

With 7:40 left in the game, Downingtown’s Alex scores on a 7 yard run and Mehan’s kick is good. Score is ‘Skins 17 – DTW 42 and that is where it stays as the game ends.

Folks, I ‘gotta say that this was a real exciting game. Carter Clee was busy all night, Connor Frederick had some nice catches and the defense played well. It was back and forth all first half with the ‘Skins only having to punt once.

Captains: 10 Jason Wilmot, 21 Demacio Cooper, 20 Doyle Swartz, 81 Jason Guyon and 9 Jared Molle

Good night Mrs. B!


Game 3
Neshaminy 17 0 0 0 17
Downingtown West 14 14 7 7 42


Team Qtr Time Description NHS OPP
N 1 10:57 64 yard TD run by QB Colin Baker and Kayden Nicastro's kick is good 7 0
DTW 1 10:41 69 yard TD on a throw from QB Quinn Henicle to Mike Taraschi and Ben Mehan’s kick id good 7 7
N 1 7:02 26 yard field goal by Nicastro 10 7
DTW 1 6:26 2 yard TD run by Jake Kucera 10 14
N 1 1:39 2 yard TD run Cater Clee and Nicastro's kick is good 17 14
DTW 2 11:52 17 yard TD run Kucera and Mehan’s kick is good 17 21
DTW 2 8:14 25 yard short pass Henicle to Kam Alex and Mehan's kick is good 17 28
DTW 3 8:11 12 yard TD run Kucera and Mehan’s kick is good 17 35
DTW 4 7:40 7 yard TD run Alex and Mehan’s kick is good 17 42

Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

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Video by Nate Hall '13

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